World of Warships- US Battleships Buff, Manfred Von Richthofen Nerf

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Hey guys, today we go over another DevBlog that includes some buffs to the new US BBs and a nerf to everyone’s favorite German CV. Oh and Somers is getting removed too, enjoy!


Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Overall sounds good! Isn’t there meant to be a 40 torp shima-cruisers on the way?

  2. The biggest problem with lower tier carriers is that you nearly always have two per side in every battle.

  3. I’ve got the Hipper, so I’m happy.

  4. Me: see’s title
    Also me: realises this isn’t clickbait
    Still me: “Thank. God.”
    Anyway when they gonna give lower tier ships a bit more AA so they can actually defend themselves?

    • @Marcus Jones StinksCVS are toxic even in t10 games and who plays t4 games these days lol

    • @Marcus Jones Stinks In Asia sever if u play t10 game flank the enemy ships bit alone then cv will runied ur whole match

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      @Mh Mahi MVR and FDR are the toxic cvs. The others aren’t so bad. As far as flanking goes thats a risk you run when you try to Rambo torp. Its high risk/reward. If anything radar ships are worse since they go thru everything and with booster can get 40s. Radar ships are worse than CVs imo

    • @Marcus Jones Stinks This game has too many things which is OP like british bbs and russians cruisers, but the thing I hate most in ASIA SERVER is the cvs like MVR FDR and the other premium cvs like kaga coz for them ppls stay max range most of the time soo its really soo annoying to play this game

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      @Mh Mahi Which is why its useful to work with your teammates for aa screen, and to push out. The biggest problem which prompted cvs is cruisers would sit behind islands and pump HE out at anyone trying to cap. Planes harassed them out to move around. Without cvs its island humping simulator. I feel for ya, but its boring and annoying to deal with players who don’t cap, and farm behind islands. If anything I like ocean the most because it forces people to play the game instead of hiding and spamming.

  5. Still.. think Vermont needs a better repair party.

  6. balancing with rng, epic stuff

  7. he fires nerf, when?

  8. The only way to nerf t4 CVs is limiting them to 1 cv per team. Double, even triple CV games are just too painful.

    • @VuHien2011
      Dont know what was wrong with your AA then, and it must have been a very capable CV player attacking you.
      I have been playing Ohio a lot recently (alone!), which has similar AA compared to Montana, and most times, the whole squadron was dead after 1 or 2 attacks. And as long as its not Richthofen bombs attacking me, I dont eat that much damage from them.

    • @MontagIstKacke i d love true manual secondaries and bringing back working aa, aswell as +-1 tier, 1 cv max games

    • @VuHien2011 dude wtf even my potato ass has 80k avg damage in my reeujo and i ve mostly had t8 games with massas and shit and still managed to get drops on them all the time, cvs are far far away from being weak in uptiers

    • @MontagIstKacke It is not my AA, it was Flamu in his Holland trying desperately to help his Des Moines and a Montana that happened to be in the same neighborhood. And it was at the beginning of the game, so no dead AA.

    • @VuHien2011
      That doesn’t change anything about what I said. By “what was wrong with your aa”, I didn’t want to say “maybe your aa guns were dead”. It was meant to be a joke because the ‘new’ aa is doing silly things sometimes.
      From my experience, high tier planes (apart from FDR, that thing is OP) die fast enough to not deal too much damage most times.

  9. I thought the Richthofen was a premium

  10. Nice vid Sea Lord. Glad the Kansas is getting buffed. Austin looks like a tier 10 Atlanta, new firestarter cruiser for the US?

  11. Imagine if battleships when they use the spotter plane that it adds an amining recical

  12. Hipper reload already got buffed before mounty, along with eugen. Stay healthy mate!

  13. Came to hear about buffs, started enjoying chat

  14. Wish they buffed the HE pen on the audacious bombs a bit, can’t really pen some ships for them to have effect

  15. Somers was released to the Armory on August 21st, 2019.

  16. Tallin turned from good ship to stalingrad level ship, nice we need more of these

  17. Wish they buff my California… I love sailing in my wide hips girl Lol

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