World of Warships – US Cruiser Tweaks and Less Le Terrible

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Discussing some tweaks to the Alaska, Seattle, Worcester, and Le Terrible. I’m very happy that counter play was introduced to the Worcester but was it enough? Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Worcester Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Nerfing the worcester but no nerf to stalingrad and harugumo?

    • Not necessarily… They go by the server numeric’s on the ships performance far more then player feedback for the most part. Only when those number line up with player feed back is any nerf going to happen.

    • Buff Seattle too. Its so goddamn weak. Can’t even hit or penetrate any ships.

    • +Terrance Roff thats probably very true.
      They talk about radar and said that it did not change the stats of any ships in any signifacant way. In yet there still neutering radar and I think that is because of the whining. I wonder if that is beloved???????
      CV probabaly got changed more due to consol play than player base constaintly whining about that to.

    • They will never touch the Stalingrad. The unicum chads would revolt otherwise since no one else will be skilled enough to get one.

    • +Michael H ture

  2. i am sad that they are nerfing worcester, but it was needed.

  3. notser, the counter play worcester is team play.

  4. wooster neutered? lol
    you mean i don´t get instantly deleted 5 seconds after spotting a woosy?

    • Yeah, now its 10-15 seconds

    • Still not enough to make this ship on par with the other t10 cruisers, that ship easily kills Battleships in a 1v1 the idea of BB>CC isnt there anymore, thats why it’s not intelligent to keep playing Battleships in These patches

    • Wooster radar range was fine it’s the stupid concealment meta where people tried to get it to stealthdar

  5. Geoff the Ironwolf

    Ok. Woostah is broken? So is the Japanese 100mm guns. And Krons and Stalingrad. Let’s not forget the other broken ships. Not just the one that is a threat to your precious DDs, unless it is another DD.

    • kronsh broken……………………..LOL its inaccurate as fuck

    • •_Lumia Art_•

      If bust your ass to earn the free exp it had better not get F nerfed.

    • I put in a lot of hours grinding to get the fxp to buy Worchester on release day. I’ve had tons of fun in it, but it’s definitely feast or famine. I either carry, or get deleted the minute I’m spotted. Now it’ll just be famine.

    • Krons has shotgun dispersion. It has a large health pool, not much broken about the rest. It’s like a super donskoi with terrible concealment, and garbage handling. The Stalingrad is a upgraded moskva, that you have to actually put in a ton of time and effort to earn. Have you got one? I suck in mine, cuase I’m garbage in moskva. It has great armor and guns. But still gets punished badly. Meanwhile every potato and their Spud brother can sail around broadside in every BB but the Yam and not be punished… Yet that is okay??? Let’s get back to the real problem of the Worcester and the IJN 100mm that can pen 32mm plates… Because reasons………….

    • Ser Garlan Tyrell

      Lorf Sylph – Try playing light cruisers… They can easily get deleted within a couple minutes of the start of the match if a BB can land a couple center-mass hits. Seriously, try playing something like a Neptune and get spotted and watch how every player in 20km immediately aims at you and you can be dead in a matter of seconds.
      Destroyers don’t take nearly the same amount of damage, usually battleships will over-pen you for ~1100 dmg or so, cruisers can take 14,000 dmg per hit from any angle, so you cant even really do the 5-D’s of destroyer-dodge ball.

      And up at high tiers, most dds have a decent stealth torp window, but if you want to torp in a cruiser in open water, you have to expose your broadside, well within visual range and usually get deleted.

  6. As soon as the Worcester is spotted the whole enemy team shoots at it.

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      When looking at WoWS stats, on the EU server the Worcester achieves an average win-ratio of 52.94% and slots in at 2nd place after Stalingrad (65% win-ratio).
      This places it 3.1% ahead of the Moskva (49.8%), 3.2% ahead of the Des Moines (49.7%), 3.7% ahead of the Zao and Henri ÌV (49.3%).
      Currently the worst cruiser is Hindenburg with an average win-ratio of 48.8%

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      @Paul Seeram
      Nerfing ALL the USN cruisers in regards to HE spam is not a good idea. The Worcester needs nerfing.
      But Des Moines, Zao, Henri IV, Moskva and Minotaur all rank between 49% win ratio and 50% win ratio. Hindenburg is at 48.8% and should bet a buff (If you ask me a bit better rudder shift and 1kts improved top speed).
      And Worcester needs a nerf. It nearly hits 53% win ratio and is a clean 3% better than the next best cruiser. I will exclude Stalingrad from this list as that thing is hard as sh#t to get and has 65.6% win rate.

    • +Achim Hanischdörfer maybe on EU its more reasonable

      But the NA player base rely to heavily on HE, like its a bloody security blanket

    • I am grinding the Seattle right now. Worst than the old grind of the Baltimore before the move to where it sits now in game.

