World of Warships Unsinkable Sam Containers – Catboxes

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Another issue of buyer beware. Timed with the release of the premium Ark Royal, we have Unsinkable Sam containers. Wargaming gave me some, I them and tell you (or show you) if they are worth it.


  1. Thx for the review! I was almost going to buy some on them…

  2. Thank you for the video, Ark Royal is cool but not at T6 very underwhelming. Keep up the good work.

  3. This may not be the right place for this question but you do get special signals with these crates so here goes: I perceive camouflage and signals that give xp to my elite and premium ships as essentially wasteful. This is because I think the rate of conversion to free xp on these ships is too high to justify the cost in gold. Anyone think the same? Zoup?

  4. Thanks Zoup. I’m going to pass on these I think. I have no desire for a cat on my ships. And I have a Bismarck and Cossack anyway. A premium t6 cv with t4 planes does not excite me much. Thanks for the unboxing, I will save my cash!

  5. I appreciate the time you took to open all your free crates, give us a run down on what might be in them and what you got, and give us enough information to make an educated decision with how to spend our money. Not this time Wargaming. This event does not remotely interest me. (Boom_n_Zoom NA Server)

  6. Ty for review these crates are trash!! They made the chances so low to get the boats this time fu wg!!!

  7. WG have really gone overboard with premium containers, I stopped buying them a few patches ago, the rewards for what you pay are Pitiful!

    • i never bought any…they really make no sense in most cases.
      honestly…if they at least told us the exact drop chances of everything there…i would be REASONABLE…but now its pure gambling.

    • The last set of premium containers I bought were the Christmas crates from two years ago. I got SO MANY premium ships and I am still using the premium time that I got from those crates today. Those were great, even getting Belfast and Missouri from them. It’s like since that point, they learned their lesson. I’d love to see actual odds.

  8. Fine I’ll say it. What did you expect to find in the cat box other than crap? ???

  9. i bought 5 and got 12k coal and the ark royal. have both other boats so i lucked out.

  10. With the camo, you also get an animated cat wandering on the main deck of the ship, not just the cat painted on the side of the ship. Makes all the difference. [closes wallet tighter]

  11. Dookie.

    I learned my lesson with these crates a long time ago. I actually like the concept of crates, but these just don’t have the value proposition to make them worth it. I have more than enough camo already. I don’t want special flags. Coal is ok, but I’m not paying money for it. Same with FXP.

  12. More like unsinkable scam crates. Sounds fishy this lot.

  13. I think calling them cat boxes is appropriate. If you own a cat, you know what I mean.

  14. Well when you have some people shell out $400 to free xp buy 5 lines to get Ohio. What do you expect? I mean $400 for 1 pixel boat!!!

  15. I know its just me but I noticed getting ships from Combat Missions are much lower chance to get than the ship from Containers itself…

    I bought 5x Naval Aviation Containers before and I got all premium CVs, but now I tried the French Destroyers Containers and this box The Unsinkable Sam for 5 pieces, not a single Combat mission I get

  16. Got 1 normal crate from a mission. Got the Ark Royal Mission. Lady Luck was with me!

  17. This has really turned into a loot box situation. Glad I just bought the Ark Royal outright.

  18. Not even a mission… That’s a joke. You’d think that the Bismarck being a tech tree ship would get better odds than giving away a premium ship.

  19. I paid about $75 for the french DD crates and only received ONE mission, so, No. WG is NOT giving good value for these damned things.

  20. jacob Andrew crowson

    Oskar walks and runs around on your ship rolling around your deck in port when you have the camp on. This is for Bismarck, cossack, and ark royal.

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