World of Warships- US Battleships Are Getting A Massive Buff

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Hey guys, today we have news from the DevBlog concerning quite the set of buffs coming out for the US Fattleship line. Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. 1) Connecticut does not have Ohio secondary
    2) Vermont’s pen and velocity will have the same characteristics as Connecticut, you are talking about 0.6s more flight time and 26mm pen loss at 22km, this nerf is none existence.

    So yes, she’ll be better at longer range and a lot better at mid/close range, basically a turbo boost to Vermont’s power.

    • Funny enough I bought the Kansas last Saturday and this dev blog just dropped. Play Kansas with range mod, hang back and snipe cruisers & set fires too. Can’t wait to get in the Vermont

    • @Chris 88 > Play Kansas with range mod

      Oh you mean running literally the only useful mod in that slot since the US BBs don’t get the improved dispersion mod? 😂

    • I mean vermont needs it
      It randoms it can be fun, but you can’t push at all cause you eat so much damage.
      You are forced into a sniper role when the ship does its best work at mid range, like 18km to to 8km ranges is where vermonts guns just do work. Being able to actually survive at those ranges will be a nice change.

    • @a_stone At least not until T9. Even then it really doesn’t help Minnesota not suck.

    • @Almighty Deity Tbf that BB is just a circle.

  2. @4:20 This is why I am confused as to why ships, especially dd’s, getting shot with shells don’t have flooding to deal with. The dd got hit with 5 over-pens, which I believe means the shell hit and went straight through without detonating. Ok then, so why is it that they don’t get holes? I mean if the shell travelled all the way through then shouldn’t, if the shells hit low enough, the ship get flooding penalties? Your Vermont would have basically cut that dd in half lol and it just keeps on sailing :~)

    • Flooding is usually something you get when a thousand pounds of torpex blows a 20 foot diameter hole in your waterline, not when an 18 inch shell flies through causing an 18 inch diameter hole above the waterline. The shups pumps can probably handle the 18 inch hole fine.

    • @J Right on…these were basic real world tactics befitting real world fighting. Also onece your torp boat launched its torpedoes…that was it for that battle. Plus as someone mentioned with CV’s hiding a hundred miles away with subs being so slow they only did convoy work or commando raids.

    • @dominic pagano DDs had citadels in early beta, it was awful and didnt work. DDs used to take full pens on raking shots, but good players were able to rake a DD to death in one shot so they got rid of that maybe 2 years after release or so. We have what we have since then, which is still having the ability to deal 25-50% of their entire HP in one salvo. DDs are easy to sink, just need to have decent aim.

    • @Paddington I aggree. Sure it would be great if a DD could be salvo citadelled like a bigger ship, but unlike other classes a spotted DD is always very much in range. And also point. Xp is based on % of ship. It might be somewhat challenging to delete a DD In one salvo, but very easy to gain a lot of xp by taking 1/4th of its hp in a salvo.
      Class also has very little chance to survive over a minute under sustained fire.

    • If you want that go play ultimate Admirals: Dreadnoughts and not this arcade game

  3. @Sea Lord Mountbatten I have seen MANY MANY MANY connecticut test-ships when playing over the past couple months. I had no idea what it was, so i did research, and i was like “yeah the USN BBs should get all these changes to make them better.” I’m glad that’s happening. But yes. LOTS of testing at t10

  4. 7:45 ish I think slm has got a pretty major thing wrong here. Vermont has significantly better long range lead times than monty and Ohio because it has negligible drag coefficient. Vermont can easily snipe up at 25km or so. I think all they’re changing is making Vermont and ohios 457s the same

  5. just in time as im this close to getting minnesota
    And i was hoping for AP pen buff
    Its kinda bad for minsota and kansas

  6. 1. Connecticut is a SuperTest ship only. Pretty much like, how was it named Voss?, German carrier which served as a testbed for skip bombers. It is not meant to exist and be played in game outside SuperTest sesssion.
    2. I’ve actually seen a Connecticut in the last patch. I was a bit baffled, because I know a few STs and I haven’t heard them talking about it since last September, but now it makes perfect sense.

  7. Agree with Mount Batters comments that Vermont should at least have Atlantico’s speed. Vermont, at the end of a game, with your slow speed and even slower turrets would be utterly defenseless and completely useless even against a teir 3 DD, let alone a tier Tier 8-9-10 DD.

  8. If we had the Kansas, MN and Vermont in WW 2, they only practical application of these slow behemoths would be shore bombardment. If you cannot keep up with a Fleet CV, you are not part of the attacking strike force and therefore you stay with the troop ships.

    • Thats what the standart BBs got used for indeed. But there was also the Battle of Surigao Strait where the standart BBs crushed an inferior japanese force.

