World of Warships – USS Alabama and What Makes a Ship Special

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If you aren’t aware already, the South Dakota Class USN Battleship USS Alabama is making its way to the game as a Super Tester only reward ship. First I want to say STs do a lot for the community. I think its fair they get something. I don’t want this to turn into one massive bash against them.

The intention of this is to provide a venue of discussion for your opinions on what makes a ship special to you. What ships do you believe should be for everyone? What is the criteria for a premium ship? Is it the class? The history? The fact its a museum ship?

This is going to vary from region to region. I’ll be honest. I would love the Alabama, but besides being a museum ship, its history is no more storied than that of the Maryland or West Virginia.

This is what I want to talk about. What is important to you, the player, as far as ships being in game and why?


  1. Dasha, I’ll take an autograph

  2. the way I see this is that the super testers should get something. that
    could be a special upgrade or cameo but as an individual ship, no. maybe
    the super testers could chose a ship to get put into the game. Also
    regarding premium ships I believe that there should only be a premium ship
    for a normal ship in the game. so unless there is a South Dakota there
    should be no Alabama. I also want to know where Aircraft Carrier premium
    ships are because I can’t find them.

  3. Here’s what I think: This is a horrible horrible idea.

    I DO believe supertesters should be rewarded for their effort. I do. They
    should be given free ships and camos regularly for their time. As far as
    I’m concerned, they should get all the ships they test for free. The amount
    of time and effort they spend testing these ships more than equals the
    amount of money it costs them for that premium ship once it hits the shop.

    BUT …

    Giving them *exclusive* access to a HIGHLY requested ship class, and the
    only tier 8 USN ship in the game, is PR suicide.

    First off, it’s a South Dakota class battleship, one of three lines the US
    launched during WW2. North Carolina and Iowa are already in game, and
    *everyone* has been clamoring on the forums to release the remaining one. I
    don’t think any other ship class has been brought up as often aside from
    maybe the Deutschland class heavy cruisers (Graf Spee).

    Secondly, it’s a tier 8 battleship. Tier 8 is widely considered THE best
    tier in the game. It is the tier at which most competitive matches are
    played at. This includes most ranked seasons as well as the supremacy
    league. It also happens to the be the ONLY tier 8 USN premium ship.
    Germany, Japan, Russia … all of them have tier 8 premiums. While you can
    counter by bringing up the recent launch of the Missouri, a tier 9 Iowa
    clone(ish), Missouri is out of reach for the vast majority of players as it
    not only costs money, it also requires grinding XP on premium or elited
    ships over *hundreds* of matches, all of which is dedicated to getting this
    one ship. Very few have time for that, myself included. 750k XP is around
    equal to grinding out an entire line of ships, from tier 1 to 10. A tier 8
    USN premium, for fans of the late tier USN battleship line, was seen as a
    godsend by everyone.

    The player base as a whole is enraged. The Community contributors are
    pissed. I have no doubt that even many if not most of the supertesters are
    questioning Wargaming’s decision here. The worst part of all this is that
    many players will blame supertesters and target them ferociously in game
    and on the forums, even if they had no say in this whatsoever. WG may as
    well include a special bullseye camo on this ship as it’s fairly certain
    everyone will be focus firing any Alabamas they see in game… including,
    no doubt, same team ships who will be okay to go pink and lose the match
    out of spite.

    Two possible solutions:

    – Give supertesters the ship for free with a special supertester only camo,
    and sell the ship with it’s regular camo in the premium shop for everyone
    – Give supertesters exclusive access to Alabama, but simultaneously release
    another South Dakota class ship, for example the Massachusetts, for
    everyone else in the premium shop.

    The first option is the best one as it removes any claims of favoritism or
    exclusivity. But the second is still viable as it allows the rest of the
    players to get what they’ve always wanted … a playable South Dakota class
    battleship and the only USN premium tier 8 ship ever available for

  4. Super testers get to play with ships before they’re in the game. That’s a
    privilege on its own. To get a ship for their own personal collection sux.
    I’ve spent a small fortune on this game with premium ships and premium
    time. Wargamming should reward players that have financially supported the
    game for a long time.

  5. The USS Alabama museum is on the Gulf Coast, a major vacation spot. The USS
    Massachusetts is in Boston, a big population center but not nearly as much
    of a vacation spot. As a result the Alabama museum is significantly more
    popular in terms of number of annual visitors. Which in turn makes Alabama
    a more-demanded premium than Massachusetts. Actually setting foot on a ship
    can give people an attachment that simply reading about their history never

    Personally despite being a Southerner (born near the Gulf Coast in
    Louisiana) who’s personally toured USS Alabama twice, I’d prefer
    Massachusetts (which I haven’t visited *yet*) as a premium. Massachusetts
    is one of two surviving battleships in the world (the other being Mikasa)
    to have actually sunk an enemy battleship.