    • Yep, and when the Stalingrad decides to go into invincible mode, theres nothing you can do about… My beloved Mighty Mo got wrecked in a 1to1 engagement with that russian Galxydestroyer-Class Cruiser. It was annoying as Hell to go down swinging against that Monster.

      In a DD against a Worcester, DM or a Minotaur you know whatt you get, so you can avoid them or even let em get caught once they are revealed, a Moskva or god Beware a Stalingrad… Yeah, good luck with that, no one shoots at them because they are so prone to shrug off every kind of damage inflicted on them. Its not even funny anymore.

  7. I am so glad i stopped playing WoW’s . Every time a ship comes out and is good in the play then the “community ” who do not have it. start crying and they get a nerf just to shut them up. why when you buy a ship are they allowed to nerf it? It is then not what you paid for.

    • Just a random Horse.

      I get what you’re saying david. If I payed for something, i’d assume I’d be the same way. But. here’s the massive issue WG keeps making in all games : They keep making OP ships : Example, Gearing is a pretty well balanced ship imo. Decent torp reload with decent range damage and speed, good guns for a DD with incapable guns of penning battleship armor. that makes sense. But, they added the gunboat japs wich have 32mm pen on HE with 100 mm guns, while 127mm guns on americans have far less pen and that’s fine. It works. So even If the japs needed buffs that much was over what was needed. then it came to gun amount. 10 guns on harugumo vs 6 on gearing. Reload : 1.7 sec with the best gunboat build you get on gearing. 1 sec reload on kraken with the yamamoto captain on harugumo. It’s absolutely stupid and far more powerful than any crusier at that rate. Simply making the DD more cruiser like in mobility isn’t enough. It’s still a DD and will be better than a CA in maneuverability. So it’s simply dumb to make a CA so incredibly good AND STILL have such good menuvrability, whilst being a DD… meaning you have no citadel. It’s so stupid and I wish wg would fix it.

    • But the problem is they keep adding more op ships all the time. If ppl didn’t complain we would have had the Stalingrad in all its Glory from the first test phase. God the tears that would have cuased. But seriously have you played the Worcester or Harugumo?? Broken as all hell, and damn near impossible to counter in some situations.. other than stay the hell away from it. And that’s game balance for ya right? Cry some more scrub

    • I have never seen WG nerf a Premium ship “after” release (but I’ve only been playing for about 8 months and 4,500 battles). As far as the “community” complaining is concerned, I play this game for fun. This game is not a religion to me like it is to some hehe….I don’t let sorry salty whiny players ruin my fun (though I admit, it takes some effort to do that)

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Gary Anderson II been on the WG train since late 2013 or so, maybe early 2014… Wows in particular for 2 years and some spare months I believe? How much free time do you have, you monster. You’re already nearly at my battle count xD – Also I guess that’s why people get salty… Stay with a game for a long time and not necessarily agree with the questionable changes and such… Still, it entertains us

    • Yes, I do have a LOT of spare time. But also got my wife hooked on WOWS and she has probably put nearly 1000 games on my acct.
      Wows is the first online video game I have ever played so I’m kinda new to the scene. I have been shocked at how people lose their heads over a video game hehehe….they take it like a religion…they are very OFFENDED if anyone is different from their own way of thinking…whew!
      But I have LOVED this game so far and have spent a good bit of money on it since February.

  8. If the counterplay to the Haragumo is not in the game, then it doesn’t exist. Stop trying to make excuses.

  9. I don’t like the Wooster change. It needed a nerf without a doubt, but the solution is bad IMO. Now the radar is too short to radar the caps on many maps which makes radar nearly useless early game. I’d like to see a change that radar reduced to 9.5km and the detection range raised to 10.1km. Wooster would be spotted sooner but the radar would still be useful early game for cap control/deny.

  10. Notser
    The Haragumo needs a nerf. Carriers will not be enough counter. I regularly watch BB get burned down as they try and run from Haragumo.

    • +DV8 *** Every BB may not be a GK, but if I’ve got the firepower to scare the DD away, you can be damn sure I’m going to use it.

    • Mad Moff
      When a Haragumo is sitting in smoke at 8km a bb isn’t going to do anything except get burned. The gumo is OP.

    • Been burned in cruisers by that thing, if you can’t get unspotted a haragumo offers nothing but a quick death. The only counter play that exists is team play and we all know how that tends to go, but even then if the haragumo has scouting and can hide in its smoke it is a nightmare. Same with Worcester imo, tough you can punish more easily due to citadel (if they aren’t island camping). Both ships need to be tuned down as do the broken free xp /arsenal ships.

