World of Warships // USS California / “Tales from the Lone Bear State”

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The alternative title for this one is “Cats: Are They, And How Do We Stop Them?”


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I love this ship. It is almost impossible to miss it <3

  2. Ah, the thick boi ships. The only thing slower than their waterline speed is their reload, makes any misses super punishing.

  3. Derian le Breton

    c a t

  4. So can I submit a replay? Even a tier 3?

  5. You asked the York to use AP and they did. That was awesome lol

  6. OK, Jedi, If I change my in-game name to RNGesus, will I get shot at more or less?

  7. meow… hi sam is it?

  8. mateicosmin1989

    You might not know but the Lyon has a turtleback that can mitigate hits to citadels from 14 inch guns and lower at medium to close ranges, you might get a lucky cit from time to time but they are a bit rare.

  9. *m e o w*

  10. PointyHairedJedi

    Doing not too badly! And I do remember your name, you asked me a bunch of questions back when I did those videos. 😀

  11. UrbanTarzan Duh

    @PointyHairedJedi yes, i did 🙂
    Thanks for not mentioning the rest haha. I’m less proud if those.

    Anyway, i wanted to casually discuss depression and arseburgers, if you’re up for it?

  12. UrbanTarzan Duh

    I say this, because i believe i could be of use. I am good at helping people organise their own thoughts. And i love any opportunity to interact with cool unique people.

    As for arseburgers, i stand on the spectrum somewhere for sure. Never had any medical intervention with it, but can still offer my 2 cents

  13. UrbanTarzan Duh

    @PointyHairedJedi so far i have helped the loved ones of desperate people, helped a psychopath realise their condition (they accepted it immediatelly, interestingly), spoke at lengths to a horse psychoanalyst… It’s been a joyrney these past few weeks haha

    Just thought i’d drop in here as well, to help a friend.

    EDIT – though i fear my intentions are mixed, and go beyond simply helping you. I want to help more people. For that i need a louder voice. So i thought you might serve as my first stepping stone to.. “fame?”, exposure..?

    I plan on continuing this “experiment” by helping a more popular youtuber next. One that i also really like, depending on who responds.

    By climbing like this – i don’t think pewds would be too far out of reach, within just months.

    By the time i’m friends with someone that can get me in touch with pewds, i should have myself properly integrated in the network of helpful people. And can begin my works.

  14. If you’ll pardon the comment, this is a superbly ‘out there’ comment thread even by YouTube standards. Allowing ofc for me having no background context

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