World of Warships – Update 0.6.15

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  1. 0:53 WG I think trains don’t work like that 😀

  2. I love the Hamburg port. It will be perfect for my German Ships.

  3. When a detonation occurs have a turret fly off the ship and it’s able to cause damage

  4. Love Dasha

  5. We need ships from Austro hungary!!

  6. Let the horn spam begin!

  7. Merry Christmas and happy new year??

  8. I em not a scared boy

    I have a better idea for horns. They should only get 3 or 4 uses.

  9. Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

    Please Re-sell Defender and Obj 252U, T7 Combat car. Thanks.

  10. I don’t even play WoWs.. I’m only here for Dasha. <3

  11. i hope so the ARP Nova ships coming back……..but this free ships are ok 🙂

  12. Marry Christmas and Happy New Year Wargaming! <3
    The part with the Santa was hilarious xD
    One more time Marry Christmas! 🙂
    Your game is awesome! Good job ^^

  13. 0:52 derailed trains…

  14. One question, in ranked season 8 you can play in división of 2 or 3? Or only single player? Thx and wait for the campain sems great 😀

  15. Dasha are you insane?! It is winter and your belly is showing! Cover it quicklz before grandma sees you. Propuh will be the end of you!!!

  16. I stopped playing World-of-Warships yesterday 19/12/14, after two of my ships disappeared from my collection.

  17. Happy Channukah and Happy New Years everyone!

  18. Prepare for horn spam

  19. Why are you on steam?!? What did I miss in the last 2 months?!?

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