World of Warships – USS Arizona

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I wanted take a few minutes and talk about the Arizona as well as some show off some game play of my latest premium ship.


  1. I’m not playing

  2. Finally back from JROTC camp. Can’t wait to hop in on the next stream

  3. Nice vid…always had a thing for her sister, the Pennsylvania. Damn
    beautiful ships.

  4. Good shooting – dispersion on that thing seems pretty tight for a BB

  5. Bo, your grandparents sound like some pretty awesome people. Have huge
    respect for those that have risen up to serve.

  6. Fast & Furious: Pacific Drift

  7. USS Arizona’s No. 4 turret was actually reconditioned (and its guns
    reinstalled inside it) and put on USS Nevada as its turret No. 4 before
    Nevada (herself a Pearl Harbor survivor…and the only capital ship to get
    underway that morning) was shifted to the pacific theater following
    Normandy. USS Arizona’s reconditioned No. 4 turret, as USS Nevada’s No. 4
    turret, was actually used to fire on Okinawa before and during the invasion
    of the island…and would’ve been used to engage IJN Yamato in the suicidal
    night action of the slow BB line if that Japanese ship had survived until
    sundown and still been continuing towards Okinawa.

    As far as I’m aware Arizona’s No. 4 turret was still on Nevada when it was
    expended during operation Crossroads, the first Bikini Atoll atomic bomb

  8. Bo do you think you could give my channel a shoutout if I give you a
    shoutout on my meme page

  9. You did so much damage to that Minekaze, 11 of the other 15 Minekaze class
    sister ships also sank!

  10. Quick note of pride: my shadow box has a flag flown over the Arizona.
    Needless to say, if the house burns, the flag gets saved before I do.
    Thanks for another great vid!

  11. Jeff wheeler-field

    the head of the german intelligence at the time was a brittish double
    agent, america was warned about pearl harbour but ignored the warning, but
    personally I think letting it happen was the only way of getting the
    american people into “europes war” as well as the Japanese.

  12. Love the World of Warships Bo Regardless of if you win or loose its great
    seeing your tactical mind at work..

  13. make sure to switch out your ammo types. For most long range shots, unless
    you can get a good, clean hit on the side, use HE. AP Doesn’t like hitting
    above the deck, and since you’re accurate more often than not you can start
    lots of fires. For me, AP works better at mid to knife-fight ranges because
    the trajectories are flatter.

  14. marco “t500” jonker

    try the Halifax bomber in simulator battles lol its fun when you have it

  15. love the videos

  16. Bo look up a video on WW2 West Bank Disaster. They conform a mini sub
    in Pearl Harbor.

  17. Dustin Vincent Fischer

    I’ve always loved the Arizona. Also, love your vids bo keep up the good
    work. ;)

  18. Bo, In war thunder there is a special tip if you lose tail control, like
    the video with the halifax.

    Flaps generate lift so you can lift you aircraft, but its gonna be
    different. Also use engine control

  19. Bo, you have enlighten my day with more WW2 history. I love reading and
    researching anything that happened in WW2 from naval to infantry, tanks to
    aircraft, Allies to Axis, Leader to Leader. WW2 is my favorite time of
    history to read about. Please do more vid’s like this. Also can you take
    out the Iowa when you get it and give us a little history about The Mighty

  20. Bohica, I love this type of video. You should make more of these on
    different subjects. While I don’t mind you playing the regular game, I
    happen to like it more when you talk about the history of certain planed
    and vehicles when you record. I know that I am only one viewer, and that
    you have thousands that want something else, but please, make more videos
    like this.

  21. Moonlight serenade is one of the best songs of the big band era, right next
    to “In the Mood,” also by Glenn Miller, “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny
    Goodman, and “Manhattan Serenade” by Tommy Dorsey.

  22. Cat With Bag on Head

    State history… Sounds like you grew up in Texas…

  23. Bo, do u ever stream WOWS?

  24. This would make a great podcast

  25. A good book on the attack on Pearl Harbor is “At dawn we slept” by Gordon
    W. Prange. Along with his follow up book about the battle of Midway.
    I have both of those on my shelves along with ” The tank killers” by Harry
    Yeide. A history on the U.S WW 2 Tank destroyer force. Very good books,
    that are good informative reading.
    Long time World of Tanks player here. I’ll start playing WOWS, eventually.

