World of Warships – US Cruisers Clarified

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Recent Developer blog posts concerning the US line split have been slightly confusing, I try to clarify the information they presented in the blog. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Cruiser Replay


  1. Any hints on the new Tier10 US cruiser split, what identity are we looking at this counterpart ship, when compared to the Des Moines? Thanks! (PS we promise we wont tell anybody!)

    • For now, the only hint Dev give us is that US CL line, high tier one will have Radar, Hydro and Defensive Fire in the different slot. 😉

    • but sure not with DM armor sheme nobody wants to fight against a Des meme with atlanta dakk dakka style

    • Well, i think the RL Worcester had DM armor, so maybe WG will nerf the armor, dunno

    • Why would they do that? The arcs, range and lack of smoke are going to be a pain in the ass to deal with, these ships are going to need all the help they can get.

    • I don’t think so, I play the mino with radar in randoms, and most of the time, either you can camp behind an island and lob shells over it (cause RN guns are even floatier than US guns) or a DD will smoke you up, now mino has a great heal, but it also takes massive damage from everything, this is not going to be a problem with the US CLs i think, i do hope they have similar arcs to the RN CLs, since with a mino you can fairly reliably hit a DD under 7km, and BBs at 13km ish.
      One thing i do hope is that their smoke firing range is small, 5.5, maybe 5.8, like the RN CLs.

      That got very rambly, but TL;DR i hope the US CLs are RN CLs with more armor, slower RoF and HE. And i don’t think these ships will need much help.

  2. Every information shared by Wargaming through official channels are marked as “Work in Progress”. Only informations shared via the DEVELOPMENT BLOG are not always marked as “work in progress”. (and most of the time the watermark is on the screenshots btw) Because DEVELOPMENT BLOG means in DEVELOPMENT which is a Work in progress.

    • And yet they felt the need to post this to their DEVELOPMENT BLOG. Sounds like not everyone got the memo:
      Dear captains!
      Let us bring some clarity to the situation with the down- and up-tiered American ships’ stats. As you’ve noticed, they are hardly corrected for their relevant tiers.
      But let us assure you, that they’re going to begin getting balanced very soon, and the stats will be modified depending on their new tiers.
      We’d like to apologize for causing this confusion. When the actual new numbers become available, we will be sure to share them with you.

  3. Just a thought, instead of win rate, perhaps they should look at survival rate, i.e. if the Pensacola has a 50% win rate, and an 85% destruction rate, perhaps some tweaks are in order after all…

    • I agree. I have always thought that win rate is a poor measurement in of it own. Coupling it with survival rate and avergae xp would give you a far better indication of ship quality. In fact, I would go so far to drop win rate as a consideration entirely.

    • interesting idea, I just looked up my stats, and I have a 27% survival rate and a literal 50% win rate, I have no idea what this means, but I may just suck, I don’t know.

  4. BUFF THE IJN DDS !!!!!!

  5. Thanasis Anagnopoulos

    some of us don’t ? pfff most of us don’t …..

  6. Pepsi is not mediocre 🙁

    • you are right. just don’t play an AA build. Teammates and yourself will get for more benefits from your Sonar and those 8 in guns using HE and popping DD’s like blood suck leaches

    • Pepsi is bad cruiser to learn hot to play cruisers… angling? doesnt work… todays battleships meta – you get deleted everytime battleship looks at you…so you sit behind the islands and hope that someone will do mistakes… and maybe you wont get torped 😀

    • I gotta disagree with ya man, even the Algerie with fewer guns was more fun to play than the Pepsi for me. Good on you for making it work but for me I could never be as flexible as I wanted with it

    • Its a fantastic ship to play, well balanced and fun. Gutted they are downgrading it

    • Anybody who says the pensacola is mediocre has not had one pop out from around an island at close range and start citadeling BBs. I found kiting other ships and shooting your forward guns “over the shoulder” works pretty well because of damage saturation the same areas of the ship keep getting hit and you will be ok short of a citadel hit. The problem is not so much that the Pensacola is squishy, it’s that everyone knows it’s squishy and will stop shooting juicier more threatening targets hoping for an easy kill.

