World of Warships – Update 0.6.14

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  1. I dont play this game anymore, but come here to watch cos dasha

  2. We all know the only reason why we clicked on this video

  3. Doesn’t Dasha just look gorgeous?

  4. Henriks Ļevčenkovs

    Dasha’s belly button is kind of pulling out of the dress… Smh

  5. so will 0.6.15 be balancing the torp detection range then? Because even cruisers won’t have time to evade after detecting torps. What also still needs balancing is the bloody radar

  6. Will there be a change for PA destroyer Lo Yang? Maybe in terms of the ability to choose from normal or deepwatertorpedos or maybe by getting the same smoke?

    • no because wg doesnt like changing premium ships. so forget about the smoke. the torpedos could be implemented as an option but the lo yang is in a very good spot at the moment so dont expect any changes soon.

  7. The instant some BB noob sailing in a straight line gets sunk by a deep water torpedo the forums will be filled with OMG NERF DEEP WATER TORPEDOES SO OP RUINED THE GAME!

    • Tenryuu Ship sadly your totally right, especially as several of the contributors who commented on these new DDs said they are most effective against players who camp at the back in open water these are the kind of people who complain rather than get better at playing

    • well you can start talking nice about other player instead of calling people noob, you should rather help them too improve their game, its people like you that made the forums toxic….

      Its a big problem in the game that people is very rude…. I have seen people make mistakes and veteran players is yelling and calling them noob, quit the game or something in that style -_- just help them instead and play the game and be nice to other persons or you should quit online gaming if you cant do that? understood?

    • Yeah and when they evade properly DD’s might complain about something too 😛

  8. AP Bombs: “They are expecially effective against armored Targets” -> Deals <20k dmg with 2 squadrons against a german Battleship with 10 hits.

  9. Wargaming can you guys make so Sweden is on Mobile World of Tanks ?

  10. Interesting dress Dasha

  11. I wish she wasn’t overvoiced by an English person, I find her accent very attractive. I’d rather have it subtitled.

  12. Cruisers are totaly fcked up now, deep torps and BBs meta citadels in every part of the ship…..BRAVO

    • The only possible silver lining is that Cruisers should take less damage due to sitting higher in the water than BBs and Carriers.

  13. I love the ending part where Dasha mumbling even though I don’t understand a words of it.

  14. Yeay more cheater torpedos….awesome….not

  15. i did not look at her chest…

  16. Pretty tricky for WG to make the pan-asian line amidst the current political weather in South China Sea

  17. I feel Japanese DD are lossing there usefulness.

    • Largely agree, although if DDs are immune to deepwater torps, then Akizuki is going to have fun against the Pan Asian ships.

    • Yep Akizuki is pretty much the only IJN dd that’s worth anything atm, other IJN dd just can’t compete with their counterparts.

  18. Russian is really an awful language: even a beautyful woman sounds like a truck driver.

  19. Please add subtitles for the bloopers section in the future! Thanks!

  20. Who cares about WOT or WOW if you can have Dasha. (even if it is only on a Video!)

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