World of Warships Update 0.5.7

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Learn about a new map, new weather conditions, and brand-new equipment layouts!

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  1. i always love this becuse i want to see what she has on and whats New

  2. And when will 0.5.7 be playable? (on Test)

  3. Why did the audio keep cutting out when Dasha was onscreen?

  4. Oh Dasha. You know that whatever comes out of your mouth i will accept it
    ALLWAYS. Now one can pronounce gun depression like you. You will allways be
    my tier 10+. Keep up the steam. MUUAAHHAAHHAHA!!!!

  5. Hurry up and release Her Majesty’s Royal Navy tree!


  7. Christian Howarth

    I love Russia.

  8. god isn’t Dasha beautiful……

  9. And update delayed for approximately one week beause player feedback
    (especially regarding the upgrade modules).

  10. Dasha Perova with unbuttoned shirt and no bra for make views. LOL 557 like,
    500 like only for her and 14’552 views. Advanced marketing

  11. Has non existent Russian ships that only existed on blueprints.. But
    doesn’t have the most powerful Navy (Royal Navy) until the 1940.. Which
    actually EXISTED!

    Oh, and by the way!! Dasha’s mole on her cleavage starting 2:02 is so
    distracting!! Jesus christ!! it’s so hard to concentrate on the explanation
    of the new patch!

  12. dam nice cv update witch the weather

  13. But now I can’t play because my keyboard is sticky… Thanks Dasha…

  14. Na mal abwarten ne 🙂 Finde es top was jetzt wieder kommt ^^

  15. Dasha, just beautiful! But shirt…. “YOU HAD ONE JOB, ONE! But you just
    can’t do so…” Shirt betrayed me!!! >:-D

  16. don’t think there’ll be an update that unfucks the Myogi

  17. why do you need to have Russian voice and english voice at same time its
    really annoying

  18. Dasha… nevermind, I forgot the question!

  19. 4:20…


  20. add germany battleships

  21. I’d rather have 5.7 totally dedicated to removing Tears of the Desert in

  22. its hilarious how 90% of this games population live under a rock. crying
    for RN when its known since months that rn CA ‘s come end of the year as
    first th line

  23. Mmmm Dasha makes my torpedo hard

  24. The Sunken Swede (rilleboy)

    Feels like the U.S battleships will be even more powerful compared to its
    counterpart … why not add the same for all, then have some other smaller
    add-on wich is special for just that nation ? …… and I like how
    wargaming is using dasha as bait for all the pervs xD please wg dont abuse
    this woman by forcing her to unbutton buttons xD

  25. So people ask for more variety in game modes and your answer is to disable
    half of the high tier game modes?

  26. 5 updates from now Dasha is wearing bra and underwear only

  27. all men know why they are watching this vid

  28. ✪Robotic Hunter✪

    You know what we need? An update that actually makes having a computer with
    more than one core useful…

  29. nice

  30. Honestly though her eyes are gorgeous. I dont know what you guys are
    looking at

  31. No three was just about right

  32. I will only start or be willing to play and Cash this game if they added
    the British ships. Expecially HMS Prince of Wales. (The ship I love the

  33. I hope Dasha doesn’t read the comments

    but seriously I had to watch the vid twice couldn’t concentrate on the
    first go ;)

  34. will there be an update for the secondary guns so that they dont shoot
    frendly ships?

  35. Mmm, lovely sideboob. Very nice, Miss Perova, though not really necessary;
    tell the guy directing that he needs to roll it back a bit.

    Oh, also looks like an interesting patch.

  36. Shaun Grossnickle

    when can we get to see armour throw thingy like what is in War thunder

  37. I was watching this video and my mom saw it and thought that it was
    porno…. Fuck u WG

  38. pretty sure im not the only ones looking at dasha while she explain every
    details lol

  39. Is it just me or do secondary armaments have horrible firing range

  40. More bloody grinding

  41. argh! i cant focus the video till the new upgrade for US BB. then again my
    focus is disturbed by something.

  42. ok guys who besides me would of liked to see the bottom button on her dress
    fail and pop and is it me or no bra this time dasha will you marry me

  43. Brian Lock (神通)

    Ruskie know how to make “good” video, not so much game thou.