    • IMO, the current Harugumo was a mistake from the outset. What the tier 10 DD in that line should have been was an upgraded version of the Kitekaze. Instead, what we got was a Harugumo that was an upgrade on the Akuzuki, i.e. a DD that was slow and unmaneuverable but with a lot of guns and damage output. I prefer the Kitekaze as the tier 9 upgrade over the Akizuki, and wish that the tier 10 was a further enhancement of the Kitekaze along the same lines, i.e. same number of guns, but greater speed and better torps.

    • Why do BB players try to run from a Haragumo? That doesn’t work. What does work is to just shoot it! (in my experience anyway)

  11. Ships shouldn’t be able to radar out side their spot range???? I think I hear the Chapayev laughing some where in Russian. The Worcester isn’t the most broken ship in the game. Either Captains don’t know how or are unable to counter the Worcesters strengths.

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      NO. The Worcester is annyoingly unreliable to citadel. It has a nearly waterline citadel. Hitting a Worcester with AP is overpen nation. If you CAN hit it. Small turning circle, responsive engines, responsive rudder, ….. 30mm deck plating.
      My experience when fighting it with BBs is you get 11k per salvo in 1 or 2 pens and a bunch of overpens.
      When with cruisers, you get good HE damage, but when the Worcester broadsides to use all the guns, you get mostly overpens from shooting it.
      The only cruiser I can reliably score citadel hits on Worcesters in CQC is the Des Moines. (Maybe a Minotaur if I had that).
      I don’t play Hinden much these days anymore I cannot tell you how Worcester reacts to Hindenburg AP.
      Moskva AP = overpens (985 m/s)
      Zao AP = should have use HE (915 m/s)
      Henri IV AP = some overpens, some cits. (845 m/s)
      Probably a muzzle velocity thing.

    • +Achim Hanischdörfer minotaur still loses. Its citadel is half the ship while woos is below even des moines

    • @Achim Hanischdörfer
      Then i play mine a bit wrong… i ususaly get (almost) deleted by battleships and (unspotted) heavy cruisers.
      An other point against the worcester are ap bombs. When a cv can bait the defaa the worcester is dead. but good list with the shell speed and pens. do you know how the air-drag and the krupp values are? can’t find them

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      I don’t know the Krupp values. I do know roughly the armor penetration at the muzzle of all the T10 cruisers
      Moskva ~620mm
      Henri IV ~600mm (guess)
      Zao ~550mm
      Des Moines ~500mm
      Hindenburg ~450mm (LOL)
      Minotaur ~350mm
      Worcester ~350mm

      Minotaur and Worcester drop below 140mm at 10km
      Moskva holds somewhere between 350mm and 400mm pen at 10km, and ~250mm pen at 20km. Henri IV I guess has similar penetration values (lower muzzle velocity with much heavier projectile but also more drag.
      Zao holds ~175mm pen at 20km, ~275 at 10km.
      Hindenburg drops off to ~225mm at 10km, ~150mm at 20km

      Values taken from here:

      USS Salem has identical guns to USS Des Moines, according to datamining referenced in videos on Stalingrad, Stalingrad has ~825mm pen (50mm less than Montana) and holds 350mm pen at 20km.

    • “Worchester had one thing going for it, and they’re taking that away. RIP Worchester.” sorry sir, but you are completely wrong. She still has 3 consumables at the same time, insane AA and DPM. Now at you at least have a chance while being in a DD against her. Was fucking annoying you couldnt do anything in a DD while still not knopwing where the enemy Rooster is. Now you can finally counter her with spotting. and still 700 meters is not much – if you spot her, while heading towards her good luck getting away from her turning, because this gap is closed fairly easily. This nerf is absolutely okay and balances her properly

  12. RIP Seattle. She was already borderline garbage, now just FXP past her and save yourself much stress and frustration.

    • if u compare it to cleveland…its mostly worse and sometimes a BIT better

    • True. Nerf the radar eventhough the guns are all garbage, can’t even penetrate any ships. Fck this ship.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Galen Gamotin what pen does it have with ifhe? According to wg 100mms can pen 32 mm armor no problem, can’t see a reason 152’s wouldn’t pen at least 50mm

    • I skipped this ship pretty much completely. It was a no brainer at the latest it became known that for every T10 will be gifted a supercontainer

    • 100mm IJN guns were superbuffed.
      152mm HE is good with IFHE as it can pen similar to 203mm HE. it can do good dmg vs most targets. only things it will struggle with are some BBs like german BBs mostly, that have more thick parts. still superstructure is easy to dmg, as well as most BBs front and rear sections. some can be penned everywhere with IFHE 152mm.
      guns r good but its hard to hit at long range. also seattle gun angles are horrid…especially behind.

  13. Give wg creative points on Alaska. I dont know if it needed nerf but its creative solution.
    The radar nerf is just ridiculous. My game for the last 3 or so days have had 5 dd and 1 or 2 amoke cruisers. There has been so much smoke the game stops becuase there is 1 maybe 2 radar and radar is short range. BB cant push and I dont blame them ebcause there is a t8 9 or 10 ijn dd that takes 200k out
    All this removel of radar is going to bring the game to halt because half the team has smoke.
    Be careful what you wish for. The smoke meta is back and its not pretty.

