World of Warships – US Cruiser Split Finally Teased

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Finally get to talk about the US split and how I’m excited to see the return to glory. I’m hoping they will address other issues with the US Cruisers when doing the split. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Replay


  1. I LOVE the Cleveland, i can’t wait to see what it is at tier 8. REALLY excited.

  2. Will Indianapolis be changed at all? Maybe slight increase in ROF?

    • i think you can either exspect it beint moved to t6 as well OR it will recieve a buff of some sort.

    • A buff most likely. Or it will stay the same and New Orleans will be nerfed to the same power level (but without radar). They don’t change tier of premium ships.

  3. Will we keep cleveland if we already have it, when it goes tier 8?

    • You should keep it. Hell I have all types of Ships, Tanks AND Planes just because WG has changed the tech trees over the years.   *chuckle* Best way to Grind, in a PvP game Wait for the Rebalances!

    • No one forces you to use real money to retrain your captains. With the abundance of xp flags and xp camo, retraining the remaining 50% after spending 200k credits for the silver retraining can be done in a few games. And once you have a 19p captain or two, you can just use 200k credits+elite captain xp to insta-retrain your captains for no real money at all.

    • HR here has a good point

    • Dave Quaschnick I have all the US cruisers from Omaha onward so I guess I keep them all and they just get re-slotted? Will I get Buffalo researched at least?

    • If that’s happening imma go and repurchase my Cleveland

  4. Notser. Iirc the US Light Cruiser won’t have smoke, but they have hydro, Defensive Fire, Radar and heal at the same times. ( Heal obviously for tier 9 and 10, while Radar will be from tier 8 and up.

    And btw, that comparing to the dating stuff, why I can’t help but think it’s basically the story of your 1st date? XD

    And also, you are shooting AP in a KGV? That’s heresy Notser.

  5. This is yet another thing that might just tempt me back to the game. I still am waiting for CB-1 Alaska though.

  6. Mogami and tankiness should not be in the same sentence

  7. I wish wg would split ijn bb line and place this upcoming premium bbs as regular and place Musashi fully equipped on TX instead of a teared apart ship they want to put on premium T9 WG once said Yamato was supposed to be the most powerful battleship in the game, but now sits quietly in the bottom being seal clubbed by the other TX. Maybe they could fix this mistake with Musashi.

    • … you obviously haven’t faced a good yammy player.

    • why yammy isn’t strong as you think is because other ship got buffed except for her cuz of her strength

    • Yammy has a completely unique play style in comparison to the other tier tens. Her biggest weakness is her ability to brawl, but good Yamato players won’t get caught out in engagements less than 10 km

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      Indeed. What would be the logical thing: Slow Line – VI Fusō, VII Nagato, VIII Tosa, IX Izumo, X Yamato and Musashi. Fast Line – VI Ise (even though she wasn’t a fast BB, just for the split purposes), VII Hiraga’s Kongō Replacement VIII Amagi IX Kii X Number 13

  8. Cleveland makes you learn a new style. Love that about it. Pensa at 6 will DUNK on others. Weaker ships vs its huge rail guns. Pensa is another boat you need to learn to play. Its teaches you angling, map read, and preparedness for the higher tiers which allow for less mistakes.

    • Angling with Pensacola, good joke my friend. I’m sure it eats citadels even if it would swim 20m under.

    • Absolutely – the only ship I lost within the first minute of a game to a single battleship salvo – not only was I angled, I was unspotted, he was unspotted – he took a random shot at a point on the map for ships and giggles: 3 citadels and an overpen!

      To be fair I have pulled the same stunt against a cruiser when I was driving a battleship – so it’s all good.

    • While you’re not wrong about Pensacola teaching one how to play, you can’t deny the only advantage the Pensacola has over any other tier 7 is the AP pen. I’ve never been okay with Pensacola showing up in tier 9 matches, nor the NO in tier X. both ships are fine in their own tier, but the worst when uptiered. “Every tier 8 or lower has that problem, bro” Name one. Name one ship that can’t deal with uptiering other than CVs.

      Pensacola will still get annihilated at tier 6, just not as frequently from 20km away.

    • They are absolutely going to nerf Pensacola when moving it to T6. It’s a very solid ship at T7, and they wouldn’t just move her to T6 without nerfs.

    • No lower tier cruisers can tank shells from battleships. So you guys crying about BBs erasing you in Pensas is quite funny. Tho it is a fact that an angled Pensa can tank some damage from other cruisers. It is surprisingly tanky against cruisers. BUT you have to angle it right.

  9. Pensacola tier 6? jeeez it will be best cruiser if not nerfed

    • AndrejD303 I’d still put the Budyonny above it. Much higher velocity guns with better reload, better armor, torps for brawling.

    • afaik budyonni can also citadel it at range. So can Kirov if they buff the guns. every other cruiser can just dodge Pensacola’s shells.

    • KV-2 of the wows

    • The guns on tier 6 ships won’t have a problem with the Pensacola either. Hell, tier 3 ships wouldn’t for that matter. This needed to happen, it was clear how much the ship was out of its league in terms of armor. The guns are great though. As for the Cleveland, in actual combat in ww2, they averaged 4 to 6 seconds a Salvo during Guadalcanal. They went through 400 rounds in less than an hour. Those guns were cooking so that shows you in real world terms what is capable in reload times. And that was by hand, passing rounds up from the magazine to the gun crews.

