World of Warships: USS ALASKA, Tier-9, Premium American Cruiser

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In this World of Warships video, I set sail in The USS ALASKA, Tier-9, Premium American .
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  1. Epic comeback

  2. WOW that was a good game right till the end

  3. instead of ruddershift mod. try the 50% to full power engine speed boost mod. i run American light cruisers, and i switched from ruddershift to engine speed Worcester really improved my game with that switch

  4. Battlecry at the end:)

  5. that ending! I was gripping my mouse like I was in that game lol. Good job!

  6. wow such gameplay. Hiding behind shit….

  7. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    That was so tight you could have done with some lubricant! – LOL 😀

  8. I just fire whatever is loaded, then switch.

  9. Nice!!!

  10. So delighted wg improved the firing arcs and the dispersion. Kronshtadt can keep her 11k more health and laser velocity!!!

  11. Can you comment on why you didn’t use AP more when you had the Bismark broadside to you? Also FWIW I see you putting the cursor right on a ship & then the shells fall behind.

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