World of Warships – Update 0.7.0

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Brace yourselves for 0.7.0!

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  1. Dasha 2018 > Dasha 2017

    • She is like a good wine. She is also a very lovely and cheerful lady. Wish were more women like her. Good style M’Lady.

  2. MAJID ALASMARI - Ace Combat25

    Finally we are getting training room nice.

  3. French battleships ?

  4. “Au revoir”
    french ship comming ?

  5. Official replay system plz

    • In case of the renewal of the UI it will also reworked. So it will come at the end of 2018 or later. Sorry, but this is what Crysantos and one of the developers said in one of the german live streams in the late 2017.

  6. We want mighty MO! go away with musashi!

    • Hey Hou WELL GO BUY IT.. I want the musashi

    • I think a lot of people buyed it (full or part of it) by real money. So you can do the same till update 0.7.2 is comming. 😉 Wargaming need money to implement new features so support these guys and buy dublones 😉

  7. Antonio Ioan Capraru

    The bloopers at the end make the whole video.

  8. “Beauty will save the world!”

  9. A Patch bringing Patches. Got it! 😀

  10. British Dasha :O

  11. From Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio to HaiFuri? Why not. 😛

  12. As always great Job with those updates

  13. well … about the most uninspiring update that I have seen so far …. and by the way Dasha looks in the video, they did not make any effort on the presentation side either ….

  14. 3:59 I guess I’m in love.

  15. oh yeahhhh anime fans….

  16. Weebs roam the oceans i geuss

  17. Sorry, not impressed by patches or badges, or tween fantasy ships. The game needs more maps, CVs sorting out (Year of the CV LOL), a scaling interface, to mention but a few.

    • UI scaling and cv fixes are a must! know they are working on american cv’s but looks like it will be a while yet before we see them (graf Zeppelin is the test bed for the changes)

    • Uhhhhh patches and badges were literally asked for by nobody

  18. Nice HSF stuff in here, even a 3rd premium camo for the Harekaze!
    BUT can we PLEASE finally get Isoroku (The Cat) as Captain just like on the WOWS ASIA server? PLEASE!!

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