  10. I admit I’m not mainly a cruiser player, but I strongly disagree with your opinions about Pensacola. I loved that ship, it was one of my easiest grinds. If they drop it to tier VI without nerfing the guns it will be monstrously OP, able to one-shot mid tier cruisers easier and more often than any battleship.

    • Thats why its so good, you need to know what your doing to sail it properly, rather than load HE and spam

    • Vladimir Efimov Pepsi is great in some situations it’s brilliant at kiting, issue is a tiny mistake or rng and you tend to explode . Lol I have a Molotov the definition of squishy but it’s great fun .. the Pepsi is clearly better but it’s also very large as big as some BBs and pretty easy to hit … it loves BB shells 😆

    • Simon Jones – I haven’t sailed my Molotov in months. I should bring it back out for a few rounds sometime. Definitely is a fun ship too.

    • The Pepsi Cola’s guns hit really hard and can help you contribute to a team win IF you can remain alive long enough to do so. However, if you make a single mistake in this ship you usually get punished hard for it. The only American cruiser more fragile is the Atlanta, which at least can be a lot of fun to play. I don’t find the Pensacola much fun at all and I have a decent win rate in it, about 63%. I can’t wait until I get to the NO. I here it’s much better now that it’s been buffed.

    • Yarh the Pensa is a good ship theres just too many that dont understand that you should not sail broadside in it and its guns AP are phenomenal

  11. You really need to stop using AP on the KGV…

    • With carriers now having a skill for enabling takeoff in the presence of deck fires, what’s the point of HE? LOL. He’s probably just doing it to see what happens.

  12. Let’s face it, the American Cruiser line has been tinkered with to the point that it’s almost broken. Kind of like the CV’s in the game. American AA was top notch, not due to the guns so much as the ammo they used. (proximity fused.) And their damage control was, bar none, the best in the world. Yet the British enjoy that benefit at the moment. So, Id suggest for the american line, AA boost for anything with 5 inch or above, and improved damage control. Back off the British damage control a bit and bring the Americans up to top tier. Let’s get that line playable again!


  14. Some torps would be nice for the higher tier american cruisers !

  15. Notser please do a dating advice video 😂😂😂

  16. Pls Notser can you talk about the incoming Roma?

  17. Miss the Alaska class….would have been a new T10

    • BaMb1N079
      She could be an premiuns

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      Alaska if a tier VII BB would be outclassed by every other BB, and if a tier X cruiser would have poor DPM. She really isn’t fit anywhere in the game. This has been discussed during years in the foruns, you guys should give it a read.

    • That was what i was afraid of, at T7 as BB, she’s gonna be shred by those treaty BBs so she’s not suitable to be on a BB tree.

    • Her armor is sufficient enough to resist the guns in the tier 7 range. Any BB are vulnerable when they don’t angle their armor, Alaska won’t be any different and still be well protected while angled. At Tier 10, no chance in hell that angling will save you from the tier 10 BBs and the firestorm of tier 10 cruisers.

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      Vader_sama Alaska, if ever added into the game, will surely be one of the last ships to do so precisely because she is very unique. If you have ever read the foruns, you would know how ferocious are the discussions about her being in game a BB or a CA. Well, in short, don’t expect her to be added anytime soon.

  18. how about get rid of the ships that were never built! the US has enough cruiser classes to make 2 tech trees. there is no need for “paper” ships. we have 1 already and they want to add 2-3 more.

    • I think Fargo could be a T10. And also RN cruisers should also have a split. Where are their notable CAs?

    • TheAmir259 I don’t think RN have enough CA and Fargo is improved cleveland with less top heavy without autoloader like Worcester

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      And what do you have against paper ships? Without them we wouldn’t have 1/2 of the current tier X ships. Wows is an arcade game, historical accuracy is not an priority, gameplay and logical progression are. Is this easy thinking that hard to swallow?

    • i get sick of this ” it is an arcade game” crap. i wasn’t talking about how the navel rifles are not modeled like real world, or how the armor isn’t modeled like real world, and how the IJN BB shells were soft by design so the Yamato shouldn’t be the over match terror it is.

      i was saying the US ( and others say UK ) don’t need “paper ships” to make a tech tree. it makes no sense to use them when you have operation records of real ships to go by. it would be easier to do a balanced ship with real records. most of the “paper” ships have OP or UP problems.

      as for the tier 10 ships needing “paper” to make it full. i can see that for the Germans. but the US and the UK? both built enough classes to have all tiers filled with real ships. again what is the benefit of Paper ships when reall ones are there ?

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      rutilius83 The thing is, you miss the point of the game. It is progression. Advancing trough a tier must be enjoying and logical. If a real ship is basically a repeat of a earlier class or has very unique mechanics/gameplay, WG will not add it if a design/project can make the line more consistent. Also, regarding stats, both paper and built ships are under the same criteria used by WG when we talk about balance or anything else. We have/had and will have OP and UP of both. UK needed paper ships, like Minotaur, a design from 1945, and will need one for the tier X carrier, which will be Malta. Sorry if I was rude though, not my intention here. It is just I can’t understand the hatred toward things that never saw real fighting, WoWs (and WoT shares the same problem) is the perfect place for all ships. It gives the players an opportunity to use ships that never left the boards, which is interesting and fun. You got my point? The game is an arcade, after all.

  19. I wish they would add torpedoes to the Pensacola or make a tier 6 premium Northampton class with torpedoes the way those cruisers were originally built.

  20. So New Orleans to Tier means to me radar comes down to tier VII for free completely negating anyone you paid premium for. So completely pissing off a whole bunch of customers.

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