  7. I hope the cruiser split comes soon. I just got a Baltimore, and good god the stock grind is nightmarish

  8. How bout this: US line gets to have powerful and effective ships when the IJN DDs get their power and effectiveness back.

  9. I agree about the French BB previews. 25 containers opened. Somehow got the commander, but not a single BB mission. Yet I have seen French BBs everywhere. I am assuming that when the release comes out that players who won them get to ‘keep’ them? (I understand they would change from a ‘premium’ ship to the tech tree version). Well, that jsut ticks me off that luck is the determination whether you grind the entire line or get to take a shortcut.

    • He means they are fully researched, so you don’t have to research the modules on it. A friend of mine got the tier 7 and it was fully upgraded.

    • oh, OK makes sense now. You could interpret the sentence differently, like you earn the t5 or t6 after you upgrade something.

    • I got to the end of it all and got zero ships. Completed the collection and got the commander, but not a single ship. It’s always great to sink all that time in and not receive what WG has been advertising with the whole (Get a BB early). Lot if time wasted for nothing.

    • I got the T5 Bretagne and to be honest the New York is better hell even the T4 Orion gives it a run for its money and after the disappointment of the french cruisers I’m very wary of what WG had done to the french BB’s but we’ll see.

    • I think nothing can be worse than a NY

  10. Ok Cleveland with radar while nasty is not a big deal, you can avoid or sink a single ship. its the fact like with any sonar radar (even in RL) other ships can benefit from it. Noster mention Mogami 2.0…. Ok but now Mogami has a t8 fast firing running mate With Radar to match its Sonar. Notice I said running as in sailing moving motion. Not hiding in smoke or behind islands.

  11. “work in progress/stats not final” should just replace “Fun & Engaging” as WarGaming’s new meme

  12. I’m frustrated with the US CA split. WG is acknowledging the less than stellar performance of the Pensacola at T7 but then ignoring the Indianapolis with fewer guns and saying, “but it got radar donit?” The Indianapolis deserves better treatment than its ever gotten.

    • overall i feel like wg dont give a sh*t about issues in game… just pushing new this line new that line… there is lot of ships that needs tweeking… some just slight… bit of armor/better velocity, bit of health or reduced detectability and they would be fine… but nope France! is ariving… or how is it called now… i would really love wg to do “fixing patch” with no new content

    • I was just thinking about this after I posted that. I can’t recall a patch in the past year that’s included a balance pass on more than three or four ships besides the smoke change but that was a global change that nerfed BB’s across the board and kept some of the more annoying cruisers from smoke camping.

  13. I got the commander by the 28th box. 16 from missions and 12 from the Aigle bonus. Since then 3 more containers, for atotal of 31 and not a single battleship mission. I really like all the promos and random container gambles, but you need a bone once in a while to stay hooked. had I gotten one or 2 missions, I might have been moved to buy some containers thinking there was a fair chance to get another, but I dont belive the odds are even as good as the supercontainers, yet this is a promo. What they are promoting is disappointment.

  14. The fact that WG isn’t smart enough on their own to know the Cleveland won’t be able to hang in T9 or T10 fights in it’s current config is exactly why I don’t spend money on their game anymore. A mediocre health pool boost isn’t going to be enough against those big gun BBs, and the Cleve’s guns won’t do crap unless you get lucky enough to light a fire. WG needs to pull their heads out, and figure this out before they release the change (which they won’t) instead of making mods to the ships in later patches.

    • AndrejD303 play smarter. I have consistently good games inn the Cleveland.

    • If they aren’t going to buff her velocity (she would just become a Chappy if they do) then they can at least make her Hull B/C concealment values competitive and sub-11km

    • good luck with that to make these kinds of shots you have to be CLOSE to hit the bow and the stern, u get close in a tier 8,9,10 game ? LOL you have 1 shot then ure DEAD. This ship only has 14.2 km range to begin with. Thats already DEATHZONE in the current Matchmaking. You can only hide behind islands and never show yourself to any battleship.

