World of Warships: USS Alaska Preview [4K]

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A preview of the upcoming American cruiser Alaska. She feels fairly strong, but doesn’t feel too overpowered. She might be changed a bit in the future though.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US cruiser Alaska.


  1. Team early birds!

  2. Yes its called a battle cruiser. Its used as heavy fire support for standard cruisers. They are in fact a new class of ships in game. They need to judge only from ships of the same class

    • I think she’s actually supposed to be a “large cruiser”.

    • +Aerroon Yeah. The USN classified them as Large Cruisers, CB as opposed to CA and CL.

    • As long as “large” cruisers or battle cruisers are considered regular cruisers by the MM, they will be judged against other cruisers.

    • People at that time hate to call battlecruisers already, so the proper term (even though it’s not officially coined) is actually Super Cruisers.

    • Every other nation referred to these types of vessel as Battle Cruiser. The Yanks had to be different so opted for Large Cruiser (CB). Not to be mixed up with heavy Cruiser (CA) or Light Cruiser (CL). WTF was that about? These will be balanced as cruisers in MM but get ripped to pieces by BB’s due to the cruiser mechanics, and butchered by DD’s due to BB dimensions and manoeuvrability.
      As for its inclusion in WoWS, this is a waste of developer time. And an utter disgrace that it is tier 9 when realistically it should be tier 7. But hey… they gotta find some way sell gold for exp conversion right?…

      Rant Over. Yes I already have the free exp and will buy one anyway.

  3. Check out dem quality options!
    Also, replays are still in beta I guess?

  4. I was informed that the Monarch might’ve had a ramming flag. That would explain a lot!

  5. So annoyed they want to increase the fire duration of an already squishy ship.

  6. We have totally different opinions on what a ram is!

  7. Ram? Slight paint exchange at best.

  8. Players have to understand that ships like Alaska, Kron, Stalin, Moskva, Azuma arent CAs (heavy cruisers) and arent BBs, they are BCs (Battle cruisers). you have to compare a ship with his same class, not with others. You will not compare a Hindenburg with a Minotaur saying that Hindenburg is OP because he can almost oneshot any light Cruiser in the game and mino cant. then you will not say that azuma or kron are OP because they can hit much harder than a Heavy Cruiser.
    Saying the same, you will not say that a light cruiser its bad because it cant hit as hard as a heavy cruiser and it doesnt get that super DD concealment, because THEY ARE DIFFERENT CLASSES.
    Then again, you will not compare the BC (battle cruisers) with Battleships saying BC are bad because they cant tank as much as BBs can.
    PLEASE, playerbase, PLEASE, understand that this is a new class, not a overpowereds CAs or underpowereds BBs.

    • +richie thach thats what americans think but they are pretty much the same as Stalin and Kron etc

    • Maybe, but matchmaking treats them as cruisers.

    • +Kaseko Officially, they were never classified as “battlecruisers”, the Alaska Class. They called it a “Large Cruiser”. Informally you could call them a battlecruiser, but officially it’s a large cruiser. It’s kind of like the British and their tank classifications. their “Infantry Tanks” were technically heavy tanks, but were still officially “Infantry Tanks”

    • They were referred to as “Large Cruisers”, as Richie says, because of their armor layout and lack of torpedo defense.

    • +Aerroon like it does with CAs and CLs? i dont understand your point (not for being salty, i really want to talk abaut this, because i think its a very important aspect of the game rn). and if its because the MM will get overflowed by BCs, i dont think that will be the case, since its not being overflowed by Moskvas, Stalingrads and/or Krons atm.
      Edit: (tryed to edit and deleted, lul) i understand that is not the case for competitive (CWs), but Azuma with her easy to pen armor and lack of radar, i assume, it will not be a good pick for CWs. Zao or Henri can do her work more efficiently

  9. Hey Aerroon how do You feel about CV rework?

  10. I hope the year 19 treats you right, Aetam.

  11. Jutland with a J. It’s a RN ship and the English pronunciation is JUT-LAND. Not yutland.

    • +thegeneral123 I think Zip got it, but people will pronounce things as to what is natural to them. Jut-land and Yuut-land are both valid.

    • thegeneral123 The general convention, at least in Canada is to pronounce it the Danish way since it is the name of a ship as well as a region. Similarly we would pronounce Prince Eugen as Oy-gen for instance and not Ee U gen. Maybe its because we are more of a multicultural melting pot up here lol

    • +thegeneral123 You didn’t seem to get Zip’s comment, it was named after the region, regardless of the ships nationality it should therefore be pronounced that way

    • +Shinki It’s named after the battle of Jutland. It’s pronounced the way the RN pronounce it. The way the British pronounce it. JUTLAND. Not Yutland. How difficult is this for people to understand. Very apparently.

  12. I like your vids man, keep it up!

  13. I like your vids. In this one I have a suggestion: you should compare Alaska to Kronshtad and Azuma to Stalingrad. To maintain tier-to-tier and freexp ship / steel ships for fairness. …IMHO

  14. Those replay bugs made me laugh. 🙂

  15. The shimmying Seattle @7:42 didn’t merely make me “LOL”, it genuinely made me laugh out loud.

  16. Playing with reload upgrade?

  17. So do you guys think Alaska will be a good contender for upcoming tier9 ranked, or is Kronstadt or the Buffalo going to be a better choice for the heavy cruiser slot?

    • I think Alaska would be quite decent. I’m unsure about how she would match up to other cruisers though. She’d be fine vs Buffalo I think, but Kronshtadt I’m unsure about.

  18. 11:25 you did your part and subscribed to PewDiePie ?

  19. Kermit the Frog impersonator 🙂 , good vid

    • Honestly, if I could speak differently I would. However, one of the walls in my nose grew a bit wrong and I would need surgery to change that. Another problem is that the placement of my teeth is all kinds of messed up and there’s no way I will be able to afford to fix it (I have no idea what will happen when my wisdom teeth come, because one of them might literally be under my tongue). If I got them fixed then maybe my voice wouldn’t be so nasal anymore, but I can’t imagine that happening in any of the coming years.
      I know you don’t mean it in any bad way, but it’s something that is at least somewhat out of my control anyway.

    • +Aerroon yes mate only friendly piss take. I always have a laugh when you make a sarcastic joke on the podcast and goes right over the other pairs heads.

  20. Came via Reddit links on your discord channel.
    I think the ram did not kill monarch because if you hit side of bb with your warship less hp is lost as compared to bow on or stern collision i read somewhere. [or may be he had ramming flag installed :)]
    Nice maneuvering away from Jutland torps – i am sure i would have tunnel visioned Seattle and ran straight into those torps….

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