World of Warships USN Cruisers – A Look Back Before the Split

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The USN Cruiser Split is coming soon. Today I want to reminisce about the line in general. Let’s take a look back all the way from the Erie to the Des Moines.

The grind could be rough at times, but it has always been worth it.


  1. First …. 😀

  2. Forth! XD

  3. I Adored my Ibuki so i can’t really relate to that comparison, but we’ll see i’m only at the pepsi right now just recently got the hull upgrade on it

    • I just used up camo and free XP to skip it……believe me……. its the worst ship ive ever played……once i got citadelled from the front and deleated……loving my new Orleans…..especially 12 sec reload when fully upgraded and 9.2 km concealment….

    • are you speaking of the pepsi?> if so I haven’t hated it so far, its nothing great but its not horrific, if your talking about the Ibuki never had that problem i found it to be rather strong as long as your not caught out side on

    • have the pepsi it not a bad ship , quite nice cruiser

    • Ibuki is one of my favorite ships as well. I’ve got a WTR of 1191 and a win rate of 57% in it. Having some growing pains in the Zao now, but it’s getting better. Big fan of the IJN cruiser line in general. Not as grindy as the USN.

    • I played the Ibuki, and I honestly tried to like it, but I just couldn’t stand how almost anything that sneezed at me could citadel me. Did a combination of concealment and gun range, and even at 18 km while maneuvering the constant focus firing coming my way pissed me off enough to free XP the last 30K on that ship. Zao feels like a slice of heaven in comparison.

  4. like your self I flaked after the wipe and went down the IJN line as I couldn’t do the Pepsi again … but I have started it again and it’s not as bad as I remember so onward and upward i suppose lol

    • yep back then the pepsi had 16km detect range which was ridiculously stupid decision on their part. they dropped it to 12 and made her a bit harder to kill. DM was my pot of gold since i started playing. i don’t regret a single second of that grind.

  5. I’m in the Cleveland now and have the Pensacola researched. This close to the split, I’m going to hold off on purchasing the Pepsi. When the split happens and the Cleveland moves to T8, will I get to keep it and. If so, will I also get access to the previous tier ships on that line? I’m a DD main and really want to like the cruisers, the play just seems so broken on them. WAY too squishy …

    • Lubos Soltes I have 100,000 XP on my new Orleans so will I loose it….?

    • Your XP will be transferred to whatever ship is going to take her place at tier 8

    • My advice would be – grind the USN CA line like there is no tomorrow man. You will get equivalents due to moving tiers of the ships are already in the game. In addition, I would get premium camo for Cleveland, as when it will be pushed to VIII tier most likely camo will go there as well. And you paid 1000 instead of 4000 gold. Good luck with the grind. 🙂

    • so if i’ve already finished the line i’ll get the new ships for free?

    • Depends if you still have ships that are involved in upcoming rework.

  6. S:t Louis IS the best USN cruiser!

    The End.

    EDIT: That’s the T3 S:t Louis for all of you who missunderstood.

  7. Baltimore is pretty good now, though. Her rate of fire is same as St-Louis (the french one) and Roon and she has much more utility. Her only fault is her range. But she’s much ‘tankier’ (I put that in quotes) than Des Moines, so she can take more hits. Much smaller above the water citadel.

  8. Could you do videos like this for more ship lines? Maybe start with the original nations (USN and IJN) and go from there?

  9. USN Cruisers are weak because of game design, bigger citadel, no heal, 5 battleships on each team. Remove cruiser citadel, increase rate of fire, see battleships.cry 🙂

  10. Another Cruiser line where the T9 is rather nice is the Germans with the Roon (fully upgraded of course) and when you get the glorious Hindenburg after the Roon you have learned all you need to know to rule with the Hindi.

    • Yeah but you have to wade through the suckage that is Yuck and the mehbote Hipster. Roon is like going back to playing Konigsberg and Nurnberg. Loved Konigsberg, the rudder shift on Nurnberg was slow enough to be a bother.

