World of Warships: USS Boise

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A little match with the Boise. The heal is nice on this light , but range is somewhat lacking.

World of Warships footage of the tier 7 American cruiser USS Boise.
Giveaway code(s) are courtesy of Wargaming. Only one person gets to redeem it.


  1. Christian Krakhofer

    new mike? sounds very nice, been missing out a lot of your content and streams lately :/

    • Nope, same mic. Just put my face nearer to it.
      Also, you haven’t missed almost anything. I haven’t really made much.

    • Christian Krakhofer

      didnt expect that this would make that much of a difference, the and of my warships break is approaching.

  2. Greetings from Boise! (boy-see)

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan


  4. Is that code supposed to end with 3 letters in the last section or are we supposed to guess the last two?

  5. ASMR with Aerroon

  6. You dont really need that M key tap anymore you can just use the dot on the minimap that shows you where you are aiming

    • TrungVN the Purpdonkey

      Kaseko getting information visually is still more comfortqble i think

    • TrungVN the Purpdonkey the dot on the map is visual as well and it tells you in real time with the added bonus of not needing to press a button.

    • TrungVN the Purpdonkey

      problem is you are not really used to, like no one is used to aiming with the minimap
      having direct confirmation is still more comfortable

    • I aim with the minimap. I can’t get use with the double “M” tap. Tried it but I find it harder to judge the exact position.

  7. Aw, Aerroon… Eagles? You can’t be serious 😛

  8. Rust is “removed” bcuz it’s a premium. Silver ships are always rusty, premiums – never.

  9. Why do seagulls fly over the sea?
    Because if they flew over the bay, they’d be bagels!

  10. Sagos DucesRwild

    It is named after the Capital City of Idaho State. I lived there, they all say “Boy-se”. I am sure i would not pronounce”Tallinn” correctly either. I would say “tall-in”? close?

    • “Tallinn” is pronounced differently in English, because English pronounces “a” differently most of the time. So of course people in English pronounce it differently, but I was making a joke about English here. Come on, does the “American is such a weird language” not give it away?

    • Sagos DucesRwild

      me too. 🙂 Love you content, keep it up.

  11. A cold one with the boise! cheers

  12. unfair that a tier 5 in a tier 7 match scores fewer points, if you’re in a lower tier ship you have enough of a punishment, without the points penalty

  13. American English isn’t half as bad as Australian English. Mix British English with American English, throw in a handful of Aboriginal words, and allow to bake in the hottest parts of the Outback for a century.

    As one Royal Navy exchange officer put it “it’s less an accent or even a dialect, more like a continent wide speech impediment.”

    • AFTP 4i maaaaaaaate, that’s rich coming from a pom in the RN. ?

      At least we speak with the same dialect across the whole country, not changing whenever you go over a hill, now that’s a speech impediment. ?

    • TheRobbiUno – on the bridge he sounded like Prince Charles. Get a few beers in him, he sounded like Alfred P Doolittle…

    • well actually we don’t!

  14. 200 IQ torps

  15. was that the most perv “hello and welcome” ever or is it just me ?

  16. If she has torps it would have been nicer.

  17. It’s just mispronounced French, Bois. Ironically also not pronounced the same way as poise.

  18. Do i need a mechanical keyboard for the M trick? When i try it with my keyboard i do not get the same effect no matter how i try it. I have a logitech K120 keyboard. I would love to know your thoughts on a decent computer game setup Aerroon.

    • I don’t have a mechanical keyboard. My keyboard cost like €5 and it’s some noname keyboard.

    • Your graphic processing is a more likely culprit. Check your settings and have to ask the GPCMR snob question, do you have an older PC/Graphics card?

    • Yes i suppose i have, my pc is quite old. Maybe i need a gaming pc. Thanks for the input

    • I went through that myself. I was playing Dreadnought (WoWs in space) last year and my old system was really chugging trying to make it work. Luckily I got a screaming Memorial Day sale that worked out.

  19. What is the mission to unlock the NdJ if you buy the Boise?

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