World of Warships USS Des Moines New Commander Skills DPM Beast

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While some ships in World have been hurt by the new commander skill rework, there are many ships that have benefited from the changes. One of those ships in WoWS ins the Tier 10 USN Cruiser Des Moines. Des Moines has always been a great cruiser, however, after the rework the Des Moines has become even more of a DPM best. The skills have helped her, and breathed new life into this old ship. I am using a 21 point Halsey commander and give you the loadout that puts this ship into mode territory. Quicker reload, harder hitting AP are some of the benefits given to the USS Des Moines after the rework. Interested to hear your luck with this loadout.


  1. Ha! Fellow dad gamer here. Before you know it they’ll be squadding up with you on their own rig.

  2. i honestly dont have an issue with deadeye. having a t10 loliboat with smoke and the ability to melt a full-health battleship within 30 seconds is just as unhealthy. if i can be just as effective hovering at my concealment limit as i can within 12km, i call that a win. if i had this before i wouldnt be on an ongoing 3 month hiatus

  3. “rEpORt DeS mOInES AfK” reeeeeee lol

  4. Danie Jansen van Vuuren

    I’ve tried a full AA build on the DM, so far, the shorter range and slower reload is worth it (I still took the increased AP damage), nice to have the fun police try once and the go bother the other side of the map for a while. a Truly competend CV will probably still hurt me but so far, so good.

  5. You were lucky that the enemies were even close to your cap… meanwhile everyone in Asia just slings shells at each other from 20km away

  6. Still love the Des Moines. Halsey is also with my Des Moines and shared it with my Alaska.

  7. Hey Zoup, I went back to that last video of yours with the Des Moines build, is that build applicable for all the USA Heavy Cruisers? What about the USA Light Cruisers (Cleveland, etc)?

  8. The dad game. Dont know how many times your 10 min and you get the Daddy!!!!

  9. Somehow, you saying “loadout” while having also referenced your baby dookie emergency is kinda funny…

    To wit, for future reference: “You said Loadout…”

    I guess my ultimate sticking point is, it is *really* worth spending commander points on that Heavy AP still for, say, an extra ~70HP damage if RNG is feeling generous? I’m still kind of on the fence about that one.

  10. I’d be interested in which ships loss how fast they can fire and how much time they loss when firing. It seems quite a few DD’s that I own seem slower now than compared to last commander skills!

  11. Андрей Квасов

    Please, I miss the skills distribution, could you tell me what you used?

  12. The heavy ap and he/sap skills are a waste of three points. The easiest way to show this is with math. I will use 100,000 damage as the base, without having either of the skill. If you then add there percentage increase, you get 105,000 and 110,000 respectively. That if you just fire that one shell type. That’s why in my opinion that an extra 5,000 and 10,000 is not worth 3 skill points.

    • Ahah! I made a skeptical comment about the heavy AP skill and got flamed for it. Stopped, re-spec’d my Des Moines, played it, and concluded “no 5% on AP isn’t worth it.” If you are firing AP all the time on DM, you are doing it wrong. If you shoot AP 1/2 the time that 5% drops to a 2.5% DPM boost. (No I’m not taking damage difference between HE and AP into account, just making a point.)

      That close quarters skill OTOH is glorious on some cruisers – especially Des Moines. Free 8% reload reduction when they’re coming to getcha? You bet!

  13. Here are the skills. Takes 6 min to list them.
    1pt 2pt 3pt 4pt
    GtG – Grease the Gears CnEn – Consumables Enhancement HvAP – Heavy AP Shells TGG – Top Grade Gunner
    GF – Gun Feeder AR – Adrenaline Rush CE – Concealment Expert
    SI – Superintendent

  14. Excellent video… but I think “pegging” means something different in the US and the UK. Lol.

  15. would love to see the mino build out you have and maybe some game play in her

  16. CV match, yet none of the CVs bothered coming there haha

  17. That is a beautiful blue steel camo…..

  18. I can really relate to this, I often have to go afk to either change a diaper or help with the bath or assist in general when someething goes wrong. Its an interesting diceroll on what you will come back to.

  19. isnt concealment expert going against Gunner skill?

  20. Haha, I wasted 10,000 steel for the shiny camo too.

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