World of Warships: USS Enterprise – Still Good

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The Enterprise is really good. I had an incredibly enjoyable game in her.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 US aircraft carrier Enterprise.


  1. I miss rts cv man. I got in wows watching your videos in carriers so many years ago when the game was beta. I just miss it.

    • I kind of do too, but then I remember how frustrating the interface was and how frustrating playing against a good RTS CV player was.

    • @Aerroon i mean it was sure, but now when you are in a dd there is no need of crossdropping to die. A couple of rocket salvos will ruin you. And you can’t dodge them either

  2. Yes I missed you so much. How are you liking the subs

    • Haven’t played them at all since the last time I put out a video on them during one of the betas. I know nothing about them. (Didn’t even know they were out until I saw a meme a few days ago.)

    • Aerroon yeah me too trying to get them will have the rentals soon tho

  3. Was it ever not? I regret getting the GZ over her. Figured I already had Saipan no rush

  4. Here’s proof that this ship is a seal clubber’s delight.

  5. You should make a new video on the Hayate

  6. I might be too late to cry First, but never too late to leave a like for the Big E

  7. “Damage is all that matters in life”
    Aerroon=Phil Swift Confirmed?

  8. Still Good? STILL GOOD?! It was never not overpowered.

  9. Andrew Fremantle

    Thank you for helping demonstrate one of the reasons I don’t play Warboats anymore…

  10. 05:38 I love your humour Aerroon 🙂

  11. That Baltimore really good on how to kill secures for a few times.

  12. Enterprise is OP you know that right?

  13. typeZERO R3QU13M

    Aww… I thought you going to Change your Captain Voice… 😛

  14. It’s so refreshing to see actually balanced premium ship in the game in which Genova, Viribus Unitis, Mutsu or Yahagi exists…

    But jokes aside, yeah. T9 AA CA vs T8 CV… vodka powered balance.

  15. CV should start at t6, continue to 7-8-9
    CV default MM should be +1, t6 facing battles of t7-8, and so on

    This way defenseless ships (below t5) will not be harassed, there will be more cvs to research (to give content to Cancerous Vessel players) and other player by being higher tier will have functioning AA

    Change my mind

  16. FFs leave us alone with your cv games….

  17. Weeb voiceover on American aircraft carrier? Total base degeneracy Aerroon.

  18. A-tazhio 👍🤣🤣

  19. One video with you on Cv.. it’s cool but with this rework T-T
    However good memories and video on RTS gameplay with you (my second teacher)
    But question; this is “troll” or “serious” video ? :3

  20. “Apparently it just works” USS Enterprise in a nutshell

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