World of Warships – User Replays 10 (Cruiser Edition)

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Warships Video #100!! Woot!


  1. Alexandru Izvoranu

    Hey business, got to say that agree with everything u had to say about the
    mogami, some 4 weeks ago I put the 203’s on it and hated it to bits,
    yesterday I put back the 155’s, first game kraken, 3 melted destroyers, 1
    bb and an enemy mogami from 38k to nothing in 2 salvos, to put salt on the
    wound, killed him with torps, so yeah i git the taste fir the mogami back.
    but I foresee that I’ll hate the ibuki, if it’s anything like the mogami
    with the 203’s. Oh and this ship must be played with the premium acoustics,
    not as good as the German ones but still help u a whole lot when dealing
    with DD’s.

  2. another totally entertaining and educational WOWS video, and congrats on
    the milestone! Keep it up!

  3. Chibster in that Chapayev – my skill in aiming just doesn’t match up, he is
    killing it with AP against fairly angled ships. I have 3K battles, I still
    feel my aim is really missing something. I have a 29″ monitor and medium
    graphics – maybe I need better hardware… frustrating.

  4. dude, that last clip with DM… literally laughing out loud. Thanks!

  5. was a little buzzed last night, took the plunge and bought the Farragut
    (mostly to harvest detonation flags) – so I guess I’m running this line now

  6. Damn…that Des Moines… Congrats on the videos and subscriptions!!

  7. Andrew Summerfiekd

    1st don’t tell people how to play the game just goes u are good on the game
    simple as 5 kills well done

  8. Congrats m8

  9. on standard, when you spawn 4vs8 on enemy cap side, sometimes regrouping
    fast on home cap side and taking out enemy weaker side is the best option.
    speed matters, specially if the enemy on their cap decides to head on
    top/bottom border. if dds ingame, a single gunboat can keep the stonger
    enemy side busy. its a 2 step mission

  10. on standard, when you spawn 4vs8 on enemy cap side, sometimes regrouping
    fast on home cap side and taking out enemy weaker side is the best option.
    speed matters, specially if the enemy on their cap decides to head on
    top/bottom border. if dds ingame, a single gunboat can keep the stonger
    enemy side busy. its a 2 step mission

  11. I think the team joining together on Straight would only work with standard
    battles. I think thats where jingles mentioned it, but that wont work in

    As far as mogami goes, as others noted the turret is so slow it really
    makes it hard to play. I gave up on it. Maybe ill try again.

  12. hello biz!!whats your opinion om the admiral hipper currently?

  13. My twitch account has an odd way of reminding me you’re streaming…it
    usually tells me with silent invisible notifications…sorry I missed the
    stream man :/

  14. And the Warspite is by far my most played ship and I’ve got to say, it’s
    fucking depressing whenever I see a replay of a cruiser firing HE at a
    Warspite…. I’m just going to go and cry about what unnecessary wankers
    Wargaming are ._. Caaaan’t wait to see what they’re going to do to the
    Royal Navy lines ^^

  15. Loving your vids but a little sad to see you using that mod. I hate the way
    it makes the shells look cartoony.

  16. Yay finally :D! Arigatou, business-senpai~

  17. The Farragut does feel crazy good. I’ve had some higher damage games in it
    but not an exp number like that guy!

  18. The Donskoi is actually just as maneuverable as the hipper, even if it is a
    tier 9. I’ve heard nothing but good things about her.
    When I get her myself I’ll see what stupid shit I can get into.

  19. Ugh the Kirov, the only cruiser I actually respeced to get last stand. Damn
    thing engine and rudder kept getting knocked out every…..single…..time
    it took a hit.

  20. For the first replay, that map, I was in fuso with a friendly new mex, and
    when we had just started to defend our cap when we noticed that the 2
    cruisers and 1 dd had ran away to the opposite cap. Didn’t end well for my

  21. Also, if you’re having trouble playing as ships with poor maneuverability,
    a nice rule-of-thumb would be to think ahead and pay attention to your
    surroundings more than you would in more maneuverable ships.

  22. I never see anybody use AP in a destroyer.

  23. Another enjoyably video!! Keep them coming

  24. I think I was the svietlana in that battle u mention in your vid business.
    Player name is blooze. Was going south cause teams usually go south and
    leave me alone to defend, glad u were on my team. We did butcher them
    pretty well! Specially the DD trying to cap. Hope to see u on my team again

  25. Holy shit Citizen!

  26. grts on 100, on to the next!

  27. You heard him boys. We know he will be in boston July 4th, So take to the
    streets yelling “MAAATTTT”. Eventually we will find him.

  28. (n_n)b

  29. Another good one… thanks for the post bro

  30. About the Mogami: The problem with that damage calculations is, that the
    150mm turrets are so slow compared to the fast 200mm turrets, that you will
    likely do more damage and shoot more salvos in most games with the 200mm.

  31. Dude…I’m not exactly sure what it is…but EVERY TIME I utterly go off on
    a rant about something.. (say people trying to switch north or south,
    taking themselves out of the game for 3-6 min while the enemy takes 2 or 3
    caps and everyone fighting not transiting dies) its guaranteed the very
    next day I will watch a video you made that addresses the subject. I think
    you feel my psychic rage and decide to address it in a video somehow?
    Seriously, its getting weird man. Even when I voice a random opinion on a
    way to rig a ship or something you will mention it a day or two later. I
    love aggressive gunboat DD vids btw…this was a particularly good vid. U D

  32. Kerspaprog Balceram

    That shadowplay folder must be like 300 gigabytes lol

  33. That faragut guy knows the us dd way o7

  34. same thing happen to me but it was on standard battle. i was in new mexicon
    in north spawn (the offensive team) and we manage to push the enemy
    defending the base, all goes well but our allies in the base decided to
    join us leaving the enemy to cap the base… even the enemy cant believe
    it. they though they lost because our team on north are doing great job but
    our allies that should be defending the base left it….

  35. OH SHIT

    That’s my Mogami replay. Thanks fam.

  36. As always great entertaining and learning from your videos, thanks.

  37. Pretty sure most of the torpedo salvos in this video were actually narrow
    spreads, it’s a replay bug.

  38. Awesome vid as always. Keep up the good work.

    Now, Cue me in for a bitching session on Straight and that bloody tactic
    you mentioned.. One of my pet hates is when the 2 teams all try to meet up
    on Straight. First time it happened to me I was in a New York down near the
    lower south area when the genius on the team suggested that tactic. Cue the
    lemming train from my side all going north and left me to deal with
    whatever south side enemies that pushed forward. I got left behind with
    zero support in a 20 knot BB and got focused and wrecked by the enemies.
    Ironically by the time I was wrecked most of the friendlies were in
    disarray or dead including the clown who suggested the tactic. Said clown
    was dead and had the hide to be bitching about a crap team. Well did I let
    him have a piece of my mind.

  39. hello from us wonder to the server with server Have noticed a difference
    between the sound of artillery fire in the ship in two server farm in

  40. ship thats been through hell? cleveland

  41. #KrüzerLyfe

  42. another day, another high quality video…gratz for that 100 videos!
    waiting for more and more!
    damm that DM! happaned once to me in my zao…he just appeared 10km away
    from me…

    2 salvos…

    2 salvos…2 salvos bruh…
    i got rekt >-<

  43. Hey biz, nice vid! i love cruisers. My Favorite ship is the atago =)

  44. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Congratulation to your Vid #100!

    (Join us on the Broadsideserver and enjoy the Party) damn

  45. Congrats on your 100th video!

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