World of Warships- Update 10.10: What You Need To Know

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Hey guys! Today we go over the patch notes for today’s update! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Update Notes:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Intro
1:03 Superships in Ranked
5:45 Arms Race Returning
8:33 Novorossiysk For Combat Missions
10:29 Soviet CVs Full Release
12:03 Water 2.0 (Graphics Update)
15:31 Clan Battles
16:14 Submarine Nerfs
21:50 New Armory Ships
22:58 Other Changes and Closing


  1. Does this change mean that if the submarines pick the higher damage torpedos and land the double ping they no longer citadel you, only their damage is increased? And do they still ignore the torpedo belt damage reduction?

    • The non-homing torpedoes have around 12k damage. First ping reduces detectability by 25%, second ping makes them deal double damage IF they hit the torpedo belt, not otherwise. So 24k torpedoes but only if it connects with the torp belt and is a double ping.

  2. gotta say, thanks for those summaries.
    without those vids id kinda lose the chnagelog 🙂
    thanks sealord

  3. People trying to apply Historical realism as a basis for sub nerfs is hilarious as almost NOTHING about this game is based off historical realism at this point. DDs are a shining example.

    • @A Submarine With Internet Access Fun fact: Japanese destroyers did carry torpedo reloads. In that case, if destroyers got hit, they were fucked. Turns out, oxygen-fueled torpedoes, powerful explosive warhead and high explosive shells do not mix well…

    • Let them cry, they are ignorant who dont know the game they are playing.

    • @HiIamInfi what are you talking about? BB’s were the center of almost all naval doctrine when the war started. In Europe, BB’s remained central in fleet strategy, despite relatively few engagements. So BB’s were centrally themed in that era.

      Secondly, it normally took more than one torpedo to sink a modern capital ship. Most capital ships that were hit by torpedoes and sunk were not sunk by torpedoes, but rather by naval gunfire or were at anchor and presented easy, stationary targets and took torpedoes full broadside.

    • ​@RaginAsianGaming go look up how many DD’s and Subs were in service during WW2. At max 2 BB’s per Match would be “realistic”. Even if they were the main measuring stick to estimate a nations naval power the still cost a ton of money.

    • Subs were and are still overpowered IRL. You can’t have both historical accuracy and game balance as far as ship capabilities go. IRL 1 carrier could take on a large number of ships on its own and win.

  4. You guys have any idea if permanent camos’ prices will be discounted during black friday event? If so i want one for my GK since Preussen is coming. So its like hitting two birds with a stone

  5. “I’ll be picking that shit up- *ship* up tomorrow.” lol. But I am curious how mini Des Moines plays, friend doesn’t think it’ll be worth it.

    • I agree, I love DM; it’s one of my favorites. However I’m not sure I see the pros of spending the coal on it over let’s say the Salem.

  6. Easy way to balance subs. Remove the homing torps. Job done. Easy

  7. why would anyone want to play subs boring and ships dont just roll they pitch as well GOD THIS GAME IS AT THE CROSSROADS IT WILL PROBABLY SINK WITH THE SUBS

  8. i personaly enjoy ranked getting some new stuff, its a pretty boring mode as is. beeing locked to 1 Tier and 5 maps is not anywhere enough to keep me playing.

  9. Keep them coming Sea Lord. Loving your vids lately.

  10. The periscope is LITERALLY the window to look outside for a sub…. spotting on persicope depth is like…. the most normal thing in the universe? 🙄

    • If you repear again what he said u will notice he said that subs shouldnt spot at all if they are deeper than periscope depth.

  11. How does Water 2, not affect gameplay?
    If it causes your ship to rock, would that not potentially mean the lower parts of your ship could inadvertently be more exposed at certain points in time, unless it is not affecting the hitbox which is actually SUPER questionable, because that would mean your hitbox and ship model would not be the same, even if it probably wouldn’t matter too much, as the gentle rocking or any real changes should be mostly very minor.

  12. I’m looking forward to these changes! The Submarines are a good addition to the game once they are balanced to a point were they won’t nuke out everything at once. But just for your Information dear Sealord: Submarines can actually spot ships even BETTER when submerged. Sound travels faster and can cover more distance underwater and even back in WWII submarines were able to identitfy ship types just by their acoustic signature. A little exxagerated: if you go swimming at Miami Beach and rip off a fart, someone on the bahamas with a good hydrophon can tell what you had for breakfast… 🙂
    I’m not sure if “Das Boot” has ever been available in english but if so you should DEFINATELY watch it. It shows pretty good how spotting ships underwater works

  13. Patch info is good, however I have to admit I am much more curious on your feedback concerning the Important Message from WarGaming that came with the patch. ^.^

  14. Great content, thank you. Just mentioning the most recent tier 6 CB’s is making my face twitch.

  15. The issue with subs is that the mechanics are incredibly gimmicky and make the game not very fun to play. Ping someone with sonar to make your torpedo home?

    Why not create a system where subs have to aim torpedoes the same as every other torpedo class. They basically get to be a stealthily DD with no guns.

    Also, make it so that subs can’t identify friendly or hostile ships while submerged. This is why they weren’t used in the core task force for major fleet engagements.

    This would make the class strong but challenging. You have to maintain good situational awareness when submerged. You have to aim your torpedoes, rather than spam clicking sonar. You’re rewarded by being able to do high damage over the game from stealth.

  16. 22:48 – Hell yea! You pick “that shit” up brother!!

  17. what happened to the snow flakes? everyone was going on about how we were going to have snow flakes from the month of December and November to complete? It was odd that they made the anniversary event last sept through into November, But I was happy to hear we were getting time to do all the snowflakes does this mean it will instead extend through January?

  18. I would love to see a Real Steel Mode for the game. Thanks for the summary, sir. Appreciate it.

  19. Not to sound rude or anything, but you did forget to mention a pretty big change. That being making the expendable signal and the few camos that discount post battle service now being unobtainable.

  20. one good thing about the Novorossiysk is they put it in the Soviet line so if it suck, it wont suck for long.

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