World of Warships: USS Alaska – Requesting Support

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I love the Alaska. My support requests went unanswered!

V-25 Jousting Tournament:

0:00 Game
17:22 End Screen
18:10 Captain Skills & Upgrades
18:40 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US heavy (super) cruiser Alaska.


  1. I saw you yesterday gettin downvoted to oblivon for expressing your opinion on CVs on the wows subreddit. FeelsBadMan

  2. <3 my favourite wows youtuber

  3. Václav Posledník

    8:07 – that was a nice “nice”

  4. I’m perfectly safe here
    *eats a citadel immediately*

  5. Love the Alaska! Had a game with friends, triple Alaska division, think we bagged about 9 kills between us! One of the best games i’ve had too! Got a Kraken too!

  6. The Master of Aerroony prevails once more!

  7. I need intelligence data!
    I need intelligence data!
    I need intelligence data!

  8. Ah the Alaska, gotta love it because it’s a BATTLECRUISER.

  9. Next thing you know a Missouri is just drifting around shooting alien ships

  10. If I ever make a real life replica of a ship, it’s going to be Alaska. Great vid, Aerroooooon!

  11. Dimitar Kodzhabashev

    HI Aerroon
    Can I join this if I didn’t play the first part?
    And if YES how?

  12. 16:23 Correction – Your teammates cleverly hid their ships underneath the water, so the enemy could not damage them again!

  13. how to kill your team mates.
    count how many there are.

  14. Matthew Baraclough

    As soon is I saw it go to 2 v 4 and the only threat to you was the Biz, I thought you might play for the Solo Warrior.. it is a opportunity, but then again, if the Musashi suddenly rounded the corner while you were waiting for Alsace to die you might have thrown a secure win. Correct call I think! Nice chat bants too 😁

  15. Hey it’s me again, the guy with the annoying ship suggestions! Today I come with a good one: the Seattle. You haven’t featured her for almost 2 years to the day, and there has been quite many changes with the CV and IFHE reworks. She’s not looking too bad on paper, but those turret angles are.. well.. not optimal

  16. The sound of Alaska’s guns is amazing <3

  17. I love my Alaska. Overall I’m sub 50%. In the Alaska- 64%. In the last 3v3 ranked I even sank all three enemy ships (2 BB’s and a CA). It’s so much more fun than the Azuma and the Yoshino. In 6 months time I should have the Agir but I doubt it’ll match up as being as good.

  18. I close to getting this one soon, just a few more days and I get to bring the hurt.

  19. Me: A War Thunder player, seeing that the Alaska will be added soon.

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