World of Warships – User Replays 7

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Guess you can call this the Back to School Edition. Thanks to CitizenSoldier, Still_Guns. Typheous, S_L_A_P, Chibster, Swagger897, Warmasterchief and Clancy774 for the clips!


  1. – Man, better put Clancy774 on a post-it note next to my
    screen. Way impressive.

  2. 12:40 My life as a destroyer captain, summarized through the silent anger
    of that Amagi.

  3. Oh shit that was a flashback lol!

  4. the most amazing kill i’ve got is sunk a full health myogi with a myogi XD
    did 33000 damage from 1 citadel penetration… the best RNG in WoWS

  5. I think those torps at around 23:00 are very well placed: in the end they
    form a cross, the first two force the direction and the third is almost
    perpendicular. Awesome tactic.

  6. Hey, Business, in your opinion is it worth getting the Artillery Plotting
    Room Modification 2 on the Iowa, or is it better to get the AA Gun
    Modification 3?

  7. Awesome video Busi. You should make some more of these “back to basics”

  8. Hey Biz, Dok again. Do you just peruse the replay site for these or is
    there a way we can email them to you?

  9. I was in one of these vids and didn’t do anything stupid! Thank God!!

  10. Hey business do you think you could do a video on the Aoba and Myoko and
    kind of give us an idea of how useful AP is? I seem to get reallllly mixed
    results with the Aoba (more than with any other ship). I’ll be shooting at
    an enemy Aoba or Furious taco with AP when they’re giving me a perfect
    broadside and I get nothing… but I’ll shoot at a fuso or kongo and get a
    3-5k salvo…seems really erratic for me :P

  11. Oh should I send in replays to email instead of forums now?

  12. Why are such straight runners always on my team and never on the enemy team
    I am firing at?

  13. Well there is one ship in the game that if a carrier wants it dead it cant.

  14. Thanks for another learning video!!!

  15. Blame Notser on using the shell tracker … he’s actually pretty good at
    using it to plan his next salvo and I think people are misinterpreting why
    he’s following his shells.

  16. Highly entertaining video. Fantastic destruction on display as well as some
    great play obviously.

  17. All great examples and great analysis as always Business. I learned from
    this that I need to get off of my butt and unlock the Fubuki already.

  18. hhhhhh the amagi one is the funnies lol

  19. Have i told you I love to listen to your voice? Its so clear and easy on
    the ears, that combined with talking about wows. Love the vids and hope you
    start putting more quality content up.

  20. nice replays :)

  21. That Montana can be excused. With the rudder it has, you can press the
    buttons, but the ship won’t move for a week.

  22. I also had a game in Amagi and was being chased under 3 BB, I managed a
    salvo to enemy Iowa and I took him out with nearly full hp by citadel hit

  23. Patrick Castrillo

    yesterday I got detonated in back to back in my roon. not sure if they
    change something in the game but It seems like I get detonated atleast
    everyday now. wows plz.

  24. Patrick Castrillo

    yesterday I got detonated in back to back in my roon. not sure if they
    change something in the game but It seems like I get detonated atleast
    everyday now. wows plz.

  25. can I send you mine? mine is 122k damage on new mexico

  26. Hey Business, What are the requirements to send a replay and send it to

  27. i really dont agree with people not using situation awareness on cruisers
    and battleships. it helps to know if dds and cruisers are around you

  28. From my experience, tier 6-8 are the range where most of the great plays
    happen. That Fubuki base xp though…

  29. Wow, man was busy dodging things. sad he as in a crap team.

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