  26. CptFlyingFort NmY

    Thanks Bo for explaining why the turrets are red, I never knew.

  27. To all those who believe the US high command knew about the attack, explain
    the casualty count, and just being completely unprepared….

  28. trigger patience helps in all games.

  29. My great grandad was on the Arizona

  30. Hey Bo, how does a German ATGM bounce off a track (Russian track) an come
    back and kill me?

  31. Yes the Arizona my favorite ship

  32. SiTH Spartanᴴᴰ

    More battle of Stalingrad

  33. Cool Vid Bo…always sad too think of those poor souls forever entombed
    inside her….also with regards to the LA Times article here a youtube link
    to the Japanese midget sub tv program they are talking about

  34. Bo, A Simple Request. Can you sail out the USS Texas and give the History
    behind it? I’ve got a lot of fans of yours from Texas that work at the
    hospital with me and they elected me as the spokes person to ask you.
    Thanks for the Videos Keep up the great work =)

  35. U should play the uss Oklahoma

  36. I once had a game in a Myoko where a ap shell caused flooding

  37. We don’t take state history…sounds like you’re in the south..

  38. Seems like something is bothering him in this video

  39. Great little tid bit! Next time, you ought to do a podcast with the
    gang on the story of the USS Lexington.

  40. Omg Glen Miller <3 yes yes and yes lol. :)

  41. My us history class just essentially said there was a war and just focused
    on the government programs that were made

  42. The Japanese were using armor piercing naval shells modified to be used as
    aerial bombs. That’s why the bomb penetrated so deep into Arizona before
    exploding. The resulting fireball and blast pressure from the exploding
    powder mag, followed almost instantly by exploding shells, would have
    likely killed everybody, or almost everybody, still below deck. The
    explosion was so powerful it crumpled the bow, lifted it out of the water
    and created waves estimated to be 10-12 feet high to hit the shore on, I
    believe, Ford Island.

  43. The_Black Ops_Master

    I have the Wyoming still :/

  44. You gotta love the Torpedo protection and esp the accuaracy of the Arizona.

  45. Goldenreveng /paulowalo

    No I was listening to that song with ny grandma wtf?

  46. ok what does TBLF stand for Bo

  47. Nice to see educated people who actually give a damn about our greatest
    generations struggle in WW2 I am also an absolute history nerd

  48. i absolutely love every video that you do that has a history lesson in it.

  49. Bo, what are your thoughts on the upcoming German battleships?
    Are you looking forward to playing that tech tree?

  50. Being that I was raised in Arizona as a child, I remember being quite heart
    broken to learn the Arizona was lost at Pearl Harbor.

  51. I still don’t get how the RN hasn’t been added but great vid bo

  52. hey bo im from Canada when ww2 started and Canada joined almost instantly
    and i was researching Canadas involvement and Canada navy actually
    patrolled some of the Atlantic coast to protect the US from German subs. my
    question is kinda broad but in your opiun did Canada make a big
    contribution to the war effort

  53. Do more WoWS videos, Bo, if with history lessons I’ll be ever more happier
    to watch them :)

  54. Never heard of the ship, sounds cool. Didn’t know it was such an iconic
    ship in America

  55. I am from roamnia and heard a lot of Arizona bad things happend at Pearl i
    feel sorry but the war was won people died not people heroes and the heroes
    on Arizona didnt deserve that tipe of death!

  56. Thanks for playing it i can see the gameplay and im gonna use the ship when
    i have a New pc my old one broke

  57. Iron Rod (Ironrod)

    Thx Bo. Great video. Remember our fallen in Pearl Harbour!

  58. BO TIME GAMING that is my favorite ship

  59. When you have a premium ship, use the 22,500 credit consumables, you will
    never lose money, just gain a little elss, but they have lower cooldowns
    that can save you

  60. Will there ever be a full podcast for this ship?

  61. Anyone playing Pokemon go?

  62. Ive seen both anchors in Hawaii and Arizona

  63. Oh Yeah BOat time gaming! been waiting on one, great job man .keep up the
    great work

  64. Hello

  65. Uss Texas is better DO NOT get this

  66. I am so early years!!

  67. Never gotten here so early before

    No one, thats who

  69. first

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