World of Warships – Update 0.7.2

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  1. I’m just a normal person,

    I see Dasha, *I click.*

  2. good bye, fun and eng(r)aging mechanic

    • Hard to believe but despite being often a victim to “KABOOM” i still like the mechanik is fine or at least i don´t mind it at all … only thing that ever really anoyed me about it was the loss of credits when you went down from 100 to 0 without getting anything done. This way the hard frustrating moments can´t happen anymore so it´s fine. You don´t go up in flames all that often and when you do it´s more amusing doing the “Hood” then really enraging … at least for me. (then again i´m german and my grand uncle was one of the many guys macking the actual guns that did that to the Hood so i guess i´m being philosophical about it … historical kharma or something)

    • i dont enjoy getting detonated and i also dont really enjoy detonating others. its not fun or challenging to insta kill someone like that.
      if a cit hit that cause detonation instead did double damage, it would have been ok. same for torp hits or anything else. insta death because of RNG isnt fun

    • I’ve only suffered a lucky strike at or near full health once or twice in about 1100 battles so this game mechanic has never bothered me much. I don’t think it should be removed. There’s a YouTube video showing some guy in a Yamato firing at another Yamato at full health whose giving him a perfect broadside though at fairly long range. Watching that Yamato go from 98k health to zero with one broadside was absolutely hilarious. OK, not for the guy playing it, but I like the idea that a mistake in game play can occasionally be severely punished beyond normal expectations.

    • what it adds to the game? is it fun and engaging? it makes the game more fun? more realistic?
      hell realism shouldnt be the only thing the game cares about. gameplay is more important.
      this mechanic doesnt add ANYTHING good to the game and should be removed or changed significantly. changing it into double damage for the “detonating shot” would be more than enough reward.

    • I mean pulling an Hood was something took 1 hit, but now it needs at least 2 hits on target.

  3. I see Dasha, I click.

  4. What with that ending? D:

  5. Ok.. first wow needs to stop babying everyone who’s crying about the mechanics of the game .. I mean your complaining about water splashing .. I Mean really that is what make the game challenging. You can’t make water move faster in real life. If a ship is under heavy fire then and you can’t hit it .. then just delete the game and go play Mario. Stop ruining a good thing so it can be easier for you to play. .. if WG keeps this up I will look in another game to play.. it’s a shame I have 22 premiums hate too see them go to waste.

  6. UFO-fighting mode for aprils fools?
    I want to believe!

  7. will the missions for the french battleships be removed with this update

  8. is there a way of knowing how much the french battleships cost to research?

  9. French heavyweight surrenders xD

  10. and Missouri?

  11. It’s a sad day for me Missouri is gone after this update 😢

  12. not again these updates are too many and takes too much time to download. Wish I could choose what I wanted to download.

  13. WoT – about news talk men , WoW – about news talk women . XD

  14. Did a UFO kidnap Dasha there at the end ?

  15. ami2fast4y0u gaming

    I only play WOT

    I come here just for her eyes XDDD

  16. Also who decided to reduce water splashes!! The hole point is to make it realistic!

    • That suits me i hate waiting for it to clear.

    • Well if gravity in this game makes 150mm secondary gun shoot at max distance of 5km… I guess the water splashes should be like 10m high :p Stop talking about “realistic” features, its all about gameplay.

  17. Engine boost is perfect for the French ships…now they can retreat faster

  18. We Want bigger Splashes ! and when you get hit parts fall off like in real life, tender boats fall off the side , cranes dragging in the water, mast tipped over ETC – not just a burned look – my 2 bits

  19. Water splash reduction…HHAHAAHAH..for real…lol…dumb little kids….this game started so promising with tactics and smart play…now just another dumb idiot proof game!! GJ WG!!….and even dumber players!!


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