  44. I really want to get into her ship

  45. Yay more cyclones messing with ship balance -.-

  46. The Nick Holland

    The Ruskies know how to make a video worth watching. I had trouble keeping
    up with the video content as Dasha’s cleavage was showing. I mean that one
    button makes all the difference you know? Had to watch it twice! Also no
    bra it seems :)

  47. Does Dasha really have to leave open three buttons on her dress? One would
    have done just fine.

  48. Javier “ElRey07” Flores

    Gran noticia; gracias por mejorar el juego 😉 y gracias por sustitular el
    vídeo .

  49. I feel like WG is trolling us directly this time with the buttons on
    Dasha’s dress.

  50. Thanks Dasha, meet me at the same place, same time as last night. Love you
    my dear.

  51. liked just for dasha

  52. Now if the CV ate shit, it is assumed that they were the strongest in the
    Second World War, and therefore allowed to build battleships, to make way
    for the CV, now give them more fucking AA guns. why nobody plays with CV
    are doing that shit, and every time improving putos American ships, and the
    jodiendolos Japanese.

  53. Dasha OP, need to be nerfed >_<

  54. Torps or Pancakes ?

  55. anyone else seeing the indirect nerfs here? Amazing, they keep making
    changes and always seem blind to the effects.

    Here are just a few problems i see coming from this update.

    1. More detonations, more so with DDs, DDs will pop way more often now, as
    they will choose the gun/torp mod. At least, you get flags 😉
    2. CAs getting stronger due to longer firing ranges and faster firing
    rates. USN CAs will getting weaker to counterparts Hindenburg and Zao.
    4. better AA mostly for US line as the option is best, were as other lines
    most likely will choose other options.
    5. still no buff for cv experience and now have to fight through more aa

    just some thoughts, I hope someday yhey will figure this balancing out. I
    doubt they will until they stop looking at statistics & spreadsheets and
    start using common sense.

  56. she’s not wearing BH?

  57. umm; so what did she say…I was a bit distracted ;)

  58. nerfing range of secondary guns tier 1-8, and buffing tier 9-10 = fucking

  59. Adam shadowchild

    Why no bismark?


  61. 2:27 The new what???? YES!!

  62. Thunder And Guillon

    Please add the Royal Navy, I stopped playing because they made fictional
    Russian ships and I only dare to comeback to destroy those Russians using
    some fine British power!

  63. Ohhhh Dasha… You’re the main reason I’m subscribed to this channel.

  64. Russian bias

  65. GenerationVideoGamer

    A very good update. I am glad WoWs is improving! And as always, Dasha is
    very beautiful!

  66. Next update. Please change the maps or the starting positions for ranked
    battles. Tears of the Desert if HORRIBLE in ranked. Shatter is almost as

  67. Dasha always lovely , i wonder more demanding that upgrade will require i
    mean our hardware how much more RAM ? hope i can survive because right now
    i crash every 5 games do to lack of memory overload :(

  68. Dasha, Are you coming out with a Christmas calendar?

  69. Cue all the pubescent 12 year-olds who need to remind themselves they like

    Also, no Royal Navy tree = no credibility.

  70. more USN buffs…….really????

  71. I’m happy about the change to upgrades. I hope they will take the
    opportunity to put the slots in order of tier.

  72. Well done WG! YOu got all the things that we were looking forward for you
    to fix years down the road to be done all at once. WOT! I’m looking at you.

  73. a mettere la lingua italiana no ?

  74. omg dasha u look so beautiful!! fall in love.. ?

  75. Can they at least confirm that they are working on the RN?

  76. How about an update where you give the Xbox one a fucking port,you know the
    fans that have supported World of Tanks for three years now but no you
    won’t do that because you only care about PC,seriously fuck you guys.

  77. Cat With Bag on Head

    Dasha… cats approve…

  78. i think wargamming are trying a bit to hard with dasher might as well not
    were a top at all the way she has that open

  79. Update videos with Dasha are always good :P

  80. why hasnt she undressed? Her top is almost down!

  81. Who the fuck buys 744 Auxiliary Armaments Modifications?

  82. Hefty nerf to secondaries range and dispersion. Cant say im too happy about
    that since a number of my ships are set up for using them.

    Also, can we jsut get Dasha speaking with subtitles? whoever did the voice
    work this time has nails on chalkboard levels of bad accent.

  83. As attractive as dasha is, I find these videos so cringy. Wot north america
    have been doing an amazmg job with meathead and co. They make the videos
    enjoyable and …. seem honest to the community.

