World of Warships- Update 11.1: Preussen Is Here! What You Need To Know

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Hey guys! Today we go over what you need to know for Update 11.1, which will be coming out tomorrow for NA! Enjoy!

Patch Notes:


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Everyone was joking that the Dido got nerfed so hard that it has to be a free ship.
    And what can I say, the meme became a reality …

  2. 4:35
    “…traverse the map in just a handfull of seconds”
    How many seconds can fit in a hand?
    Freedom units confuse me.

  3. It was cool to see Airwolf reference in the battle :~)

  4. Looks like a really fun update with a new gamemode, Forrest Sherman, and 2 free t6 ships. Only thing I don’t like is supercarriers (and superships in general)

  5. NuclearPoweredGoose

    That torpedo dodge at the beginning is pure skill, no luck ngl

  6. They should do Cold War ships like Modern Armor on the console version of World of Tanks. It’s a separate mode in the game with its own tech lines and tiers but they o lay play together and need their own research and equipment.

    Tbh if WG wants to still keep up with War Thunder they will have to dabble into more modern ships eventually since it’s only a matter of time before WT finishes the WW2 ships before adding modern surface ships.

  7. Super ships cause a problem found in the tier 10 matches. How do you think the tier 8 and 9 ships feel because they’re in the same match. So now we have Matchmaker plus three

  8. Well actually i think the schlieffen nerfs are unnecessary.
    It very much depends on the game mode.
    In normals schlieffen is by no means overpowered. You cant push alone in randoms, you get punished for moving up, and enemy half decent BBs are gonna snack you.
    In Clan Battles schlieffen is also not the best. Yes, there are some major clans who ran it. But with a specific strat tailored to it. Other than that its nowhere near the power of ohio, kremlin or even montana. Arguably not even yamato.
    In ranked however that ships is great. Why is it great? Not because its OP in and of itself. Ranked is not really a competitive mode. There is 0 communication but the ships per side are almost cut in half. So you cant kill it as quickly as easily. This is where its close range power can be reliably applied and win games. Same reason GK is better in ranked compared to normals.

    For an overall performance throughout the game modes schlieffen is nowhere near OP. Probably not in the top3 or top5 ships even.
    If they wanna balance according to ranked game performance its reasonable to nerf it. But IMHO that is not a reasonable choice. If you wanna see how strong it is in the hands of a good player on an even battlefield, look high typhoon to hurricane pickrates. It is not that high.
    If you wanna balance according to what the avarage player in an avarage game can do with it, you have to look at randoms. And its nowhere near OP. I actually think due to the state of the game it is not even top5 for random battles. Stuff like bourgogne, yamato, ohio etc is way better.

  9. 8:20 you’re only saving half a million worth of coal if you want to get the ships. I see no benefit in getting either the GK or Khaba once they move into the armory for coal compared to their tech tree counter part (other than the ability to have any commander on it). Economically, there’s better ships in the armory too.

    • Hence why it pays to grind them now, I secured these ships for my port a few months back so I can save my coal for better options

    • Extra snowflakes and SC once per year. It’s also uncertain what happens to them in the future. Unlikely but maybe they receive some buffs in the future?
      I also find myself playing even bad ships more often, if they have lower repair cost just because its not punishing anymore to perform worse.

    • They are not good coal ships, but at least they didn’t remove them from the game which is nice. Free XP is far easier to get so would be my recommendation to anyone who has enough right now, but I also wouldn’t say they are worth that if you are saving your free XP for research bureau resets as there are better ships in that system.

