World of Warships USN Cruiser Tech Tree Split Preview

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I’ve been testing cruisers. Primarily USN cruisers. The tech tree split is coming near, and WG has been giving us many of the new cruisers to try out. I give my initial impressions on the entire split, what it means, and the ships I’ve played so far, such as the Buffalo, new , new and more. This split revitalized one of the oldest lines in the game.


  1. So really not a preview at all.

  2. they are working over CV play again so getting into the cruiser line might be worth it again. my Desmo is a nightmare to CV players

  3. 3:32 Worcesta? Don’t you mean Worcester (pronounced wur-stir)? ?I look forward to playing the Buffalo. For the US cruiser line split, have they announced anything on the skill set levels for new the ships we are getting?

  4. As a native Masshole, I cringed every time you tried to pronounce Worcester. To pronounce it correctly, you need to employ the northeast accent, which mostly drops all “r” sounds and replaces with “h” or “ah” sounds.

    Therefore, Worcester is pronounced as “Wistah”….

    For example, I remembah being in Wistah and getting wicked pissed in a bah.

  5. I liked the fact cvs were hard … I liked the challenge. BBs are already easy and forgiving to play which would suggest the game is being dumbed down. IF thats true how many people will quit?

  6. *Super video very nice*

  7. “Tier 10 WOOSTA!”

  8. so we are getting new ships from the change…. but are they going to give port slots for them as well?

    • The baltimore and cleveland might as they are getting moved to a new line or replaced by a new ship the pensacola and new orleans likely won’t but I’ve never actually played a wargaming game when they shifted vehicles down a tier and not up so who knows

    • No port slots because none of these ships are going to become premium
      But they will compensate by giving you the credits required to buy the ship

  9. Cat With Bag on Head

    “Woostah” not even close. Wuh-ster.

    I’m a Worcester, MA native, and that is SO annoying when people pronounce it wrong.

    • woah chester

    • PickelJars ForHillary

      War chester.

    • Cat With Bag on Head when English is not your mother language (like me) you have to rely on what you got taught in English lessons this pronunciation is entirely counterintuitive. Yorkshire almost the same thing: If I would apply only what I have learned in my English lessons I would pronounce „-shire“ like it is correct for Ireland. The spelling of „Yosemite“ suggests to inexperienced second language English speakers the pronunciation „Yosemight“ (approximately).

      • It’s funny when someone from outside my state tries to pronounce “Ouchita” too. It is pronounced WASH-a-TAH.

    • Paul T. This is also the reason Toys’R Us went out of business

    • “”Woostah” not even close. Wuh-ster.

      I’m a Worcester, MA native, and that is SO annoying when people pronounce it wrong.”

      If you pronounce the r, you cannot actually be from MA. Noone I know that lives I MA is capable of pronouncing “r.” “Whusta” is more accurate. My dad grew up in Waltham, and most of that side of the family are massholes. So is my battle buddy fro “DOUHCHESTA. Cheers

  10. To be fair, the USN CA line was really fun for me. The playstyle was different in a way that I really liked, and I loved the AP rounds and radar.I heard before how the line exspecially Pensacola had tin armor, but I rarely expirenced getting citadeled by the enemy.

  11. For the love of God, ask someone from either England or Massachusetts how to pronounce Worcester. There is no oo, like loop. Worcester. 2 syllables. First one is Wuss – like a wimpy kid. Second one is just TER, like the last part of Dumpster. Wusster. Worcester. Enough of people from Kentucky (sorry Doomlock) telling people it’s Wooooooostaaah.

    • Yep, Wuss-Ter is correct. That’s how it’s pronounced here in the UK, and we invented the name, so there! 😛 😉

  12. Woos-Tah, Pak da car in Ha-Vad Yah-d

  13. I think I need to get grinding my New Orleans .. Thank You Zoup for the heads up 🙂

  14. WOOSTA

  15. mid tier US cruisers were boring and a grind dude the NO as it is now got me through ranks 16 down to rank 4 the NO as it is to me is second to the mogami for been the best tier 8 cruisers in the game no other can stand up to the NO guns and amour and nothing can beat the threat that is stealth torping 155 mogami with its heavy hitting ifhe rounds

  16. I’m still confused as to why they didn’t just move the Pepsi to tier 6, throw the Northampton in at 7, and buff the Baltimore a bit maybe. I had no problems with the Pepsi, in fact she is one of my favourite ships, same with the New Orleans, and the Baltimore. That said, I’m a IJN cruiser main, so I got the slow reload high alpha 8″ guns at tier 5 not 7. When I got around to the horrid grind that is the Cleveland, the Pensacola was so much better. I just would rather see them get as many historic classes in as they can, and only adding uncompleted and paper ships after all the real ones are in game. Also I’d have had a standard Atlanta in at VI for the light cruiser line. Just without radar or the infinite use defensive AA.

    And as usual, the obligatory HMCS HAIDA WG STFU AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!

    Just a thought, can we have a Commonwealth destroyer and cruiser line?

    • Agreed. Northampton class gets no love :-(.

    • Might be due to have played shortly after release that i remember the pure joy of the old Cleveland (and still like her today) but after the “kill all in sight Land” i hated the Pepsi and pretty much free xp´d myself throught 8 and 9.

    • On the plus side Salt lake City would be a second Pensacola?

    • Captain Griffin I feel the same way but so many people seem to think it’s too OP if it can match Japanese big guns at T7 Wonder if it’s because the Northampton class was Primarily Radar cruisers

  17. I’ve never understood why the pensacola which has 10 guns starts a 9 gun cruiser line, USS Northampton FTW!

  18. I want my British battlecrusiers

  19. “year of the USN cruiser” … well i hope we get a “year of unfucking German AP” soon alternatively i’d be okay with a “year of unfucking German gun accuracy on BBs”

  20. Awsome, new grind fest again.

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