World of Warships: USS Alaska, Strong if you know what youre doing! WIP Battlecruiser

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The USS Alaska is still in the WIP phase which it’s citadel being raised in the latest version. This ship has been a tough one for me to get used to but when you figure out which ammo type to use in which situation. The 305mm shell leads you to think the AP is going to be the primary but it’s purely situational.


  1. Looking at this thing, then looking back at my experience playing old Ibuki, and the Seattle… Why do so many T9 line ships suck lol?

    • It’s a speedbump to T10.
      If all T9s were fun like Alsace nobody would bother with T10

    • +tamenga88 You arent wrong but its commonly known as the power creep. Look at nearly all the old Tech Tree ships. Some really haven’t aged well.

    • I mean roon buffalo and Neptune are all beasts for their tier and I didn’t hate ibuki when I played it but it was also my first tier 9 after having gotten all the tier 10 cruisers the only 9’s I kept though were roon and buffalo

      edit: saint louis was not bad but half way through the grind it got the 10% dpm nerf in exchange for the main bat reload booster gimmick which I didn’t like

  2. long intro 🙁

    • Going over all the stats of the ship on a preview = long intro?

    • +Mejash yes 9 min was a bit too long imho, (cause i watched 2 other CC’s on this ship aswell it might be a bit cause off that), but yeah go over main stats and say the other stats maybe during the game a bit. so imho 5 min max on the stats. great game though

  3. Fun fact.
    Of all the Navies that planned cruiser killer type ships in the late 30s early 40s
    Only America managed to commission 2 of them, the ONLY navy that didn’t need these type of ships because the USN had the Iowas.
    The Iowas were the only battleships ever built that could keep up and even run down cruisers
    of their generation, ergo they could also do the job of the Alaska with significantly more firepower.
    The USN conceived the Alaskas thinking they would end up with a Discount and low risk Iowa.
    Unfortunately the Alaska were nearly as expensive to built (like their custom and unique turrets and guns
    costing more to built than the larger Iowa’s weapon system) and nearly as expensive to crew and operate
    for a ship that is significantly less in capability than an Iowa.
    When Alaska and her sister Guam were decommissioned after WW2 ended they stayed decommissioned.
    In contrast all Iowas were reactivated when the Korean conflict broke out.

    Japan needed a Cruiser Killer type ship (B-65 Super Cruiser Azuma) because making the Yamato go 33 knots
    was a horrendously expensive proposition.
    The A-140 design was a fast Yamato that was too big to be accommodated in Japanese harbors at the time.
    Holland ordered project 1024 in the late 30s and needed these type of ships to hunt and kill Japanese 8″ cruisers
    who dare to venture in Indonesian waters.
    Holland was not wealthy and technologically far enough to afford and build a full size fast battleship at the time.
    The Japanese Azuma cruiser would have been a serious threat though.

  4. wargaming needs to stop letting players drop radar for planes on the USN ships its so frustrating to see someone running spotter DM I auto report those fools

  5. This will prob be the last of the free xp ships? My guess

  6. No more steel ships please. Free XP would be better.

  7. Thanks for the video, I have been saving xp and coal so whichever way they decide to sell it I should have enough. If this is the final version it looks like a ship that I will want to have.

  8. You said “This is a situation in which I only feel comfortable in this one ship” when you round that corner and afterwards you exclude the Kronshtadt. You kinda missed the opportunity to compare this ship to the Kronshtadt. So far this was more a recommendation video for the Alaska, when you haven’t even hinted at how she would be a recommendation over her competitors. Sure she has that solid AA which will come in handy during the CV-Reworkalypse but honestly how is this ship otherwise supposed to reach Kronshtadt levels?
    Kronshtadt provides you with that sweet taste of what you could have gotten with the Stalingrad and as we all know the Gunsystems on those 2 ships are just overwhelmingly powerful. The flat arcs combined with the high velocity just make them excel at killing cruisers, because people just lack the time to turn away from or into your shells. As a bonus 6k AP salvos are not a rarity on a bow-on Yamato with Kronshtadt. And you even have 10.000! HP more. Well, here we have Alaska, a high caliber HE Battlecruiser with mediocre arcs, a radar that has a longer duration but less range, which doesn’t almost extend to your max. visibility range and well probably a little bit more maneuverability – which you don’t even need because Battlecruisers maneuver ridiculously fast for their size anyway. So please tell us in your opinion why this ship would be worth 750 k free Xp or 100$ when you could also have the Russian AP monsters. How are people supposed to make up their minds when Kronshtadt will already probably be gone, when Alaska comes into the game?

