World of Warships – Unlimited Power…Sort of

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  1. Glorious video!
    Also Congrats in being a CC, it’s about time we had Another CC who knew what he was talking about!

    As for Montana I will say that I agree,
    It for me seems like Montana has a Armor bug where she takes Citadels to her when Belt at Extreme Angles, form Even the 15inch Guns from the French

    • Thank you! I’ve been caught off guard by the damn 15″ French guns too often in the Montana while being able to do next to nothing against them broadside. I need to bring a bunch of them into the training room again and practice a bit.

  2. The Grisha Inquisition

    At first, I thought you said “Republican Tirpitz” xD

  3. Well I studied alot about strategies and how to aim ships through your videos. You have one of the best accuracy among CC in youtube imo. I remember the first time I stumbled into your content on twitch and was impressed by your gameplay. Congrats you deserve it !

  4. Awesome!!

  5. 7:25 Amazing Shot !

  6. So satisfying and fun… thanks Biz ..waiting for Alsace to feature soon on ur video

  7. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Nice replay, As always good luck on your next adventure!

  8. I just got to my first T10, which is the Kurfurst, so this helps me a lot. Thanks!

    • I’ve got a ton of footage scattered about on the Kurfurst but it’s a hell of a powerful ship. Have fun!

    • You should like it with secondary build, and consider perma-camo otherwise it can be tough to generate credits. I could not wait to rid myself of the awful FDG. I sold it to help pay for the Kurfurst.

  9. I Like cyclones!

  10. Great vid man.

  11. You should have been a CC a long time ago. Does this mean all ships are good and none are bad now? lol Some CC’s are just company mouthpieces. One in particular if you watch their older vids they would tell you what premiums are not worth the money. But now all premiums are great and you need to buy them. What I am saying is just don’t let it change you.

    • Nah, nothing really changes on my end save for adjusting my tone a little bit which, admittedly, is a bit more difficult when streaming. Managed to have a bit of fun last night despite 6 wins and 15 losses, lol, so I’m actively working on a bit of desalinization.

      But in regards to premiums no, that’s not how any of this works. There’s absolutely nothing in it as far as standing or money is concerned so there’s no reason to not provide an honest opinion. I can promise you it’s really not what you might think in regards to how open and, frankly, blunt these discussions behind closed doors really are.

      I appreciate your comment, though, and hopefully I have some sweet new stuff to discuss (very) soon.

    • A long time ago he got wound up and burnt out big time. I’m actually surprised to see him becoming a CC.

  12. Congratulations man 😀 I’m really glad that you joined the program. Montana with accuracy mod is probably the most accurate BB in the game.

  13. that prinz eugen must be “wtf just happened??!!!” lol

    biz6 you can really play bb well

  14. Deserved!
    Awsome content!
    Sound tactical and game mechanics knowledge, great attitude! Good luck with the cc!!

  15. why cant i see comments from other users??

  16. some classic clips in there 🙂

  17. I wish I could have that Salvo back! Hahaha if only WoWs had mulligans! Seems like an obvious oversight….

  18. Congrats again on the CC program Biz, in case you didnt see my “congrats Biz” in Twitch chat ;). (beatty_10) sweet GK game, too!

  19. Hey we got another good CC 🙂

  20. He, just at the end of 0.7.4 I had a superb round in my Kurfurst as well… 282k damage. 6 Kills… all heals used, barely survived.

    Funny thing is… that round ended with time running out, we won by 10 points, being below in caps… I survived with 2000 hp…. after having been down to both 3700 hp and 34hp at two times earlier in the round. And the final battle I won because I got a frontal citadel on a Republique and he bounced on me. Definitely among my top 5 battles in over 7000.

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