  84. The Aviation Enthusiast

    Looking at the comment section, there is alot of horny sailors that would
    like to dock their ships in Dasha’s port, if you know what I mean ;)

  85. Love that dress, Dasha! It’s working for you.

    Still waiting however for battle results screens to be included in replay
    files. Here’s a shoutout to all the significant WoWS YouTubers to keep
    asking for them.

  86. OMG DASHA….every video she un does another button on that blouse……by
    .5.8 we should have side boob…..standing by……”boing” ;-)

  87. Dasha where is my Royal Navy?!?

  88. No BH. Ähm what she says? 😉 Bekommt erstmal das MM hin bevor ihr immer
    mehr sinnfreie Updates raushaut

  89. Dasha Perova is the best

  90. Sir Orrin Productions

    25% about update.
    75% about Dasha and her dress.

  91. I love her!

  92. Muhammad Angga Saputra

    screw all of that. world of tanks is one!

  93. oooh so seductive i can see a bit of tits nice (you really do look like a
    lovely lady)

  94. when does 0.5.7 launch?

  95. Warner Moczulski

    I like her dress…and the update too.

  96. dasha good slut

  97. Russian women are so sexy so are there games

  98. Marius Schamrel (Mjay)

    Dasha!!! <3

  99. can’t wait to see wait to see what kind goodies we get in the next update

  100. Warships dev team you are so awesome- I look forward to each update more
    than the last and these ship upgrades look amazing, the Ice map gets
    reworked, something we actually really needed! Keep it up- this game
    surpasses Tanks by a long shot. Also Dasha is stunning as always~ Man I’m
    pumped for this update

  101. So i got one question : when does the update come where the Armor is shown
    ? I would love it :3

  102. when is this coming out?

  103. I dont mind the module that buffs Montana, althrough its win rate is now on
    pair or minimally higher then Yammy as even if he deals lower avg dmg, he
    is more resilant to planes…

    BUT are you fucking kidding me the module goes also to IOWA? THIS IOWA WHO
    ALREADY EXTREAMLY OUTPERFORMS IZUMO!? ON ASIA server its almsot 15% avg dmg
    while on EU/NA its by almost 7-10% (so 2nd highest dmg difference in BB
    class in game!!!!!!!!!!).
    So after we nerfed to the ground shima (47% win rate on Asia, 48% on NA and
    EU, vs for example khebab 54% win rate on EU) now were making Iowa OP vs
    all tier 7-8’s BB’s and IZUMO also?.

    I know you want to ppl start playing this game on NA but making stupidly
    overbuffed ships like Iowa (as Iowa has already better sigma then Izumo,
    and now you want to give it for free the same horizontal dispersion with
    this mod!?) will just ruin even more tier 8-9-10’s WHAT YOUR OWN DEVS SAID

    So for comparision… Iowa has advantage in range, sigma, speed, AA, THE
    BEST HEAL IN GAME SHARED ONLY WITH COLORADO, detection and now you want to
    give a bullshit module that will give it almost identical horizonstal
    So WG explain what Izumo players can do and in WHAT ASPECT IZUMO CAN HOLD

  104. Overall sounds like a decent patch.

  105. carloivanoide rodel

    thx for The subheadings :’)

  106. still no royal navy, and could dasha have anymore buttons undone?!?!

  107. >still no CV changes
    I guess wargaming just thinks the status qou is ok with carriers still
    being fukcing garbage and un-fun to play.

  108. The Dasha – Show ^^

  109. Thank you WG, no more high tier standard battles.

  110. Shame we don’t get any photo shoots with this beauty. Get on that, WG.

  111. First Name Last Name

    4:24 And finally sink the Yamato!!

  112. Benjamin The player

    awesome game i love to play the game,did exist some new fetures for tier 5

  113. Dasha, is the only thing WG, got right the first time.

  114. Pretty!!!!!

  115. watch this video because of her…

  116. looking beautiful as always Dasha.

  117. Dasha has to be the best dressing woman in Russia.

  118. Dat sideboob

  119. dasha MARRY ME! WHAT

  120. WG thank you for listening
    Cant wait!

    P.S. I know you got more to fix and to improve I just want my Royal Navy

  121. Dasha wears nothing under her dress… Why???

  122. love her dress!

  123. can our german

  124. In this update, all Russian ships have x2 HP, armor now reflects damage and
    shells back to your enemies ship. Also all Russian ships have a special
    that opens a portal to another dimension that sucks your ship in and
    insta-kills you just how Russian ships work in real life.

  125. Dis is awsome

  126. 2ndp

  127. Awesome

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