    • You seem heavily biased toward the Kronch, he already said get Kronch beforehand as it is limited now, just get it to collect or pile resources for no reason.

  9. I can’t wait to get the Alaska! Been waiting forever!

  10. Alaska isn’t a battlecruiser. Alaska is a supercruiser.

    She takes up a cruiser slot because she is a cruiser. Anyone arguing with you that she’s a battlecruiser is wrong.

    She’s literally an enlarged Baltimore. She is the natural progression of cruisers without naval treaties restricting their size.

    • She gets called a battlecruiser because of her 12-inch guns, a calibre which defined the type when it was first created. Given that her _forte_ in game seems to be murdering cruisers with her major-calibre guns, I think it suits her.

    • +jsm666 I know why she gets called a battle cruiser, but it’s not a legitimate reason. 12″ guns were not battleship-caliber weapons in 1939. The US had not built a battleship with 12″ guns since 1910 with the Wyoming-class. 12″ guns were not battleship-caliber rifles in 1939 when the Alaska’s were designed. Alaska is, to put it simply, the natural evolution and escelation of the heavy cruiser without naval treaties restricting their tonnage and armament. WNT and LNT set the cruiser limits if 10,000 tons and 8″ guns. Then those go away, suddenly you have 20,000+ ton cruisers. And cruisers with larger guns than the treaty-restricted 8″ caliber. That is what Alaska is. She is not a battlecruiser.

    • charliedontsurf334

      +wun1gee So does that make Scharnhorst and Gneisenau cruisers having 11″ guns? Alaska was designed to counter Scharnhorst, and to kill cruisers with her much bigger guns. She was originally called a battlecruiser with the “CC,” but then the USN realized that calling them as such would cut into their battleship budget. They did the same thing today with the USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) and USS Ticonderoga (CG-47). They call Zumwalt a destroyer, but it is more accurately a light guided missile cruiser based on size and function. The Tico was originally a destroyer, but congress wanted more cruisers and rejected it. So the USN called it a cruiser with no technical changes, and it was approved. Changing the Alaska from a battlecruiser to a “Large Cruiser” was a convenient way around congress’s silly political rules.

  11. I would hope they fix the gun arcs and AP before it goes live.

  12. I never use expert loader. Just fire what’s loaded then change. Waste of a point imo

    • Expert loader is well worth it for almost every cruiser. Cutting your reload in half, which is less than 10 secs on most cruisers.
      Having the opportunity to spend 8 seconds to load ap and punish cruisers is worth the single poi t in about every match.
      It would be different if this was a three point skill. But at 1 poi y it is so valuable.

  13. If you have mighty mo why you bother with this ship. More money, check. Better armor check. Better fire power check. Radar check.

  14. Curious was Dnil any help this match? I saw how helpful he was in a DD Friday – LOL

  15. So if u have to chose 1 from kronshtadt and alaska what will u chose.

    • So a couple things to think about.
      1. We dont know how the Alaska is going to be sold yet
      2. The Kronstahdt is being removed (outside super containers) from the game in 0.8.0
      3. How fast you earn coal/free xp

      Go off of those. I personally like the Alaska more but both are great

    • it depends on
      1 , your game style .
      2, your predominant Nation .
      3, your resources .
      for me I use Premium ships as Crew Trainers ( and Fun ) , and I am used to the USN Arc’s .. so I shall be getting her ( I hope ) but as The Kron is leaving us soon ” ish ” I will have to grab her first 🙂
      Ps I do have The Mighty Mo and The Musashi and HMS Nelson too 😉
      I think I love this game too much lol
      What ever you do have fun and Fare Seas Captain .

  16. Alaska will be in WiP limbo forever.

  17. Someone can buy my krone for half the cost lmao. Wish i could sell or trade my krone for this…
    I heard her AP is kinda sub par tho

  18. i hope free xp or i have been saving for nothing lol.if they are going to remove free xp ships then they should let us no this in plenty time.

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