World of Warships – Update 0.10.0: New Cruiser Skill Tree

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Update 0.10.0 is here, bringing with it the second great Skill change in World of Warships (the last was a part of Update 0.6.0). The biggest change is that each class in the now has its own skill tree. Today I’m starting a short series where I’ll look through and share some thoughts on the skill trees for each class. First up is the one dearest and closest to my heart: the new cruiser skills!

00:00 – Opening
00:08 – Intro & Overview
01:53 – Grease the Gears (formerly Expert Marksman)
02:45 – Swift Fish
03:32 – Consumables Specialist
04:45 – Gun Feeder (formerly Expert Loader)
05:15 – Incoming Fire Alert
05:50 – Last Stand
07:19 – Pyrotechnician (formerly Demolition Expert)
08:08 – Fill the Tubes (formerly Torpedo Armament Expertise)
08:48 – Consumables Enhancements
10:22 – Eye in the
11:56 – Priority Target
12:49 – Expert AA Marksman
13:50 – Heavy HE and SAP Shells
16:25 – Enhanced Torpedo Explosive Charge
16:53 – Adrenaline Rush
17:24 – Heavy AP Shells
18:55 – Superintendent
19:16 – Survivability Expert
19:49 – Top Grade Gunner
21:15 – Outnumbered
22:10 – Radio Location
22:22 – Inertia Fuse for HE Shells
22:51 – Expert
23:05 – AA Gunner




  1. that looks pretty sweet, i can already see a few different builds for different ships.
    lookin forward to playing around with it when the update drops tomorrow.

    • Yeah, I’m looking forward to this tonight. A lot has been made about how much the supercruisers lose out of this tree, but I think not enough is being made about what they’ve gained. Definitely some interesting options in here.

  2. Thank you for the run through on this. Not looking forward to all the respecing I am going to have to do, but I very much appreciate the break-down.

  3. AUGH…it’s MinotOR not MinotAr!!!!

  4. Thanks for this – it’s a bit rough seeing such great builds fall away to history but it’s nice for a little shakeup I suppose!

    • For regular heavy/light cruisers I don’t see a whole lot changing here. The loss of Jack of All Trades kind of sucks, but it is partly made up for by the longer duration of the consumables you really wanted it for. The real losers out of this tree are battlecruisers. IMHO, it’s now time for them to become their own, fully-fledged class with their own skill tree.

    • @SeaRaptor I wholeheartedly agree – I’m still interested to see how Atlanta changes as time goes on or if it will still be meh post IFHE rework (aside from being top tier of course). I do feel bad for the Battlecruisers and especially for my little Spee. She was kinda rough as it was uptiered now I assume she might be abysmal without any survivability upgrades.

  5. Thanks for the breakdown Raptor, great job as always dude. To me this re-work was not needed. There are plenty of other real issues WG could have fixed before doing this. Those of us that have a good number if high tier ships have spent a long time tuning our builds in every class and now we have to do it all over again. Another CC has said that in order to end up with more or less the same build you have now, you will need the 21 points, making this re-work a money grab and I agree with him. Sorry to sound so negative, but this is how I feel.

    • No apologies necessary. I haven’t studied it enough to know yet if I agree or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I landed in the same place. Remember, going all the way back to the infamous “Naval Training Center” 18 months ago, quite a number of things Wargaming has done have been driven by in-game economics (Research Points, anyone?). Rightly or wrongly, they are absolutely making these choices with the bottom line and their pocketbook in mind.

    • Also, one more thought on the “this was not needed” – consider that during the submarine tests that have been conducted so far, there were almost NO skills that were applicable to subs. I think that one thing those tests showed WG was that they needed to do this: provide each class with its own skill tree. I believe they HAD to do this prior to continuing to advance submarines coming to the game. IMHO, the good thing is that now that they’ve done this, it’s time they start considering separate trees for battlecruisers and/or hybrids or whatever else they have cooking.

      Ultimately, this change grants them the flexibility to not only balance classes within their own skill tree (and not impact other classes at the same time) but to more freely add new classes (and increase the longevity of the game). It’s a win-win for them.

    • @SeaRaptor I can see your point that subs needed to have their own skills, since they work very differently from surface ships. But what WG could have done with the skill tree, was to add the old skill tree the skills the subs would need as they did with the CVs.

      What I don´t like is that WG has taken the choice from us as to how we want to build our ships. Example, why take away from CAs the skills that made them more tanky?Who says CAs don´t need those skills? I was looking at the BB skill tree and along side RPF, WG also took away Superintendent. That is one less heal for every BB. Not good in an era of long range HE spam. The Agir now can´t speck into secondaries, taking away part of the reason that I got it.

      So when I say that this re-work was not needed. It wasn´t needed at this scale. Like I said, al that WG had to do was add the new skills to the old skill tree. That would have allowed players to keep their old build while adding new skills to the game.

    • Well said by both here. I would agree with questioning both the implementation of the rework (not allowing any build) and timing versus other issues (matchmaking options, ship balance, adding lines). I would say those may be mostly opinions though and hard to quantify objectively and vary widely by each individual. I will say objectively it looks like all things equal this will net WG more money.

  6. Thank you Searaptor, very informative! Will you be doing one for BB’s and DD’s?

    • Yup, hoping to get them done over the next few days and/or early next week at the latest. I try not to drop brand new vids on the weekends as they tend to not draw as much interest.

  7. good show! cant wait for the other trees to drop 👍👀

  8. Seriously thinking of dumping this game again.

  9. i have like 6 or 7 myokos- i can try different builds on each!

  10. Just subscribed, really like the video and your thoughts on the comming commander skill changes.

  11. Happy grinding my friends. 1.2 mln C-XP added for full build. In the futre, 500k doublons for respec (1 section only ) instead of 195k before. Elite C-Xp earning drastically reduced as only a few 19 pts upgraded to 21 pts. I am sure the added 5% do not compensate much. BUT—- everthng for the sake of diversity and our beloved comrades

  12. thanks for explaining all this to a “potato” player like me. I have to play around with it to see what works. keep up with the great content and I hope you have a great day. sldhead99

  13. Thanks for the work Searaptor it looks much clearer for me now !
    I just got my first t10 CA, Petropavlosk and soon henri IV, its nice so see i can play Henri IV full AA in Clan battles to counter the FDR 😀

  14. I wonder how you access and retrain the captains in reserve

    • This is still a struggle. In order to re-train them, it appears you have to move them on to a ship. You can’t seem to train them from the reserve.

  15. This video is worth its weight in gold! Thanks a ton SR for breaking all this down and fantastic explanations. You just made an old salty dog happy, I was getting ready to uninstall the damn game after this load of shit update!

  16. CynicallyObnoxious

    Made Petro Stalin and Moskva so much better hahahahahaha

  17. After I have respec a number of my cruisers with new commander skills and played with them, I have concluded it is a downgrade to the cruiser line. Among DD/CL/BB/CV, cruiser skill is the weakest among all. I am expecting CL/CA population greatly decrease with this new commander skills. Bad news for cruiser main

  18. My legendary henri can be detected from moon anyway, so I will try the faster 4 points reload

  19. You don’t need “Eye in the Sky” Captain skill w Lazo at 7 second reload what you really need is the Spotter plane Mod that gives you more time to spot

    • I know, my point is that this skill starts to give Lazo’s style of spotter plane to any cruiser that takes it: short duration, but short reload as well.

  20. Thinking I’m gonna hop on, reset my commanders, and then walk away until this all settles out a bit.

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