  14. We have to get away broken ships… meanwhile stalingrad best average dmg, best average wr, best average kills per game, best average no CV K/D (btw still better than lexington….) eversince this trash of the ship was released i decided to not give wg any money

    • You must take into consideration the player base that is also playing the ship. All from highly competitive and successful clans… so law of averages states that most players who have the ship are Great-Unicum. That’s where the stats are coming from. You’d need to compare the ship’s stats to other ships amongst the same player base to determine whether the ship is OP or not.

    • Whot did you expect.Stalingrad is reward ship for steel(or flags).Only best of the best playesr can get their hands on her currently.Of course these players will know how to play well in this ship.

    • The times i have come across stali in games they haven’t been played particularly well. She kooks good though

    • You have had to reach typhoon league at least 2x, and than have gotten to first league of ranked the prior season, and reach rank 6 this season. That is how I got mine since I started up a new clan halfway through the season. 3x in typhoon got it right away. Only really good to super uni players have this ship. It plays like a large moskva, and if like me you suck in moskva you aren’t gonna do great things in it constantly either. But keep crying about the ship that you don’t have.
      Yes it’s powerful, as it should be. Look at every other reward ship. Flint is strong as hell, Black is broken in a division. Why should you put in so much time and effort and not be rewarded?
      Just because you don’t want to put in the effort, doesn’t mean the ship is retarded op. The hit points and armor are only a step up from the Kronstat a tier lower.
      Go play 10 battles in the ship and tell me she is more broken than the Worcester or the Harugumo. Which are tech tree ships, that you can literally free XP and be the best ship on your team. Look at ranked, Worcester was retarded op. The Stalingrad was strong, but by r8 or so they were not seen very often.

  15. lol you mean a thing that was not yet in the game could deal with the haragumo? which we even don’t know how long it will take to be introed to the game. How many did WG pay to you for these words?

  16. You can’t hit a DD 10km away with Worcester, maybe 1 or 2 shells will hit per salvo thanks to that massive shell arcs
    So if a DD player says wooster is OP, that means you don’t know how to play a DD.

    • cry baby cry! Wooster is fucking OP, deal with it! It’s not like you said “if a DD player says wooster is OP, that means you don’t know how to play a DD”. That argument is right, IF the DD 1 vs 1 with Wooster. But in game, it almost never happens!! The whole Wooster’s team are gonna shoot you as well! Deal with it, it’s OP! I’m glad they nerf it

    • You must not know how to use USN CL guns. From the Cleveland on up you can slaughter DDs out to max range with practice. The Seattle unfortunately is a worse version of the Cleveland a tier higher… So RIP to that ship.
      But the Worcester is broken af.

    • -You- can’t. I can. Most decent players can. And in CBT thats who dds face.

  17. Funny to read the comments anybody who said Worcester should be nerf but never play or had that ship,this ship not easy to play in the realgame,dont judge by proplayer video.

    • Praos Crihdoe I have a Wooster and it’s my main. It depends on the MM really. I’ve had some amazing carrying games where other games I do abizmal if there are many BB’s. Just last night I was citadeled to almost no health in one volley and the math had just started. That happened 2 times, so BB’s are the Wooster’s counter. As for the radar, I don’t care if they needed it to 9km. It will not change how the Wooster is played. You can’t reliably shoot at anything past 10km anyway. Sooooo, you spot me in DD I don’t pull radar until I see smoke, that simple and if I catch you in it, well then I’m OP I guess.

    • It’s OP! Deal with it!

    • Karaboudjan
      You are spamming your childish comment everywhere. Maybe it’s time to get a girlfriend?

    • +Karaboudjan its not OP, it never was, your mom should have swallowed you troll

    • Karaboudjan – It was funny the first couple of times, but its getting old. Now I’m wondering how you can find the copy-paste comment to be interesting or fun? Especially since you have made the comment in a non-Wooster related thread.

      But hey, I’ve seen way worse….no biggie.

  18. Most broken ship you forget the Stalingrad Notser normally respect your opinion but you missed the boat on this one. I was so looking forward to the Alaska now I’m going to keep my money, as Im sure wg will keep making the rest of the US line crap ???

    • I didn’t take is as “he forgot”. I took it as Notser commenting on the ships that WG has decided to nerf, for sure, and is official in upcoming patch. It sounds like judging Notsers opinion on something he didn’t even talk about (or maybe I missed something?)

  19. “CVs were designed to counter the Harugumo,” Notser…. Harugumo was designed to counter CVs

  20. 9:04 I’m surprised that Benson didn’t use its guns on you.

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