World of Warships- US Carrier Split & NFTs Coming Soon?

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Hey guys! Today I take a crack at trying to predict just what WG has instore for the game in their upcoming Community Stream today. Let me know what you think below! Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. NFTs. You nailed it, this MUST be what they have up their sleeves, it’d be exactly what WG would do lmao.

  2. The model of Yorktown is actually one of many pieces of evidence that she might be tech tree. There is also the original screenshots from before the rework that depict Independence at T6, Yorktown at T8 and Essex at T10 (Rip Bogue but not really), and for the IJN Zuihou at T6, Hiryuu at T8 and Taihou at T10. That is of course speculation, as there could have been changes compared to the original plan, but i would personally be surprised if so.

  3. I’m not sure what would be more toxic, a carrier split or NFTs.

  4. NFTs are very useful for WG since WG games are whale funded. With NFTs you can introduce scarcity to micro/makro transactions, which increases their perceived value. Of course, there isn’t actually any scarcity, it’s digital goods. It’s a trick, and what do you call a trick during a transaction? A scam.
    An account in a game isn’t that far from an NFT. When you have access to the credentials you get to play the account, thee gameplay being unique to that account (kinda). I’d say that’s a bit better than a JPG of a monkey. Other people can see you play on that account but they can’t play it themselves. You also don’t “own” the bits which make up the account. You created it, you put money and time into it but as soon as the company shuts down the server, you are pooped. It’s unique stuff in a database, only difference is it’s not seecured by a blockchain. Which it shouldn’t need in the first place, since your servers are secure, right? RIGHT?!
    So by all means use blockchain technology to secure our data but if you start selling “unique” stuff for real money everyone knows you are just exploiting peoples emotions.

    • No idea what you just said but if WG are involved….then it’s some kind of ripoff or scam for sure lol.

    • I whaled on this game but I still believe NFT’s are utter bullshit

    • @Graham Fox lol… translation ” i am a fucking retard and since i am too stupid or lazy to understand it must be bad..”

    • @Lucid Nonsense 1000%- What NFT’s that are/will be implemented properly do is give the studio and the gamer options. NFT’s for the most part right now are simple images/some 3d but future triple AAA based will give the gamer a bunch of new options as well as benefit the studio. Ship-based trading/modifying/blockchain sales is probably a long ways off but if it helps prolong the game and gives the gamer value for their time and money why not? It’s not like you are earning interest on your pixel ships now.

    • @MaidPro- SLC Jesus man calm the fuck down

  5. A carrier split? Could this be the return of the fabled odd-tier carriers?

    • Wasn’t it already announced as a tier 8 though? and didn’t wargaming themselves say they struggled to get the odd tier carriers implemented well in the game. but who knows there will be super carriers so what do i know lol

    • @Jon lol WG not able to balance something but still implementing it into the game is not new lol

  6. It’s like that Pawn Stars meme.
    Playerbase: We’d like bug fixes and non-rigged lootbox drops
    WG: Best I can do is Russian NFTS

  7. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    Thanks for pointing out Wargaming’s history with NFT’s, I never even knew of it in WoWP till now. I now feel it’s only a matter of time until WoWS or Wot receives NFT’s, just based on how they love monetizing their game up the ass. The NFT/crypto world has already proven itself to be lousy with fools with lots of money.

    • Use to play WOWP when it first came out it was ok. but them they changed it totally and I di not like the new version, not played since.

    • more millionaires have been created in crypto last 10 years then stocks is my bet. are you even invested in the stock market? not much difference.

  8. Wow scary. The problem of NFT’s that I am seeing, there is no central authority proving ownership. Imagine WG owing to loan sharks or worse being run by them once in debt. That is one FFFd up world. Think of the gaming devs being crushed by this concept they have no more control of their projects.

  9. All I want to see is a British Battlecruiser line. I want to see HMS Tiger in my port! Lol
    Also would love to see SMS Seydlitz in the game seeing as she was missing from the German battlecruiser tech line.

  10. I have a feeling that Yorktown and the hornet will be like the like the Massachusetts and Alabama battleships . both released at the same time with different characteristics

    • but they weren’t, Massa were introduced later when people already paid for the Alabama

    • They could bring back the USS Bogue as a submarine hunter as the real one was during WWII.

    • @Chris Austin But they really couldnt. Even if submarines are popular, unless they change their rules, its only 2 per match and making a ship class specifically good against them defeats the purpose of the submarine and creates a really boring gameplay loop for the bogue.

  11. Not sure they would do a CV line split when they have the odd numbers to work with, still have spots T5, 7 and 9 CV’s after all, I assume an Essex class of some sort will take the T9 spot and using a shorter service life Yorktown for the T7 spot would make sense (though it would make more sense to push Lexington down to T7 and put a Yorktown in at T8).

  12. Imagine a split British t10 cv with a tallboy consumable.

  13. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Community: You gonna fix the broken MM?
    WG: *Cickets*

  14. No mention of NFTs but new French cruiser line and British battlecruisers and finally US destroyers getting new models

  15. I have yet to see an implementation of NFT’s that actually makes sense beyond the purpose of pleasing crypto-bro’s and shareholders, and I very much doubt WG will be the first to actually create a good system around them.

  16. I watched the 1 hour stream. WG didn’t provide much information on anything. The split announced was to French cruisers. They announced a British BC line. The US CV line changes have been delayed by technical issues. Subs? In an answer to multiple questions to remove them the statement was a small chance but not likely. They announced a change to economics being split from the visual aspects of the ship but very limited in details. US DD models will be updated. The specific example was Gearing. Overall there was about 10 minutes of general announcements with little detail. It was about as exciting as looking at MS project manager power point presentation. Example: I a future event you will be able to get the Dido or Canarias free. No additional information was provided. Details will be provided in future waterline or Dev Blog updates. If you watch the stream maybe you can explain what they are saying.

  17. I think the new us carriers will get ap bombers and larger squadrons but the planes will have less health

  18. The US CV splitt is definitly something I can imagine WG doing, as well as NFT’S. If it’s a way to grab money, WG will try to implement it. Btw, the pronounciation of Preussen should sound more like “Proi-zzan”.

  19. I think USN CV split will happen, but (disregarding the Yorktown “leaks”) it would be a bit surprising if it was the next one after RM DD’s. The 3 new CV lines we’ve had in recent years have come out at a bit less than yeah and a half apart. To me it would seem a bit soon for a new CV line a bit more than half a year after the previous one. I don’t think WG has much delusions about how loved their favourite class is, and I think that’s why new CV lines are rarer than other classes.

    But that’s not to say that USN CV split isn’t coming next, I’m just saying that it surprises me. Yorktown does provide a good reason to suspect that, I think there was even a reddit post about her having researchable modules like tech tree ships do. Yeah, some premiums do have alternative modules as well, but none in the scale tech tree ships do. And Yorktown seemed to have a full selection of them.

  20. I am genuinely happy they said they’re adding Arms Race to the RB game modes queue. It’s hilariously fun to me, and an XP/Damage farm.

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