World of Warships – US BB Split IMPROVED

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Hey, they improved those new US BBs! Except Florida…


  1. Apostolos Krystallis

    Looks like wee-gee is really taking steps to improve the game, with the submarines and the USN new battleships and whatnot

  2. You sound like your dead on the inside. I can relate…

  3. they nerfed the heal though, dont think they needed to be nerfed

    • @MustYouHaveAUsername They’re going in the right direction. Slow ships that hit really hard and take long to bring down is a nice and fresh archetype for the game. Easier to angle against because they can’t reposition, but if you don’t you get punished extra hard.

    • MustYouHaveAUsername

      @Kai-Xuan Yao “Easier to angle against” is not possible for Cruisers because you just get overmatched anyways.

    • @MustYouHaveAUsername kite

    • MustYouHaveAUsername

      @Hasnain Haider 24.5km range, depending on how much the ballistics got buffed that can be devastating. I have no issues hitting cruisers long range with the Yamato for example.

    • @MustYouHaveAUsername Yeah that salvo is devastating to cruisers.. And they can’t even farm Vermont back in return. One more reason to play Moskva Stalingrad and Petropavlovsk I guess.

  4. And this is a surprise to absolutely nobody.

  5. Vermont is now a static floating artillery with enough deck armour to sustain he spammer -__-

    • The deck might be 50 mm, but it has a small metropolis worth of super structure on top, so let the he farm continue

    • You’re saying it’s a bad thing that the deck can’t be farmed by HE spammers? The increasing prevelance of potato friendly flame throwing ships is one of the things that is ruining the game.

    • @Alistair Evans well in my opinion there are things much more important than just he spammers to be resolved first. First of all today there is no counter against cv atacks, they can farm you 40k damage in two passes and you dont have any way to counter that. If you are on a bb you can always dont show your broadside to not take citadels and if you are on a cruiser you can dodge. right now cvs can give you citadels and you can do nothing about it. Also the AAA on the ships is basically nonexistent. Basically you have one class of ship that can role all the battlefield, if the cv in your team is noob the probability of you losing the game is much higher.

      About HE spammers ships, not counting of all the noob bb players that always play with HE, you can always take care of an he spammer cruiser, he is going to be spotted when its firing against you, you can give him damage, you can dodge the bullets and in the worst case you can always hide behind an island. If they are the ones behind the island off course this makes more difficult for you to counter them but not impossible.

      Overall i dont really like this new bb line up because they are basically a static floating artillery that looks like wargaming created by looking the current bb meta which in my opinion, its just stupid playing with the most tanky class behind everybody at 25km of the enemy instead of supporting the team. thats why i dont mind when this bb’s are he spammed.

  6. Paolo emilio reload 10.7s ow boy match of the century:

    Gunboat Paolo emilio vs gunboat kleber with legendary mod match we all want too see 🙂

  7. If the Vermont is a hybrid of the Tillman IV and I design than it should get a speed buff to 26.5 knots. Still slow but only a little slower then Yamato

    • I’m not really sure Vermont is a hybrid of any of the Tillman designs. None of them were meant to carry twelve 18″ guns in four triple turrets. The closest any of them came was IV-1, featuring thirteen 18″ guns in five dual turrets and one triple turret. You are right about the speed however. 25.2 knots was the slowest any of these designs were meant to go. I kinda think Vermont is a total paper ship WG cooked up in the spirit of the Tillman designs rather than based on them. Personally I’d like to see #4 in the game with its twenty-four 16″ guns, because dakka.

    • @Evan Simms Uh, what? Vermont has 18inch and not 16inch? Wow, that’s 16 18inch guns.

    • @Evan Simms it’s Tillman I upgunned from 16 inch to 18 inch guns

  8. Sudeshna Das Sarma

    Well it ok for a youtuber to deal with their life first.
    I understand your frustration. The world can be so shitty at times. So any updates on any other ships you have tested?

