World of Warships Update 0.9.5

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of Warships Update 0.9.5 is here and with it we the Dockyard, Odin, Russian Cruiser split and a host of other features.

Here’s that T-Shirt:


  1. for some reason i can’t even get into the dockyard… wg graphic op

  2. You do NOT get the nevsky, you have to re grind it.

    • @Juanfra Valero jup 5k down the drain…

    • I free xp past Donskoi so I’m totally out that xp.

    • Thanks for that. Thought I got ripped off for a second, or maybe we all did considering that Wargaming has always given the new tier X for free in the past.

    • Moskva where I had the Moskva , now I do not have it !

    • yes u keep the camo on the moskva…its just now EVERYONE get the camo with their moskva FOR FREE, so anyone who bought the premium camo for moskva basically paid for nothing.
      best thing to do was to reset the line so u get free credits from moskva AND dont need to REGRIND the nevsky again after u earned it, for the RP reward. saves the final T10 regrind for RP bonus

  3. 15% HP and DPM nerf is not a small nerf…

  4. Steven Wiederholt

    Zoup, You will recall some of us advised you to stock up on Sleep. 🙂

  5. The whales were breaking the surface of the water last night, in a matter of 1 hour of playing, saw atleast 5 Odin’s out there.

    • ToughAncientSpark

      Bunch of little douchebags raiding mommy’s purse for the credit card.

    • this is the ONLY reason WG puts the initial price of these ships so high…because many players will buy ANYTHING they see instantly anyway…y not maximize profit from this?
      the joke is on them…they buy shitty ships

  6. There are no Bugs in WoWs, Comrade, only balans and features !! May be a little bit of BIAS 😉
    And the whole point of the desync was to teach you glourious russian aiming 😛

  7. I just bought a ” I drink and miss things” coffee mug! How cool. Well worth it to support your channel.

  8. First thing noticed about this patch: It killed my WGC Launcher, now I have to run integrity checks on all my WG games. Unable to play anything for 3 hours now, having the time of my life.

  9. disgusting how much money they want for ships and or bundles in this game

  10. Josiah Ricafrente

    For some reason, I really like the fact that you can preview ships in the Armory now. So now I can peruse the 3D Models of those ships, instead of just looking at pictures.

  11. You don’t get the Nevsky 🙁

  12. FOLLOW OPERATION PLAYERS!!!!!!! The Operation (Raptor Rescue) is still broken. If you cause Rapter to run into an island he will get stuck. Are CV had (Navigation Issues, his words) and run into Rapter. Which put Rapter into an island and he got stuck. Called for help and 2 team mates came to help try and use our ships as tugs, but could not get her of the rocks!!! Was the funniest thing ever!!! LM(F)AO

  13. Has there been any word on the Ludendorff?

  14. wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever

    Well daddy get used to no sleep for the next 2 years. Soon you will be wishing that you and the wife could have a little alone time together. Sorry those days are behind you now.

  15. Im just waiting for the release of German CVs in 0.9.6

  16. It is pretty silly they are throwing a big event for a ship that there is no way of getting for free, but instead you need to grind to get the privilege of buying…

    • huge profit from whales. big profit from most players that try and cant NEARLY finish the grind so they pay a lot. minor profit from ultra grinders who grind their life away…
      i dont bother with this shitty event. missions are like slightly less insane PR directives minus directive 7. its not worth to bother with even for a good ship.

  17. “Jaybloor7?” How dare you! :’D

  18. I always thought that island looked like a Lion, sad it is gone.

  19. pft…. WG stole the Moskva camo doubloons and then deleted the progress of anyone who ground out the Russian Cruisers…..

  20. I love how even mobile games have faster and better UI than the Armory and Combat missions. Ridiculous

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