World of Warships: Update 0.7.9 is MASSIVE! RN Event/New game modes/rendering issues/etc

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Update 0.7.9 just hit World of Warships and it a big one! Lots of changes are here and lots more to do!


  1. The amount of play required to get a tier 8 or higher is probably going to be a bit much for most casual players. So I don’t think tier 8 has to worry about a sudden influx of newbies.

  2. Hmmmh, Arms race. WG should really delete the term “Historical acc” from their page. Apart from that it looks like a great update.

  3. thanks for reminder to spend the tokens EU here so still on time for me 🙂

  4. Hopefully I will have the same luck with these crates as I had with the American Cruiser crates. Got all the missions for the ships, very nice haul.

  5. I hope i get a RN DD so i can try the early… idk which one

  6. get your audio levels figured out

  7. Good idea on cashing out the Warspite and Gallant if you already own them (6500 + 4500 = 11k doubloons). Only caveat is that this will require 420 sovereigns and the “free” boxes contain 5 sovereigns so that means it will need 84 free boxes. Meanwhile the “premium” boxes contain 15 sovereigns which is similar to what they did with the 3rd Anniversary boxes (ie. free boxes had fewer resources than the premium boxes).

    84 free boxes or 28 premium boxes to collect on both Gallant and Warspite. The deadline is update 0.7.11 (in November), which is when the sovereigns will become useless (and converted into credits) so that means we have 8 weeks to accrue enough resources to get Gallant, Warspite, perma camo for Gallant, or Captain Dunkirk (in case you missed him before).

    • However with the current sale that goes until Friday, you’ll only get 4,550 doubloons for Warspite. People have put in support tickets to get the difference though.

    • So we can see all the Royal Navy event missions for 0.7.9 – stage 1and all the rewards:
      3 + 3 + 4 + 4 = 14 free boxes (60 sovereigns) from stage 1. Also keep in mind that directives 3 and 4, the last container requires a British DD so you either need to get lucky or own a Gallant (or later the Cossack). With a new stage each week, the sovereigns will add up — could be 240 sovereigns in this update.

      However, there are LOTS of tasks and freebies to do in the meantime. Already finished stage 1 and will knock out stage 2 later tonight. Seen plenty of British DD’s in action like Icarus so some folks are getting lucky (or they used premium boxes to improve their odds).

  8. They can take “D” out of “North”, but they can’t take the “D” out of our hearts, eww. Played it today and BB’s still went around the 10 line. Livin’ the dream, baby!

  9. Thank You. You get an arttaboy…ATTABOY.

  10. Finally, I was waiting for the fixing of the spotting mechanics . I have had too many games not able to shoot in between mountains to punish that broadside cruiser which was spotted on the minimap but not in game -_-

  11. Colonel David Davenport

    NICE!  WoWs has done a great job keeping me interested in the game!

  12. I’m still new to the game and I’m level 8, I’m downloading the update but it says 30GB when it’s supposed to be 1.7GB can someone tell me why please?

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