    • Jaebodiah…..You aren’t playing the Cleveland as a Tier 8 now either.

    • I was responding to Andre who stated that the Cleveland isn’t competitive in its current position. I completely agree that it’ll need a major buff to hang at tier 8+

  15. Totally agree with you on the French BB missions. I spent $900 and opened 500 premium containers when the first day these containers came out and still didn’t get the Richellieu mission. After that I wrote a ticket and WG gave me one. These RNG drop s are so disappointing.

  16. Anyone else concerned about the Japanese being power-creeped by this cruiser split? Tier 6 Pensacola means ten American 8” guns being matched against Japanese Aoba with just six barrels that shoot and aim slower. IJN is just not getting any love these days.

    • Ehm what? Please open your Client, activate the armor Viewer and find the difference between Pensacola’s and Myoukou’s armor layout and thickness. What you will notice is that the midship plating on Oensacola is only 19mm, while Myoukou has 25mm on the sides and 32mm on the deck. And that means that a properly angled Myoukou will tank way more damage, as it is less vulnerable to Battleship AP (less overmatching) and small-medium caliber HE.

    • Sirene Racker What properly angled ? Myoko i used had a lot of angling but still penetrated like nothing, even bow or aft on. I only know 2 formulas which is important, bounce check and overmatch. Also Pensacola turning radius is extremely small for a cruiser, it add a lot to her survivability as long she is playing at long range before all armor thickness comes to play.
      Also the more ergonomic gun turrets. She could fire with more proper angle than Myoko.
      Also russian 130mm could cit up to Mogami’s armor, or even the said thicc Budyonny on flat broadside.

    • @Edhi Kurniawan
      You do know that “a lot of angling” and “bow or aft on” are two completely different things when talking about Cruisers? One is the thing that the good players do, the other is the strategy of an idiot who then complains about getting deleted. Did you look at them in the armor viewer? Let’s see what their hull plating means in terms of overmatching, and you can see for yourself what I am talking about.

      Pensacola’s hull, with the exception of the citadel armor belt, is covered with platings of 19mm max. Let’s take the Scharnhorst, a common T7, and do the calculations for the overmatching: 283mm / 14.3 = 19.8mm. So a Scharnhorst can hit the Pensacola anywhere except the citadel belt and will overmatch, period.
      Myoukou’s hull (disregarding the citadel, which btw has thicker armor) has a midship plating of 25mm at the sides and 32mm at the deck. The sides are immune to any shells up to 357mm, the deck will only get overmatched by Musashi.

      And how can one make use of this armor? By not going nose in of course. Baiting shots at your side, angling to autobounce angles once the enemy fires, taking minimal damage. This is btw alse the reason why Moskva carries the title ‘Battleship Moskva’. Go nose in and you get deleted. Angle properly and you can bounce even Yamato shells.

      If you want to talk about firepower, please make sure to mention Myoukou’s vastly superior HE shells (with a lot more Alpha damage and Fire chance) and her overall higher dpm, and of course the fact that Myoukou actually has Torpedoes.

    • Ive played hundreds of battle using Myoko, i also grind all the way to Pensacola.
      Not really, even Bismarck penned Myoko relatively easy.
      Myoko vastly superior HE? What?
      At the time Myoko’s turret could fire 10, it just an alarm you’re giving too much angle for USN cruiser.
      Pensacola had fire her 10 HE shells before Myoko, and now switch to AP.
      US HE isn’t half bad either.
      What DPM, my average damage with both ships is about the same.
      Seriously, i dont have problem with Pensacola the new one without 15km concealment.
      Don’t rely on armor too much when you can make good use of everything else. Magic bounce is real.
      Ship with tight turn radius is rare.
      To that sense, both ships armor feel equal.
      Now if you want a treaty ship to have better armor, the other cruisers at the same tier 7 will ask too ?
      Shchors ? Fiji ? Yorck?
      To the point why bother to play Myoko ?

