World of Warships – US CL Impressions

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Give my thoughts on the American as a whole, every ship feels appropriate and I can’t wait for their release. Hope you have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Cruiser Worcester Replay – Discord Server


  1. Matthew Gilleland

    Now all we do is wait for both lines

  2. Notser, do you think you could ever do a “predictions of upcoming ships” or “desired game changes” video?

  3. I have seen Impression videos of all the USN CL’s at this point… except Dallas. Is it because it’s a “Meh” ship, or the general lack of interest?

    • Dallas is a perfectly fine T-VI. It isn’t remarkable except for the fact that it is tailored to be a proper T-VI introduction to the USN CL playstyle. It’s no better or worse than Budyonny, Nurnburg, Leander or the Feench one which I can’t remember the name of right now…
      It plays fine as a T-VI. It’s unexciting but _very_ well balanced for the tier. You’ll enjoy it in a content but uninspired fashion. An easy grind that leads into greatness.

    • Thanks, that’s kind of what I figured about it. Overall not flashy enough to really spend too much time on it, but not bad either, just fades into the background kinda ship.

    • It does its job and leads you into the rest of the line perfectly. perhaps the most notable aspect of it is that it uses the same turret layout as the Pensacola, which will be its CA line counterpart.

  4. It gives us a lots of time to accumulate exp in cleveland and unlock Seattle immediately in 0.7.6

  5. Notser, how about a Dallas impressions video? How does it compare to the current Cleveland?

    • It’s fine. Dallas is more than serviceable. It’s no Cleveland, but it fits t-VI balancing better and it feels exactly the way a T-VI light cruiser should feel. Is it outstanding? Nah. But you’re going to find it fun _as well as_ challenging, and that means it’s a perfect tech tree design.

  6. So for the most part they are just more island hugging HE spammers great…because that’s what the game needs right now more HE spammers….

    • Yup jakerz1210, you want enemy cruisers to go full retard, give you their full broadside, try to fight you out in the open, so you can easily snipe and one shot them from your nice safe camping spot in the back.

      Yup nothing would be more fair, except battleships have much thicker armor, a much larger health pool, have more heals, and at mid to low tiers, are the only ships that can heal. Battleships also have much bigger guns, and can do much more damage, with fewer shots, than a light cruiser with it’s pea shooters can.

      If I tried to take on an enemy Yamato, or Kurfurst, in the open, in any of my T10 cruisers, without using any of their gimmicks, or hiding behind any islands, I wouldn’t last more than five seconds from the pounding I would take from those ships. Just one lucky shot from a battleship, and your thin skinned cruiser is instantly deleted, or loses so much HP at once, you’re useless. A battleship, in the hands of a player with common sense can take a lot of HE damage from light cruisers, and can recover quite a bit of his HP if he’s a smart BB player.

      Problem is, there are way too many dip shits, potatoes, and chicken shits playing battleships, that don’t have the slightest clue how to properly play them, which is why they get themselves in trouble, and get torped and HE spammed to death so easily.

    • What do you want them to do? Sailing straight to you and eat up 9 18in. AP shell to the face..just as you can Nuke Anyone even in the front..

    • Agreed, though it is the only way they survive. Besides going against people who cannot shoot, they will die just looking at them the wrong way.

    • And how are they supposed to be played?

    • LOL “Battleship Players”

  7. So we already have campy ass USN BBs….and now we’re gonna have campy ass USN CLs….great….good job WG

  8. Is that the target for this game now? Firing HE shells like crazy to BB’s without EVER that the B.B. can hit your Cruiser?
    This game is SO unbalanced!
    And YOU are so happy with this?

    • Peter World of Battleships needs to end so cruisers playing to their strengths without fear of being one shot should be fine

    • Juggernaut kys. Im a dd player and it is hard enough to play one. And now this shit comes along. No. Wargaming is ruining the game

    • if you take this game as example ? He did a average game here and took a shit load of damage even behind cover so what are you rambling on about?

    • I’m not ‘rambling’ anything, just my remark after +2000 games as a BB player that this game is getting unbalanced with these super DD’s (20KM torps) and these ‘cruisers’, BB’s cannot compete with this anymore!

    • Peter 20km torps on the Asashio are not all they’re cracked up to be. Oh, if they’re fired from a more moderate range, say 10-12 km, they can be scary. But when you fire torps from, say, 16 or more km, by the time they get close to a target at that distance, they’ve spread out so much that you can drive 2 BBs in the gap between each torp. Also, you can still completely screw up the enemy’s aim, no matter how invisible the torps are, by regularly making course and speed changes. The best friend of a DD player is a BB player who is totally predictable and never changes course and speed at all.

      That said, one thing they could do to give light cruisers an occasional scare is to get the Ocean map into the rotation a little more often. Nothing scares the crap out of a light cruiser with limited gun range than being on Ocean and having no islands to park behind.

  9. 11:40 – The friendly minotaur shot you. WTF.

  10. RIP tier IX & X IJN DDs after Akizuki, made redundant before they are even properly added.

  11. Hey Notser! I frequently see you playing in a division, without even knowing who your mates are. Have you ever considered making a “Division Tactics” , “which ships work well with each other” , “Division 1&1” video? “Hey, this is Notser and today we’ll be looking at division tactics!” greetings from the old world!

    • Easy. Pick a 3 man Atlanta, Belfast, Flint division, sail into the middle of the map, smoke up, have fun. 🙂 Who needs tactics after that? 😀

  12. You think these cruisers are great. You brag about how they will burn things down. Don’t let me catch you complaining about the HE spam meta after 7.6 drops.


  14. so i waited for a mouth and get nothing? i dont want Halsey, i need some new ships

  15. Great, another island hiding, HE spamming wonder ship. The game is broken like WoT now.

  16. A line full off stuff that are as annoying as the Atlanta

  17. Its already hard enough in random battles to get people to push. Now its gonna reach new levels of low most likely. How fun.

    • You expect randoms to push?
      I know it’s annoying when your random team are potatoes, but leave teamplay for division outings. Solo in randoms is about the grind, not the game.

  18. You said : Heavy meta DD –> WG adds CL. Ok. But with less DD, we will have an overpopulation of BB cause they aren’t threatened enough…. like often.

    • The stupid thing is that WG could fix the overabundance of BBs and DDs in battles in a heartbeat. Right now, there’s a soft limit of 5 BBs and 5 DDs per side. You only see more than 5 BBs or more than 5 DDs on a team if MM has to wait more than a certain amount of time (3 minutes?). If they reduced that soft limit down to 4 BBs and/or 4 DDs per team, that would fix the general problem right then and there.

  19. its funny that the Japanese heavy cruiser Zao has less HP than this light cruiser…..

    • Isaiah Sherrill

      i don’t wanna defend the horrific war-crimes wg has done to the IJN in this game, but the Zao does have a better armor set-up and a higher caliber. not to mention their HP is based on tonnage, and post-washington-treaty US cruisers were op as hell in real life.

  20. I’m playing as much WoWS as I can now. Because when 7.6 hits, I think I’ll walk away or sell my account.

    Island camping HE/radar spamming bore-fest.

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