World of Warships- US Battleship Buffs, Were They Enough?

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Hey guys, today we look at post buff Vermont and my experiences with her, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Cedric Munger-Scharff

    Haven’t played my Vermont since the buffs dropped, but the Minnesota really benefitted from them.
    Kansas, on the other hand, is still a trashbin until she gets a sigma buff and her guns gain the ability to actually hit anything.
    I’d argue they should reduce the reload to around 37-38 seconds though. 40 seconds is still way too ridiculously long, especially for Kansas and Minnesota since they’re armed with 16 inch guns.

    • Funny enough they did buff her accuracy shortly after her release, AND IT STILL CANT HIT SHIT! As a battleship if your Guns cant hit SHIT it may as well not be played. On top of it, 23knot top speed and the Weird hull shape make it hard maneuver in and negate damage (despite being covered in 32mm armor EVERYWHERE), At their the AA on these floating islands is GRATE and they even have DEF AA, which is rare for battleships.

  2. Gustavo Cabrerea

    If they can give the absolute continent of a ship that is Vermont such a ridiculous concealment, they should give GK and Preussian a smaller concealment to make them more viable as secondary ships.

    • Gustavo Cabrerea

      @W S Tavis I thought they’d do that for a long time, but nope, they made a clone of GK with less, but bigger gun WITH better turret angles…

      Like…. B R U H

  3. Kansas Minnesota and Vermont go 23 knots max. Could they go a LITTLE faster? Yes most certainly, 25 knots would be good enough. Still if ya really want to go faster, slap the speed flag (adds what 1 knots?) and take Brisk which buffs your speed when undetected.

  4. They went from a speed bump to a road block. Actually being able to use most of your heals is pretty huge in a ship that can’t run from the damage once it starts coming.
    The gun performance is still somewhat questionable (at least for the T8-9) for what seems to have been intended as the more gun focused line, but at least that’s no longer in exchange for ALSO getting a hull that’s basically a direct downgrade.
    Slow and steady might actually win the race for once.

  5. CruisingForMermaids

    They failed to buff the worst thing about them: the reload time.

  6. Wish they would have reworked the California too

  7. Marcus Jones Stinks

    I don’t think there is anything you can do for this line. They’re just here for the wrong meta.

  8. Why does WG refuse to buff German accuracy. Lets be real, going in close enough to effectively use secondaries is suicide in todays meta, German battleships other than the Prussia are useless.

  9. I use the brisk commander skill and speed flag on most of my BBs. That gives you a 15% speed boost. With a 12 km detection range you can make good use of brisk. The white propeller icon is excellent in letting you know if have been spotted. Ship drop out of detection often. This skill gives a player a higher average speed in battle. Since it has 50% faster acceleration deceleration add a 15% speed boost this will help close faster an get in range. It doesn’t help you to escape unless you are more than 12 km range.

  10. I have played few battles on minsota in ranked , and first battle 160k dmg high caliber , in 3 barrles I don everything I need to do and that was nice change to those ships , for me those ship can be played , I would like to see that buff for Colorado .

  11. Yall really need to give Vermont a try before you say the line is useless. It was good before the buffs, and having the accuracy and power to handle most threats is important without having yammys dumb cheek spot.

    The real crime of the Vermont is only one depth charge flight. Why? It clearly has aviation facilities

  12. 8:00 “everything outruns you at this tier” I find the worst is when your BB is being hunted by a sub. You can’t see it, you can’t get away from it, you can’t become unspotted, and the torps come with distressing frequency and speed.

    • Yeah, you’ve got to drop everything you are doing and think ahead better than the sub to have any chance. Good thing, dd players see that now when it happens behind their lines and come to help more often. I know I do not because of the torps that sub might send but because it’s keeping my team lit for all the ennemies to shoot at !

    • MasterChiefSamus

      And Vermont only has one ASW plane, for some reason.

  13. Used to play Vermont with the range mod. Once I got used to the ridiculous flight time, I was slapping people at 26km for 20k plus sometimes. The shell nerfs made that impossible, but the new buffs are quite nice. Trying to decide between a full tank build or using prop mod to make the acceleration even more ridiculous

  14. Arizona Anime-Fan

    the range nerf was because people were using the Vermont to snipe cvs at the start of the match. can’t have cvs deleted in the first few minutes; like they do to other ships. so the other buffs to the vermont were to compensate for the range penalties. the reason they haven’t done the same to the yammi is because the yammi actually can overpen most cvs at long range, so the chances of insta-deleting isn’t anywhere near as high.

  15. Tried Minnesota and it’s actually decent to play. But i tried it in Konvoi and those fattleships absolutely suck for attacking.

  16. What was clever was how quickly the effects of the buff could be evaluated: They add the buff at the same time as releasing a mission that requires either 12 million potential damage or three kills with the Kansas, Minnesota, .or Vermont. With such an incentive, players will take them out of port.

  17. if you add the speed flag and swift in silence, you can hit 25 knts.

  18. concealment as a whole needs some re-work. cruisers are really kind of in a bad place when battleships out conceal them and can erase them from the game quickly.

  19. The servers were loaded with Vermonts and Montanas already. It’s already a very popular ship. Maybe this was make them a bit more competitive vs super ships and entice Vermont players to push up a bit more rather than the usual of hanging 3/4 of the game camping at the A / B lines and sniping at battleships and hopeless cruisers. Vermont players are almost always camping back there. Even Montanas will play more aggressively, but 9 times of 10 it’s just so they can parade their dragon skin around the map because like nobody has seen those before…… The heals and speed are most likely an attempt to get them to push more earlier in the matches and stop camping back there.

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