    • The Hipper might not be the best T8 there is but she is the last switch in playstyle for the line and from her onwards every ship is just a Hipper but more (Guns, Torps, Armor, HP). So i think the Hipper is a good training point and teaches some needed leassons for the upcomming ships. (she could use some buffs though … either reload down to 10sec or maybe a repair party)

  11. well, the baltimore is just a new orleans with a bit more HP. the gun system is the same. anything the baltimore can teach you the new orleans already did. with the match making putting new orleans into T10 matches more often than not you might as well free XP past it if you want.

    • mike henthorn not exactly the Baltimore has much better shells as in they not only get the better AP angles but start getting the super heaven 8inch shells at the Baltimore. Armor one the Baltimore is thicker.

    • Fully upgraded new Orleans is one of the best cruisers I’ve ever played…. it was with me in the journey to ranked 1…… as some sort of side effect…I earned enough XP to get to the Baltimore easily….38k left to Baltimore ..

    • looking at the WoWS fitting tool to compare both ships, the guns are the same. damage, pen, reload, shell weight all of it. so the Baltimore has a bit more HP and amor that is it.

    • Fully upgraded Baltimore have better gun and shell arcs(you can lob shells behind islands like Des Moines), better rate of fire(T9 module), better AA, better citadel placement…

  12. I still have Omaha because it’s That good.

    I lover her.
    My friend has the Murmansk and he has played 1,000 game In it lol

    I actually preferred Pensacola over the New Orleans.

    • Admiral Reeves I’m the exact opposite. I would prefer new Orleans over pensa any time of the day………. in Pensacola once I got citadelled from the front and deleated……. it doesn’t have anything that can be classified as armour….. whereas new Orleans had radar… rate of fire…excellent guns and armour that can be somewhat useable………..I used new Orleans to get to ranked 1 this season…..

    • so dont get close with the cola vs BBs AND angle properly (NOT full nose in). try to bait citadel side shots and then angle a bit more so u bounce there.

    • The only reason I still don’t have my Omaha is because I have the Murmansk. It’s a fun ship to play. I prefer my Pensy to the New Orleans as well, though the NO finally found its way onto my “Liked ship” category.

    • cola gun angles are great so u can easily use all guns while angled.
      Omaha was fun when i grinded it, as i used her to charge cruisers and rip them apart with AP as well as torps if needed. if its properly angled it can do very well, especially vs cruisers up close.

  13. once AFT got taken away, the cleveland and omaha became a lot less fun to play. They’re painful now because everything out ranges them,out fire chances them or citadels them from the nose or pretty much any other angle.

    • daysteppr day The stealth fire nerf also took away the usn dd role as gunboats, which is what they were before Russian dds came on the scene.

  14. No controversy? Hmm, you underestimate the power of the internet! Buy your torches and pitchforks here!

  15. Opinion alert: I loved the Batlimore. I went in expecting little, and loved it so much. with the relevant upgrades, it has the same reload as some tier 10s ( i got it down to less than 10s), excellent armor and maneuverability, and decent aa and concealment. I loved that ship. I just camp islands and bully anything with less than a 16 inch gun caliber. those 27mm of bow armor got me far. I loved that ship, and while I did sell it to get the Des Moines, it is one of the few ships I have considered going back to. I know the Batlimore gets a bad rep, but I love that ship.

  16. And yet….still no Alaska…. 🙁

  17. Cleaveland does not currently have a split citadel, though I wonder if it will again at tier 8…

  18. Pensacola is really a fun ship. Glorious guns, very nimble, you have to dodge, you cant tank, but thats kinda normal for VII CA. I really enjoy punishing other CA with her

  19. well another reason to keep the st louis is that it gets that sweet ass Halloween camo now and then i like going out in that ship

  20. Stl ’38 was its own 2 ship class along with Helena which is coming in the split. They were improved Brooklyns –  i.e. better secondaries and AA.

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