World of Warships – USS Enterprise, HMS Gallant Teaser – Interesting!

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Some datamined stuff has popped up for the and . Two very interesting ships 😀 Enjoy this small sneak peak.


  1. Wow. A tier 8 premium US CV that plays like a normal tier 7 IJN. What will WG think of next?

  2. General Saufenberg

    i don`t play carriers but i want the enterprise in my harbor^^

  3. for big E
    – reduce squad size to 4
    – use upgrade Lexinton plane
    (Literally Shokaku with US flag)
    – increase capacity to 96 (historically)
    – plane remain the same

  4. So no one realizes that Gallant has all of the strengths of the other DDs and none of their weaknesses? Did we stop caring about balance anymore? I thought after what happened in WoT, people would be more cautious..

  5. Stephen Wrigley

    Looking forward to the Gallant myself, even more so now that preliminary stats have been mined.

    I reckon she’ll play like a USN/IJN hybrid with respectable fire chance for the gun calibre, and irritatingly good torpedoes for a non-IJN ship.

    (Hopefully the next round of supertesting/after 6.7 will announce Brit BBs..not getting my hopes up too much though).

  6. Me: ‘Yes yes yes!! Enterprise!’
    Sees this video: ‘Must click!’
    iChase: ‘She has a balanced setup’ yea yea keep talkin’
    iChase: ‘But she has T7 planes and can be in T10’
    CMON WARGAMING! My Shokaku planes already melt in a T10 match. And she doesn’t have the hangar of a Kaga!
    How bad can you be at making balanced CVs? And make her hangar to the historical 96. CVs need some love.

  7. Wow, you’re rude, Chase! You didn’t even include the Makarov in the Title nor the description of the video! If Stalin finds out about this treachery, you’ll get a free trip to Siberia, comrade..!

  8. guys, I’m looking to train a usn cv commander, which ship should i get? the saipan or the enterprise? thanks ???

  9. Nogely Mátyás

    Hi, What is the program you are using to view those stats?

  10. WG stop shitting on carriers and give us back manual drops for low tier cv when. Also when is British cv line coming

  11. yep chaise that is 1941 hull

  12. Hey Chase, what tool are you using to display that data?

  13. Another Power creep, Pay to win, overpriced premium. Just what this game needs. How about fixing Cvs before you release a new one WG?

  14. Looking at that ship model… WHERE’S MUH CHICACO PIANO AT THE BOW

  15. How dare you refer to one of His majesty’s ships as cute!

  16. Wait. A minute. Yorktown class CV carries 90 airplane.
    48 reserve plus 30 airborne, that’s 78 airplane.
    WG= historically accurate, totally.

  17. 10:00 iChase – I have seen StuntMan make this EXACT same mistake! Those numbers – they are for ALL 4 Torpedoes! So they probably do roughly 11k damage a piece.

  18. Can the Gallant fire torps singly like the British cruisers can? That’s a potentially huge advantage.

  19. Can’t wait for the big e to come to world of warships

  20. Dam the Enterprise, we all fucked, she is Overpowered in real life, attacked by air and sea

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