    • That is, in part, because we built “fast” BB’s…

    • That was the only role for lots of the bbs in world war 2…

    • @Gothia surigao straight was also the last BB vs Bb battle ever. Poor tier 4 Yamashiro only had with her one other BB, Fuso to face 6 tier VI and VII USN dreadnaughts

    • Not only this but if they were built they probably would’ve remained on whatever side of the states they were built on since they are too big for the Panama canal and would take too long to transit around South America.

  9. At last WG owns up to the fact they screwed up with the “Fat Ass” BBs designed for the former dead eye commander skill. It just took them a couple of years to correct the mistake.

    • Now the question is when will we see them do this to the Pasta BBs? They did for Marco Polo. That minor sigma buff helped her dramatically.

  10. Malgus Kerensky

    Bit confused at what WG is trying to do here, promote more long range sniper game play, cause that has done wonders for brawler’s blood pressure of the last few years. Or try to push this line to get closer, but how with them being some of the slowest ships in the game? Moving battle lines, even in ships, exclude the alt. US line from being effective in most battles, outside of lucky hits on people not paying attention. I see a Montana shoot at me at range, I have time to move out of the way. The alt. US BB line, I see them shoot at me I have a sip of tea, maybe stretch my legs, then move out of the way. I sometimes wonder if WG balance team plays the game the same way we players do?

    • As game pulls to a close, you gotta push in and sail with the rest of your team. It’s pretty fun to get close and blast with every gun as is, so this seems even better.

    • @deadinside I am a brawler by heart, so I am usually front line with my BBs. The comments about avoiding shells was just a way to explain how slow US BB (both lines) shells are so slow. 🙂

  11. This is more in line with what I envisioned the line to be in the first place….slow, hulky, well armored, heavily armed, and very tough to kill.

  12. Nice buffs! About time with all of the new tech line enhancements across the platform!

  13. Andreas Siouras

    To highlight their role as a long range heavy hitting slow battleship, Kansas through Vermont are getting their engines removed, but to compensate for this lack of ability to get in range, we are giving them unlimited range.
    Also, since they can no longer dodge torpedoes, their torpedo damage reduction is being increased to 85%

    • I agree. Another problem is, in the 20s the US Navy gave up on the standard model, their idea of keeping BB speeds down to fit in a “battle line”. By WW II which is Tier 8,9,10 time, all the US BBs were going faster. This should have been a battle cruiser line with a Lexington class BC at 8, move the Iowa over for 9 and have a super Iowa for 10. Then the heavy line could have been North Carolina at 8, one of the pre-Iowa paper ships at 9 and the Montana at 10.

    • @Chris Austin We technically got the shitty version of them with USS Constellation. That’s supposed to be a Lexington, but they only gave it the MK5 Colorado guns instead of the 406/50’s they were supposed to get.

  14. Yes, finally a true knife fight battleship. I like the playstyle of being in close with the ability to tank a lot of damage.

    • how does deep water torps taste

    • I still wouldn’t do that. You engage slowly and you disengage even slower. It’s not that you can tank, it’s literally that getting half-blasted out of the water by Yama turns into 25% blasted now.

  15. Funny, Vermont might be my best performing battleship of all time, I always thought its very strong in its role, but apparently it can have massive, potentially gamechanging buffs. Won`t say no, but I am a bit confused by this.

  16. So all of them become even better damage pinnatas to farm. I love it.

  17. Researched this BB line as it was released. Had just two hillarious games with Minnesota, once laughing to Halland trying to torp kill mě, having Alaska ally for protection, with my aft saturated to the level where torps did just 1-2K dmg which I could last till end of victorious end. Another game managed to annihilate Musashi at 2km bow mutual death fight, both zero angled, but my turrets doing triple cits per salvo he lasted only until my another 40s reload.
    Glad to hear buffs of line, guess I comeback to play them.

  18. I wish they’d buff the Colorado in similar fashion. She’s a fun ship (at least I think so), but she’s woefully outmatch when she’s bottom tier. The acceleration buff would be nice.. a little faster rudder shift. Those would make her more maneuverable, little easier to dodge torps and angle. Maybe a slight reduction in concealment. Buff the secondaries.

  19. Mondrian Bogert

    Honestly don’t really mind the flight time nerf. I play Georgia quite a bit and I always found it frustrating that despite both ships shooting American 457mm shells, the flight characteristics were different, thus switching back and forth between the ships took a few matches to re-adust. Now having both ships having the same shell fight times and now also same pen characteristics (took a look at warships fitting tool), switching should be a breeze

  20. Bubba the lone Potato

    The only improvement they can do to Subs is to put them in a new strategic convoy hunted mode. They are not suitable to tactical battles. No matter how much they twist them around they don’t belong in the game. Ever.

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