    USS Johnston would be an amazing premium. The only problem is that it’d be
    a Tier 9. Though the Missouri precedent means that’s no longer a total
    obstacle. Another that I’d like to see is the second USS Laffey, “The Ship
    That Would Not Die”. In a single battle, Laffey was hit by four bombs and
    six kamikazes and survived. Remember that this is a destroyer. The problem
    there is that as an Allen M. Sumner-class, Laffey would very possibly be
    Tier *10.* Not to mention that she shares a name with the first USS Laffey
    (Benson class, so Tier 8), which would *also* be a great premium option,
    with heroics at Guadalcanal that are on pare with Johnston’s at Samar.

  6. I already vented on Notser’s channel…. but for me its about history….
    USS Alabama is part of history…. don’t F**K with history Wargaming… I
    mean really? WTF?
    Its clear that Supertesters deserve rewarding, but to give them something
    that a lot of players want to sail?
    Wargaming should have instead released a bell… Death Knell Bell… or
    perhaps we can have a live indication of the number of subscribers on each
    server? That would be interesting, and informative….
    I’m not stopping playing, but I am not a happy camper!

  7. I wait over a YEAR for a SoDak and WG pulls this horse shit.

  8. How about STs gets for free, but people can still obtain USS Alabama.

  9. Lets face it, Alabama is making us sore, but imagine the uproar if they
    made the supertester reward ship HMS Hood, a ship that is far more iconic
    than Alabama will ever be. Imagine that.

  10. While I would want ANY South Dakota class ship, the Alabama holds a
    significant place in my heart. I seriously hope WG revises they position a

  11. Give the supettesters something. Maybe Connecticut and give us Alabama. So
    many things I don’t understand about WG right now.

  12. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    I don’t care too much since i’m focused on the Missouri (I have enough XP,
    give me 20,000 gold to convert it plz lel), but I think the Alabama should
    be given to players as well. Especially since it’s a highly requested class.
    Maybe it can have the same free XP system as the Mo with 300-400k free XP

    Unfortunately, WG will not listen and will just simply insist on their
    decision, this is what gives certain games negative reputations

  13. Supertesters shouldn’t get a free T8 premiums they do the job vulentarily
    and shouldn’t expect any goodies except the flag, camo and insider info.
    Alabama is not the ship to give them because she is the only T8 prem for
    America and I myself want to visit her once and I am from Czech Republic
    and red all about her. I know it is just a name but you can give them
    something like Iwaky or Ark beta or maybe free Missoury but not only T8
    prem lots of NA ppl are excited about. Hell I red comments from guys who
    slept aboard it when they were scouts. I mean WG is making very poopy
    decision here STs will get hate, WG will get hate, WG won’t get a nice
    money infulux.

  14. i thought supertesters got dabloons and premium access to things everyone
    else has to wait for. id love to be able to be a supertester, but not
    everyone gets that chance either unless they are a super youtube star.

  15. I do agree the super testers should not have the USS Alabama as their own.
    yes they work hard at what they do, however judging on the state if the
    game as it is; Their work is less than satisfactory.

    I as a reward though I would allow them a choose class of ship named after
    them selves, their in game name, or Their own made up name, plus a special
    skin to go with it. As long it doesn’t come from any historical icons known
    or forgotten.

    Giving a super tester an actual piece of living history is like giving them
    the United States Declaration of Independence, folding it up into a paper
    airplane and try to throw it through a ring of fire.

  16. I think a lot of people would like a tier 8 USN prem because there isn’t
    one yet.

  17. I can not say much so want to play the game but found out need New PC to
    even play it so its just trying to see what the game like on this side of
    the world VS EU cause most I found on here are over there with Few who play
    World of war ships on the NA side. But feel the testers should get
    something for there time.

  18. Mediocre game, manufactured drama, sell your account for bigbux while u
    still can.

  19. What makes a ship special for me? Well, ignoring national bias (I really
    hope to see some Canadian ships in either the Commonwealth lineup or in
    their own tree) it would have to be history for me. I don’t know as much
    naval history as I do land based stuff (i.e. tanks) but I know just enough
    to really like certain ships and want them (i.e. Bismarck, Iowa/Missouri,
    Yamato). I can’t say I’m emotionally tied otherwise, which is why I am not
    getting all upset over this issue. Yet.

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