World of Warships Update 0.9.8 Dockyard Wows News Anniversary Event

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World of Warships News Update 0.9.8 Dockyard Wows Anniversary Event explained, Wows Dockyard missions, USS Anchorage directives tutorial guide

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With the release of Update 0.9.8, World of Warships passes the threshold of its fifth year!
This time, the festive frenzy is inspired by naval history. The game will feature plenty of new and engaging content to mark the occasion, including a revamped Designer’s Table Port, a permanent campaign titled “Five Epochs of the Navy” plus a collection of the same name, a new Dockyard, and fresh first-win bonuses. You can also try out a new battle type Asymmetric Battle! The collection and new permanent campaign are both dedicated to the history of shipbuilding. The Five Epochs of the Navy permanent campaign features 50 tasks spread across 5 missions. Reward for completing the campaign: an Epoch permanent camouflage, which can be applied to the majority of Tier IX ships. The Five Epochs of the Navy collection is made up of five sections, with six elements in each. Each section is dedicated to a specific era in the history of shipbuilding. Elements of the collection can only be obtained from the same-name containers.Reward for completing the collection: an Epoch permanent camouflage, which can be applied to the majority of Tier IX ships. wows news,world of warships news,wows update,world of warships,wows,world of warships dockyard,wows update 0.9.8,world of warships update 0.9.8,wows dockyard,wows dockyard guide,wows dockyard missions,wows dockyard directives,wows dockyard anchorage,world of warships dockyard directives,world of warships anniversary,world of warships dockyard missions,dockyard preparation,dockyard event,dockyard guide,dockyard tutorial,dockyard explained. During the first two festive weeks of the World of Warships Fifth Anniversary, you can try out a new temporary battle type—Asymmetric Battle—with a differing distribution of ships and tiers between teams. Historically, encounters at sea have typically involved opposing sides with an unequal number of ships on each side. The new battle type offers a new gameplay experience in near-real naval combat conditions. In an Asymmetric Battle, a team of four to six Tier VII–VIII ships will confront a team of eight to twelve ships of Tiers V–VI. Helming Tier VII–VIII ships in an Asymmetric Battle will require a new temporary resource called Battle Tokens. Battle Tokens can be obtained by participating in Asymmetric Battles. The number of Tokens you get from each battle depends on the tier of ship you helm the lower the tier, the more Tokens you can get. In Update 0.9.8, players will be able to build a new U.S. Tier VIII cruiser—VIII Anchorage. The rules of the new Dockyard are in many ways similar to those applied to the Hamburg Dockyard, but the list of rewards for completing the shipbuilding phases has changed. For example, completing phase 12 will bring you 100,000 Free XP.The construction process of the Dockyard comprises 20 phases.
Each shipbuilding phase can be completed by finishing the Directives of the event, or by spending 1,750 doubloons per phase.Event Directives will span two updates—0.9.8 and 0.9.9, and the Dockyard itself will remain in your Ports until the end of Update 0.9.10. In total, you can complete 18 out of 20 shipbuilding phases by finishing Directives. Anchorage and her National camouflage, along with a 10-skill Commander, Port slot, and commemorative flag, await you upon completing the 20th phase. In Update 0.9.8, players will be able to receive a festive bonus for their first victory in the Update, secured on every ship starting from Tier V. Tiers V–VII: 2x World of Warships Anniversary camouflages. Tier VIII: 1x Gift container.Tier IX: 2x Gift containers.Tier X: 1x supercontainer
Update 0.9.8 kicks off a new Season of Ranked Battles. You can expect to play Tier X ships in an 8 vs. 8 format. Other Changes include The visual display of fog in the game has been enhanced by adopting an updated spacial distribution system and adding a scattered sunlight effect. Apart from improving the visual component, this change will also provide a slight improvement in the game client’s performance.



  1. Hello and welcome once again everyone, something a little different today with a preview of the upcoming World of Warships update 0.9.8 which will include WOWs 5th Birthday Anniversary event featuring a lot of new content and rewards for players including coverage of the new dockyard event where players can attain the new premium cruiser USS Anchorage. I hope you all enjoy the video and let me know in the comments what you think and take note of a special giveaway for the funniest comment and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. Byron MaidPro -Salt Lake City

    At least they aren’t located in Belarus. RIP WoT

  3. i’m in hype for this patch free SCs and special signals and camo new dockyard which i hope i can complete this time lol

  4. I just want a designers table without that cat meow…I am constantly looking around for a cat I don’t have. This update is looking pretty good. I really enjoy this game and am still in the honeymoon stage but the community is pretty damn good, especially in comparison to WoT where I came from after 9 years.

  5. OOOooo, I am now looking forward, in 75mins, to start the break and bend testing phase. However, my follow PTS players I can’t read Cyrillic 🙁 So curse away.

  6. The only joke here is going to be my account balance when some good premiums start dropping.

  7. Damn i already sold my konigsberg, acasta and konig :((((

  8. IGN: roquri

    I still want a Russian captain with a Scottish accent!

    A high tier US Cruiser WITH TORPS!?
    The new game scenario with high tier vs low tier ships… I came wait!
    Another good vid CC!

  10. i´m already getting ptsd from only looking at kitakami

  11. Alright who stole my FPS hold your hands up

    IGN scousersuk
    server EU

  12. I was in a game yesterday (8/12), a kitakami was in play on my side. Wow.

  13. Hmmm..let me think of a joke….
    What do you call 100 rabbits taking one step backward in unison?

    A receding hairline

  14. I think I may get excited if a Super Container was really ‘Super’ but that’s not been the case for a while (I get quite a few in-game).

  15. “I’m going to join the Navy purely out of spite
    . I’m longing to become a Petty Officer.” Just send me the code as before, cheers ;-D

  16. Festive bonuses and T10 ranked just when I got my Slava 😁😁😁

  17. Nice update, it looks like my golf game may suffer to grind a couple more 10’s. Well it probably cant suffer more then it has lately anyway.

  18. *Conversation me and my late father (Ex-Army Warrant officer, Korean War Vet and total hard-ass) had in November 1998*

    Me: I’m joining the navy, Pop’s
    Pop’s: Ok…
    Me: Yeah, I’ll get to travel the world and serve my country
    Pop’s: Alright….is there anything else you want to tell me?
    Me: No, not really
    Pop’s: You sure? Your my son…I’m proud of you…No matter what. Just tell me, i can deal with it
    Me: Huh? About me joining the navy?
    Pop’s: It doesn’t matter to me what you are…I love you, your still my son
    Me: Ummm…you think… i’m gay? because i’m joining the navy!? I’m not gay dad.
    Pop’s: Phew! You had me worried there son. I’ve heard a bit about them sailors…

  19. What do you call somebody without a body and a nose?

    Nobody knows.

  20. Do you know if we get a super container per win or just once per day? Either way this is going to be a dope event

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