World of Warships- Update 11.8: What you Need To Know To Get The Most Out Of This Update!

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the upcoming update 11.8 and go over the major changes coming to the game in this update! Enjoy!

Update Article:

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley: i=1553897018&app=itunes

0:00 Update Intro
0:54 7th Anniversary of WoWs
6:09 Operations Rework
8:45 British BC Release
9:16 Reload Mechanic Changes
12:25 Alvaro De Bazan
14:08 New Content Addition & Changes
18:56 Closing Thoughts


  1. SOOOO excited about the ops rework. It’ll probably get me back into the game. I find that randoms get less and less fun above tier 7 and don’t encourage me to keep grinding into a place I’m not having fun in. Being able to bring higher tier ships into them and having an expanded list is exactly what they needed.

    • @J.A I hear you, I’m just going to miss farming 150k XP per hour. I wish there was an option to at least pick 3 or so opps you only want to play. I’ll have no prob waiting longer in the que for an opp I like.

    • They seem ‘airplane’ oriented to me at first blush. I find that troubling. I will probably at least try them and see if any of them are any good and not the submarine and luftwaffe dreckfests so much of this game has seemed to have become.

    • @J.A The existing ones could be better randomized.

    • @J.A Entertainment is not “use”. And if it’s not fun it’s not good as entertainment either. 😉

    • @Nom De Guerre Exactly, I hate grinding same levels over and over. Reminds me of warframe a bit

  2. Finally some love for PvE players, yeee.

  3. I hope they do unify the range of the ASW too, as I love playing the Mass, but currently it only gets 5km range on them, also I love playing the dutch cruisers and they so need ASW

    • Or Jean Bart or thunderer with 6km at t9 and 10, just useless because by the time you can use them you are either already dead or about to die.

      Any cruiser or bb should have decent range on airstrikes and only dds having ship dropped charges, then again dds should still get the hydrophone like way back so they can see subs who are close.

    • …they need to buff Musashi and Jean Bart’s as well. Both 5km.

    • @Rene Garcia They have not changed any of the ranges 🙁

  4. The really nice thing about being able to clear multiple gifts in a single battle is that people who can’t play CVs can buy back the tier VI CVs they sold after the rework and get gifts for those CVs without actually playing them. My experience on the public test server “Warship Strike” is competently executed and is just as fun as “Battleship”.

  5. I do like the fact that NA gets the updates first, you guys are always quick at spotting anything WG are up to good or bad and it’s saved me making mistakes and wasting money many times, this update seems quite good tbh, Thank’s for the heads up Sea Lord 👍🇬🇧👍

  6. The problem with operations is they don’t count for all the missions meaning it’s a waste to do them for 1 mission when 3 others you are working on don’t count it.

  7. Looking forward to the grind when the patch goes live tomorrow morning – ASIA server, 10:30 AM Thursday 8th Australian time. I have 560 (ish) ships in port (including all T2 to T4 ships) and 62 T10 ships (plus all 8 tier * ships). Won’t open any SC’s until after I have played them all. Playing 40+ co-op games in a day isn’t a chore when it’s snowflake time.

    • I have 19 tier ten ships currently, but damn 62 is a hell lot of ships! GG

    • konstantinos Papagiannis

      so do i need to have 100 ships in m port to get the most out of this event ? i have like 22 tier X but only 76 ships in m port xd should i buy the t1 and t2 to max out at 100 ?

    • @konstantinos Papagiannis – you will need 101 + ships to earn extra rewards. If you are in a clan, that extra 10 oil for every crate is always welcome. To get the absolute most out of your snowflakes you need 500 + ships in your port. It takes a LOT of grinding and some cash too to get all those ships. Santa crates (the biggest ones) have excellent drop rates.

    • konstantinos Papagiannis

      @lunsmann ty for your help. i will buy t1 and t2 to hit 101.

  8. Maybe you don’t play operations but I and a lot of my clan does. When we get a new player in the clan we first take him out and operations again idea how he fits. We also check to see if anyone didn’t five star in operation so we can make sure they did. Not to mention if you like playing against bots operations gives you a better return on your time investment. I am very happy that operations are back and looking forward to Dunkirk coming back as well

    • I do that with my friends as well, when I invite friends to this game, I always enphasized on getting to Tier VI as the fact the with Operations the grind are way easier, also thank god they allowed Tier VIII as well which could speed up the grind of some ships

    • I’ve given the new format a whirl a few times today and really enjoy it. More variety, more challenge.

    • @Mattias O personally I’ve tested in while it was still in PT, I’m glad that they revived it

  9. I think the shell switching kinda makes sense, I just imagined it was like switching out the shell on the elevator when the propellant charge is already there

  10. In the mini game, does the CV send a single plane over that spots your entire fleet as in the real game? (very busy radio operator)

  11. It’s not just dutch cruisers that can’t do anything to subs, the Hybrid ships are having the same issue. All my Tone can do is spam HE when it’s spotted.

  12. Scenario battles were a great way to make credits and xp, make as much as playing random, sometimes more.

  13. SLM, you can only play Cherry blossom in a division, you know that,. As a single player you are randomly assigned to an operaiton of WG choice. Many players will rage quit if they are thrown into an unwanted operation and with the wrong ship choice, plus lower tier ships are disadvantaged over higher tier ships and stronger bots. So WG is adding all the shitty nuisance from random into operations now. HAVE FUN. The obvious reason why WG is doing it, SLM??? you can figure it out easily

  14. WG change with operation: WG stopped specialized single players who were using NARAI and Cherry Blossom for extreme grinding. I could grind around 1.5 mio credit, 10+k CpXp and 10+k Fxp with the blue boosters in Narai using an Atlanta or Weimar. With the old economic signals it was around 20k Fxp and 60k CpXP, every game. That’s gone

  15. The new update is great but speaking on reload times. The San Diego needs a buff to her reload speed. It blows my mind that she’s nearly 6 seconds base when there are other ships the have bigger caliber and have faster reloads. I think her base reload should be 4.5 seconds base and the reload booster puts her at 3 seconds. This is just something I’ve been thinking for a while

  16. I’m so glad they fixed operations. Now I can go in there with Massachussets and Mogami. Great way to farm commander XP.

  17. Now that the update is out, I can say that Operations are loads of fun for me. Yes, I do potato and get slapped by those “Buffed” enemies or my allies do, but its fresh to do it with T8 ships and higher challenges 😀

  18. Love the new Operation rework, just reseted 4 of the tech lines at the same time to get the Seigfried. Op is the most reliable way of grinding XP from tier 6-8. Grind through Colorado, Abermarle, Harlem, Veneto seem less frustrated now with Op.

  19. That Air strike depth charge change is crazy!

  20. Just to be clear, the extra bonus for wins is to keep folks with large number of ships from grinding the rewards in coop. It’s to keep them in randoms and ranks ECT.

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