  9. Florida was powercreeping California so hard, it’s not a bad thing to see some nerfs.

    • Well that’s because Cali is just trash, lets be honest

    • yea buffing california would be better

    • @TotalDbag Florida looked really terrifying. Fast hull with decent armor for the tier and 8 guns in front, combined with allegedly good long range dispersion? As long as the penetration isn’t absolute trash the ship is definitely a competitor against Sinop.

  10. Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time at the moment. I really hope things get better soon for you both. Best wish’s.

    • Wishes* also 80s, 90s, ‘s means possession. Sean’s phone. (Yeah it’s hell I didn’t learn written word until a decade after dropping out!)
      I laugh about it but school is garbage. I never learned even punctuation. I’m not dissing you just suggesting you value learning and pass the value to your kids.
      Public School is great for simple laborers. Though obviously it’s horrible for maintaining a voting populace. I’ve been saying that since I was 10. The age that I realized I was participating in Social competition not in education. I liked sitting alone and talking with my teachers. Recess was a forced activity. I dropped out because mostly because of the kids.
      One of the best lines of Rick and Morty when Rick points out school isn’t for smart people. Though in reality only some of those who drop out are really smart kids. Most drop out because work is more valuable than school or families that have lived through generations or racial or monetary inequality.
      I did the math my interests never could pay off ( archaeology, paleontology, anthropology, evolutionary sciences). I tried my family labor work and realized we’ve no unions. I’ve no person on the inside to get even ok work.
      I talked to the elderly and found they had no idea how getting a job works today.
      It’s brutal but our civilization is so broken we can’t even turn to our elders. If you find an elder that listens you can bring them to tears with simple questions and your shocked responses.
      Visit a nursing home and ask them how one income earner could pay for multiple private schools a house two cars and their “fancy new amenities”. Ask how many years you’d pay off a mortgage what the interest rates were!
      We eat the lies because we fight with our elders. I think we need to speak to the elders. They need to know that this isn’t the world they know. It’s a world that at 35, I would be arrogant to state any grasp of. The millennials are the first generation to serve the new robber barons. My younger fellows face my childhood fears, as a reality.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      @Sean Draco off meds?

    • @CynicallyObnoxious Nope, I was drunk and tend to ramble. I kinda blame how slow typing is also. By the time I’ve written a sentence I’ve thought about at least three related ideas. Those three lead to more.
      I’ve heard of studies that say people aren’t activity thinking for large parts of the day. Sounds kinda freaky to me.. I think it was a SciShow psych video, PBS studios is awesome.

  11. Do I even care any more?
    Somehow, it seems, I do not. Not even enough to watch the vid to the end …

  12. I was waiting for the Anchorage being screwed, the only one of the Battlesnails I was looking at was Florida,, That’s been Nerfed, in other words, WG, Stick It 🖕 Thank’s for the Heads Up Chase.

  13. Lol to nerfing ships that mostly suck already….super slow, super hard to turn, bad aa, avg secondaries, slow turret traverse…lol if they do not get a lot more buffs, literally nobody is going to bother researching this line…what a fail.

    • Rob O have you watch the whole vid? The only thing they nerf is healing rate. Vermont and Minnesota got buffed ffs.

  14. Still doesn’t change the fact that these USN BBs are large and slow, have terrible concealment. Pretty confident that I will just play Hindenburg and farm loads of damage off them.

  15. only Soviet ships can have zero air drag, rest must not

  16. Majestic Hotwings

    I like this approach to the US BBs more, ships this big and slow should have lots of guns and tons of armor. If they can’t run, let them be floating fortresses

  17. only yoshino-azuma pens the vermount deck armor without IFHE now

  18. The Florida the one ship that’s actually interesting in this whole paper ship split and it’s premium and they nerf it. This upcoming line of ships in a future update has lost all of it’s interesting aspects to it for me.

  19. If all these ships are “test” ships, why did I see them all the time in live servers.

  20. We were running the danger of having a USN ship that was actually very good (Florida in this case), so of course WeeGee couldn’t have any of that… If only Florida was a soviet ship…

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