World of Warships- Upgraded Cleveland; Is It Good?!? (171k DMG | 2.7k XP)

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ElasticSpyder here with a video on how the new tier 8 USN light performs now at the higher tiers. I explain some of my thoughts and my builds for this new ship. ENJOY!

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  1. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Good replay in the Cleveland Mr. Spyder

  2. I activated my one day premium that I got as pts reward, put %200 xp camos + xp signal + red dragon + ouroboros and started cherry blossom operation, got another premium day for first 5 star game, after 2 day passed I unlocked seatle, neptune, saint louis cruisers and made over 150k free exp shortest grind of all times. Im happy didn’t have to work for cleveland on randoms. Ty WG

  3. Yes the upgraded Cleveland is worth it. Does Facing T10 suck? Yes but than facing T8s wasn’t fun when the Cleveland was back at T6. The key to the Cleveland use cover and protect your HP while influencing Caps and interdicting DDs. Because the longer you can keep the Cleveland Alive the longer you can rack up damage. And those 12 152mm with IFHE will do work if you can keep targets under fire.

  4. Destroyer Inazuma

    0_0 I stopped playing two or three years ago. Back then this ship was the highest tier vessel in my -fleet- squad. I do faintly remember I couldn’t get used to the shell arcs and also that I got once in a Tier 8 game where Mogami’s recked me ;_; Glad to see people doing well in this ship now

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