World of Warships – Update 0.6.13

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  1. Go da go fast

  2. Uuh,Dasha,you allright?

  3. Captain Blackbeard

    U wot! This update is for newbs.

  4. Almost nobody plays cv what should we to?
    Wargaming: Lets buff AA

  5. Reeee

  6. desha , will you marry me ???

  7. Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

    Sweet Dasha forever 😉

  8. 15 sec for British Cruisers. FU….

  9. Isn’t Dasha adorable,,,,,,

  10. And balance the HE shell from Uk ships? No?

  11. I have a Dasha Fetish


  13. Year of the CV-s
    Nice first april joke

  14. 4:13 Dasha ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  15. Dasha is smoooooooooooooooking hot and pretty 😀

  16. David's Aviation Channel

    40% of viewers are here for the update. 60% are here just to see dasha.

  17. What about reworking the collision mechanics, so that a paint scratch won’t kill us?
    Could you also please make the ship horn controllable by player?
    And finally make a decent replay system!

  18. Dear WG,

    I love your effort to make the game better, but can u pay attentions to any CV commanders that are crying right now to see their pilots shot down because of this update? It’s already hard enough for us to survive the over powered AA onslaught in 6.12 and below. Can you buff our squadron so that they can survive a lil’ longer to drop their payloads?

    I mean, Carriers is not really that over powered as what many players think, sometimes it can be very under powered when it comes against any AA barrage platform plus enemy catapult fighters and squadrons. A single or two waves of TB and DB won’t kill most of the ships since most of their payloads will miss.

    It is really hard for us to play the most crucial ships in the naval theater in this game. But after all, i love this game =D

    • CV’s are being reworked mate but will take some time before it’s on live servers

    • what about people loses their battle thx to their carriers? only thing needs to rework is us carriers

    • Thats an easy fix but they won’t do it. to fix the issue with bad carrier players/all bad players make them have to pass an IQ test first then have them go through a proper tutorial for all ship types with an exam at the end. No pass no play. WG like idiots though. Idiots will spend more money.

  19. When are the IJN DDs going to get a buff especially torpedo detection range needs decreased.

  20. Why aren’t the WoT update videos displayed like this!!?

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