  10. Expect more Carrier sniping with those jets

    • I hate that. But also happens with surface ships. You spend all that time attacking a ship getting it down to 500 damage. Your waiting for the reload 5 secs to go and someone snipes it. You miss out. I dont know how many times i have had 3 kills, chasimg that 4th one. 1 salvo to go for a 4th kill and somewhere left or right flank some asshole decides to take the kill. I understand its a team thing but comeon you must know as the sniping ship that another player has slent a lot of time and effort to get that target ship diwn in health. There should be a thing in the game thay looks at time spent attacking a ship. If you have dealt most of the damage and someone takes the kill then you get the destroyed and a bonus and the sniper gets assist with 10% damage or the damage actually caused which ever is higher. Same with sniper torps. Its rude and players should not get away with eating yours torps just so they can send thier own. This happens all the time. At first i thought it was just a fluke but when the same ship doeant it 3 or 4 or more times a game it becomes frustrating. Those hits should be mine but the other player puts himself in the way of my torps and eats them whilst sending his own at the target i would have sunk had it not been for him interfereing

  11. I’m excited for this patch just for the Forest Sherman. It looks like a boat that is really up my ally. It may be the first ship that I feel it necessary to spend money on this game. The Super carriers are making me a bit worried but WG is going to do what WG thinks is best so o guess super carriers and probably super subs are inevitable.

    • excited for the Sherman also, but it needs its speed boost back, or its normal speed bumped up. 35kts on a dd is painful

    • What annoys me is that while Forest Sherman gets to have its fixed torpedo tubes, Canarias doesn’t. Even though Wargaming went to the effort of modeling the torpedo tubes on Canarias.

  12. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Looking forward to play preussen… Also I have coal and coupon that I could use for the forest, but ill watch a couple of replay before buying the ship. I am debating to get druid or ohio for research bureau points, so lots of new ships coming soon in my account. (If I get druid I might take the commander instead of forest… choices…. choices…. )

  13. The problem with tier 11 and tier 12 will be the number of exp points required to achieve them. They will likely do the same thing that they did when the captain skills went to 21 points, that is greatly increasing the number of exp. This will likely have implications to the research bureau in that you will have to have 5 tier 12 ships, then to regrind up to tier 12! This makes the grind exponentially harder.

    Note, by giving the GK and Khaba to people who have just researched it, but not bought it, effectively gives them the credits to purchase them. However, if you spent the credits, you only get a fraction of the credits back so you have spent credits to purchase them. Personally, I consider my spent credits to be insurance based on how often wargaming has miscommunicated.

    • Well they said that in terms of xp needed to research them then is about 1 xp on the tier 10 ships. This was announced some time ago.
      Running costs however going to be prohibitive so unless good expect to be losing credits per game in them.

  14. I haven’t played this game for almost two weeks because it gave me the same world of tanks feeling that I hated, so hearing super CVS going in I don’t know if I’m gonna bother coming back for this update either

  15. Aircraft Ammunition:
    If you load ammo on a plane that is shotdown prior to it firing on a ship/target,
    …….. isn’t that the same as using the ammo?
    Why doesn’t it cost the CV player for ‘ammo spent reload cost?

  16. Teir 5 was obtained by completing a task list by completing 5 tasks in the first list as well as the tier 7 if you manage to complete all 4 list. Teir 6 is obtained by tokens in the armory.

  17. Yet again we see a silent acknowledgment of how bad CV’s affect the game play with their spotting ability and Daniel of any tactical advantages of vessel disposition, so why have WG not acted. Limit CV aircraft spotting. Attack aircraft did not conduct spotting they did not have enough endurance, they attacked and if lucky returned.

  18. Im looking forward to the new ships, however the new game mode , while I’ll at least try it, looks really stupid. I dont see it doing well

  19. The whole idea of “superships” as Wargaming originally described it was supposed to be “what if artillery-based warship design continued into the 1950s instead of being superseded by missiles and aircraft?” And then they contradict that by adding super-CVs.

    Also, I suppose I’ll have to stop just dumping depth charges for no reason waiting for the first enemy ships to be spotted.

    • Exactly, I thought we’d see more and bigger guns not modern crap. I partly play this game for nostalgia of the time setting and it’s tech from the time. Modern stuff = removal of nostalgia.

  20. OK, so with the new 11.1, I see the Preussen. I already have the GK at tier X. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought if you already have the GK, you automatically get the Preussen. On my tech tree, it says the Preussen is 255K XP to unlock and that’s with me having the GK. Is this a glitch or how it is suppose to be?

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