World of Warships US Battleships vs the Mighty Amagi!

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  1. So am I the only one who doesn’t know how to get the advanced hud elements
    that Baron has? Like the name plates and such.

  2. I’m looking to get into PC gaming and I was wondering what would be a good
    setup, and would run this game well.

  3. Hahaha that was my torp bombers finishing off the Amagi with Phly there

  4. When does this game come out

  5. hi

  6. Coulter Pfeiffer

    Do Pennsylvania class

  7. Algirdas Tolveisa

    did you buy this game?:)

  8. the new York is some ship. I just got mine yesterday evening fully
    upgraded:) my first game was a loss but got 3 kill’s i love it

  9. Do y’all have any idea when this fucking game is coming out it will not let
    me buy a gay ass pre order pack shit thing I just want to play…….that
    is all 

  10. Saw this LIVE on Phyldaily twitch channel. Loved it..

  11. BaronVonGamez i want to play World of warship with you ^^

  12. +BaronVonGamez Historically the Yak-7 was the first plane to shoot down an
    Me-262. So for fun you should do a custom match in War Thunder where one
    team is Yak-7s and the other is Me-262s with the Yak-7s slightly
    outpopulating the Me-262s.

  13. What’s up with you and randomly turning your guns?! Just hold

  14. crazycakemanflies

    phly (in baby phly voice). “awwww give us that Amagi!!! wwaaahhh!”

  15. hijms yamato musashi

    Baron,think you can do a Shimakaze vid?

  16. Deja Vu?

  17. saw the same video on phly’s channel


  19. Hey baron, I hurt my wrist playing baseball and your video made me feel
    better. Thank you my soviet comrade.
    Or else


  20. Can’t wait for the Kriegsmarine, so many iconic and actually amazing
    warships like the Nürnberg, Prinz Eugen, Admiral Graf Spee, Scharnhorst and
    the notorious Bismark! Don’t know what they are going to do about aircraft
    carriers though, will they put Graf Zeppelin in even though it was laugh
    but was never completed fully and commissioned? Excited for Kriegsmarine
    and the Royal Navy!

  21. Again a nice video, and at 9:32, it’s my favorite moment!! I didn’t know
    you playing with Phydaily, that was a very good game for you two^^. It seem
    the turret of New York turns very slowly no than the Wyoming Class? I
    looked forward to the next video ^^ *sorry for my bad english^^*.

  22. lol droid mode

  23. Fletcher next, and charge into the teeth of Japanese battleships like
    Ernest E Evans, the ballsiest USN destroyer captain of the Pacific War.

  24. I don’t like warships to be honest. Seems fun to play. Hard to watch 🙁
    I love baron but not the warships. Sorry I just love tanks. 

  25. james appleford

    Barons been listening to mixtapes again

  26. Tell us about your experience with Total War Arena please!

  27. Love your videos. Keep up the good work.

  28. Wow this video has no dislike so far

  29. Aili Katarina J.

    Do the NEW MEXICO next!!!!!! So want to see that ship

  30. Anyone know when open beta is coming out? Cant wait to play!

  31. jorgeluissantos77

    when is this game coming out?

  32. Play war thunder

  33. North Carolina !

  34. Baron! ur the best!!!

  35. what settings do u use baron

  36. Your aim has been off quite a bit lately Barron..

  37. Josh Conover (Slipstream)

    Every time I see “the Mighty…..”, I get super excited. Then I find out it
    isn’t Jingles. My life is sad.

  38. Also can you try to get war thunder and world of warships on xbox one
    missing out on my favorite game and upcoming monster game 

    • Nathan Peterson

      +Garrett Perry WT and WOWS will likely not be available to X-box One until
      at the very earliest, 2017

  39. great game/vids as always Baron……. o7

  40. I miss MOWAS 2. Baron can you do that next? Also, I would like to see Baron
    play the Zao.

  41. Thanks for taking out the New York a few times, Bubsk! Looks like a pretty
    good cruiser killer.

  42. how many people are hoping for a world of warship version of the team
    training room.

    • +deathlegionair I’m hoping for Team Battles even more!

    • It would be funny, I would love to see a tier one versus tier 6 ships, this
      is the game where any tier can pen any other tier no matter the type of
      ship, it just depends on what ammo and where.

  43. Andromeda Galaxy64

    Hidden message time:

    • Christopher Sonne

      +Andromeda Galaxy64

      You are correct, yes it is

    • +Andromeda Galaxy64

    • +Andromeda Galaxy64 It reads: “I am an asshole to people who don’t
      understand binary.”

  44. Hey Baron. Love your vids.
    But what’s up with the video quality on this one. You can not read chat on
    1080p. That is unusal.

  45. lol phly going in droid mode :D

  46. Is the game released? I beta tested back in January, and it said “work in
    progress” all over the place,and it doesn’t say that anymore. It also gives
    me the option to download the game on the website. I am just confused, is
    it still in beta or what?

  47. Just wondering, why did you re-upload this? I thought it was new gameplay
    then I thought “man everything that’s happening and everything they’re
    saying sounds familiar..”

  48. amagi brilliant

  49. Guys, i did it, i bought Beta access today, together with the Yubari, is it
    a good starter ship?

    • +TheScania1991 Depends. I do well if i use it like an anti-destroyer ship
      and occasionally sneak up and torp stuff, but otherwise, its not great.

    • Yubari is a hit & run ship, it’s more like a destroyer on steroids. Quite
      agile, better-than-average concealment. Fast torp reload and responsive
      turret rotation.

      I think it’s a really good ship but only if you play it to it’s strengths..
      And are patient… Like true honoribru warrior ^^

      *I’ve done well with it. I prefer it over my Kuma which I still own*

    • Frenkert a regular gamer

      +TheScania1991 same.

    • The game is amazihng, i can tell that now. 😀 Been stuck for 7 hours
      yesterday, GOD 😮
      I took it for a few rides, but i couldnt handle it, made one kill with it.
      I’m concentrating on the US tech tree, already got a Wyoming and a South
      Carolina, a Chester and i’m working towards the New York and the North
      Carolina now^^

    • Frenkert a regular gamer

      +TheScania1991 you will love the shitty range on the kawachi if u are
      thinking about going for jap battleships.

  50. Fletcher class destroyer gameplay please baron 

  51. World war 3

  52. 7 views, first comment, bad ass ships……..

  53. Baron pls do mow as 2


  54. Fighting off the honorable Amagi with @phlydaily @worldofwarships

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