World of Warships – US Cruiser 0.6.1 Changes

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The Public Test Server has some new changes to US cruisers and I try to break down what exactly it means for the ships. Each one could potentially gain more then just damage per second. , Baltimore, , , and are receiving buffs. All but the Pensacola will have improved rate of fire. I also discuss other changes that were revealed. Hope this was interesting and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier X Des Moines Replay


  1. Hey Notser, did you test the Mutsu ?

  2. DM best ship in game LUL Zao would like a word just in the CA class

  3. Notser: LOL I was thinking I already have patch 0.6.1 so I went &
    checked…. I have patch lol
    im a goof :=) but in my Baltimore I have a hard time killing DDs because
    tier 10 BBs love to focus fire me
    so I dont play my Baltimore much anymore.. even with the hull repair
    consumable,, when BBs start firing at me
    its hard to stay afloat

  4. You slow down when you’re flooding? O.o

  5. Any word on the USS Black?

  6. Lol typical WG, giving already strong ships unnecessary buff ^^ But yeah,
    the buffs for everything other than the tier 10 are fair

  7. buff US BBs next and we good Wargaming.

  8. The shell velocity is what kill the US CA for me. I don’t think these
    changes will affect me much. They are still going to be the worst CA in
    game in my opinion.

  9. Brian Lock (神通)

    Wonder what WG going to do with IJN DD

  10. i rather have armor upgrade on des moines. she really need that 30mm deck
    or bow to survive close quarter of tier X. she can only bowtank 15″ shell
    while larger caliber 16″ and 18″ deal tones of damage against her.

  11. Allot of peaking in your microphone :/

  12. The New Orleans needs buffing, I mean for god’s sake…the *USS San
    Francisco* is a fucking legendary ship….

  13. maybe it will be worth my time continuing the cleaveland……jk….no torp
    no fun >.>

  14. Good god about time, Pensicola sucks

  15. im on the New Orleans right now, god i miss my Cleveland.

  16. ROF buff wont help them much. Give better shell trajectory and make them
    more accurate. Why WG keep buffing the wrong stuff.

  17. DM need no buff at all. The others ok.

  18. yeah time to heat my pepsicola turbine now

  19. Tier 1 buff lol just lol. People stay there for few games and that is it.
    But hey fuck Pensacola.

  20. “Doesn’t need it” USN cruisers are dog crap they need all the buffs they
    can get.

    They have no real cool abilities and they don’t even have torps!

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