    • I have grinded through both ships as well, using no ways to boost my XP income. So I have plenty of battles in both. Because Bismarck has 380mm guns. But Myoukou has an Advantage against all guns that are smaller.
      Myoukou’s HE: 3300 Alpha, 17% fire Chance. Pensacola’s HE: 2800 Alpha, 14% fire Chance. Deny it all you want, IJN HE is straight out better. Also Myoukou has a faster reload, and it should be played while using the rudder actively. So even the AP from Pensacola will fail to do much.
      Your personal experience in those ships matters Little, it can’t hold up against cold numbers. As for your Magic bounce, that’s exactly what Myoukou does. And it does that better than Pensacola. Angle against a Scharnhorst, he will reliably hit you and you won’t be able to bounce anything. A tight turn radius has Little influence when kiting and burning down, what matters is HE Performance, Speed, and your ability to take hits. If you want to notice your turning radius you Need to turn a lot, meaning that you’ll lose Speed quickly.
      And still, the armor is not equal at all. That’s nonsense you are spouting there.
      Why bother to Play Myoukou? Because she has it all: Torpedoes, HE, AP, Speed, reasonable stealth, AA, armor. In None of These aspects you will find Myoukou lacking. What other T7 Cruiser can Claim the same?

  17. The Cleveland will need an increase in range because 14.6 km at tier 8 is a bit underwhelming, plus there will be those games; about 50% of the time, where the Cleveland will face tier 9’s and 10’s.

  18. US crusiers need help. They have been neglected since launch with minor tweaks here and there, but right now they are not a shining choice compared to the Germans and the Russians. The game is no longer Red vs Blue where their stark differences can be easily seen. Now it just seems other lines have met and surpass what the US and Japs are capable off. Least the Japs still got their LR trops. The US? AA? without carriers around they are just ordinary joe gunboats. It is about time the US finds a stronger stand as a cruiser line.

    • Patton 160 other lines have better AA. Is other then the USN DDs

    • All the more reason the US needs a Stronger idenity then OH WE GOT GOOD AA GUNS. Fck that. There is no planes to shoot at and even if there is they will avoid you like aids.

    • exacty the funny thing is the usn bb line now in the lower end of AA some have the wost in tier 5 3rd worst in tier 7 i think second worst in tier 6 ?

  19. I’m kinda disappointed they didn’t take this as an opportunity to change up the Omaha. It’s been power creeped pretty dam hard. It’s AA is no longer top dog it competes with the Krispy Kreme for worst broadside. The torps are the worst in the tier slow, short ranged and low damage. The only thing it has going for it is it’s good mobility and gun range which is nigh impossible to use with this arks at that range. It needs something that makes it stands out.

    Do something like buff the AA double up some of the 20mm make some of the 40mm into quads throw some 28mm on the casmates and midship like on the B hull something to make the AA pop.

    Maybe more AA would upset the CV’s so how about adding the two triple launchers back quantity over quality or even 6.5-7km torps.

    They could do something with guns if they want to keep USN from having working torps. Then they could add the two casmate guns back so that it no longer competes with the crispy for worst broadside. Increase the turret traverse to 8°/s so it can abuse it’s mobility better. They could even decrease the reload by like .1-.2 seconds makes em feel that dps.

    • Check your data about the Omaha/Phoenix (same guns) shell velocity. They are more like between american and german, fast as well. I would love to have Cleveland with such shell velocity, might stay at current hp pool, but slightly buffed armor. I know it’s a light cruiser line, but still. Give the Cleveland the old one’s touch!

    • Make Omaha great again, it used to be my favorite ship. I had 294k damage with her when WoWs still beta. Haha.
      She was bow on and also aft on kiting monster.

  20. “World of Warships Development Blog
    Dear captains!
    Let us bring some clarity to the situation with the down- and up-tiered American ships’ stats. As you’ve noticed, *they are hardly corrected for their relevant tiers* . But let us assure you, that *they’re going to begin getting balanced very soon, and the stats will be modified depending on their new tiers* .
    We’d like to apologize for causing this confusion. When the actual new numbers become available, we will be sure to share them with you.”

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