World of Warships: Unlocking the Shikishima

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I finally have enough steel for the Shikishima. I set her up and played a match in her. She’s pretty good.

0:00 Ship setup
2:34 Game start
18:30 Game end

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese Shikishima on the map Sleeping Giant


  1. I swear not an hour ago I looked to see if you had a Shikishima video. Can I predict the future or something?

  2. You inspired me to grind for s-o many ships btw u helped me a lot with ur videos

  3. The lack of Azur Lane voices in the video makes me sad :'(

  4. That thunderer did get high caliber tho

  5. Shikishima, the ship that sounds like someone sneezing.

  6. I guess the Thunderer setup a cross-fire from your position. While they point their bow at Aerroon, they would show their broadside to that Thunderer.

    • Sadly he is just another dope who has bad stats and uses premiums to grind Free XP and jump lines. Just another guy who should be at T7 learning ships traits and the lines but is in T10 Ranked playing a single player game.

    • That would be true if the Thunderer weren’t hanging out behind an island.

    • Totally understand where ur comin from tho. Worked for this game but I really dont want that kinda teammate in Ranked.

  7. There’s nothing more annoying than when you see some potato doing dumb stuff in the game and you get mad but it turns out they’re actually pretty good. Like this absolute doofus I saw the other day in ranked trying to *torp himself* in his Marceau. “Air_Rune” or something like that, I think was his IGN. 🙂

  8. We all know that the optimal build is the secondary build.

  9. I agree on the environments; be it sunset, mist, or northern lights it’s really well done.

  10. shikishima, the ship that sounds like zeus slapping someones cheeks

  11. It would be wiser to avoid to call a tier X BB Cristoforo Colombo. During the WWII the tall ship Cristoforo Colombo and her tween Amerigo Vespucci where in service. In WoW You can see both in the taranto port (the two 3 trees tall ships inside the mar piccolo, one is moving, the other is stopped)
    Today the Vespucci is still in service and is the most beautifull ship in the world. Cristoforo Colombo was converted in a coke tank on the volga when it was given to russia as war refound (with BB Giulio Cesare).
    In italian Navy no other ship will ever be called Cristoforo Colombo.

  12. Its my first game you can’t expect me to know how to play her…….. runs into island 🤣🤣

  13. It may be your first time but we CAN expect you to aim. That line across the middle of your screen is a gage that allows you to both detect range and modify your aim to account for that range. Why am I telling you this? I don’t even play the game!


  14. Aerroon atleast we have something in commen. we both got ambushed by moveing islands 😛

  15. Aerrrrrrroon.. doesn’t often Pull A Notser, but when he does, it’s in a monster giant ship with Godzilla-killing guns.

  16. Marcus Jones Stinks

    If only the enemy team had the mighty Audacious. They would’ve won hands down.

  17. Jonathan Wennströmm

    Word of advice, take auxiliary modification 1. Your main guns will Never break, never. Very rarely get incapacitated. However a thunderer for example will bully your aa guns out of the game which makes Cv’s good against shikishima again.

    If your aa guns work, I’d take spotting aircraft rather then the fighter because you’ll always be able to defend against Cv’s and shooting over islands for citadels doesn’t work when enemies go dark and the “broken” shooting mechanics don’t work (shooting behind islands, always focused on island)

  18. This ship is overpen fest though, its armor also more or less like Yamato which probably one of the worse BB on the game in terms of armor layout, today’s cruiser being dominated by Petro which just insane being angled can bounce 460 gun, I would say thunderer is better for the meta lately, squishy but can deal pain all over the place.

    Wg tend to pick best paper ship for soviet but to be honest they pick the least good from other nation, WG probably pick one of the weakest H project and also pick lousiest Advance Yamato class, there is many alternative blueprint to pick like 3×4 460 for example but no 6 510 is the pick like all 6 shell gonna hit it, beside overpen hull will and can cause flooding in reality it is not that simple as doing 1200 dmg, fire on deck only do minimal damage but fire below the deck can wreak havoc, cruiser is not even that tanky their armor cannot hold forever it could be damaged or worse cracked.

  19. i personally prefer the yamato’s gun sound, that deep sound goes through your entire body and vibrate your chest, satisfying

  20. There were three Russian Bias radars close to the cap, so the Halland was very right not get near the cap

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