World of Warships USS Florida Review

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Today we take a look at the Tier7 Premium USN BB USS Florida. She’s got 12 guns in a French-type configuration, but do they have bite? Are they all bark? Well… it’s match making dependent. I walk you through the ins and outs and whether she’s worth it.


  1. I feel like this is the best ship out of all of the new American bbs event

  2. I can confirm your final conclusion, tier dependent (highly), squishy… health goes away fast if hit, guns can’t hurt most ships… can’t believe such a high caliber does mostly nothing… The ship is very nimble, can dodge incoming… just keep everyone at a distance or you’ll be sorry quick.

  3. Long ago, Georgia protected the colonies from the Spanish, now; they protect America from the Florida Menance.

  4. This was the original design for the North Carolina (3 x 4 gun turrets). When Japan didn’t sign the second London Naval Treaty, the USA upgunned the design for 16 inch guns.

  5. I was hoping a USN bb split would have yielded the 1920s South Dakota. I guess Kansas is her stand in now.

  6. I have the Florida and play it as a back line sniper with the spotter plane. It certainly can’t brawl but it’s just fast enough to dictate encounters, but you really have to pick and choose who you’re fighting. I agree about the HE as it doesn’t feel like I set many fires despite repeated superstructure hits.

  7. You play it like it isn’t meant to be played that why your getting slapped around in it it Slava at T7 further away you are more accurate the guns are and it has a hidden turtle back in rear of ship I play at distance like 14 km to 20 km away and smack cruiser that mess up

  8. Guess we got both North Carolina designs that are known now

  9. With only 25mm plating, anything with 380mm or bigger guns will overmatch your armor and shove your face in regardless of angle. Given the light armor I wish they had left her with more health; especially given her smaller guns.

  10. I heard some KKKKHHHHAAAANNNNSSSS!!!! in this review.

  11. Are these the Light BB’s ? And seeing you lose the ship like that I doubt I want it, I stay Russian BB. For those who want it I would advice an heavy cruiser !!

  12. I like her, and as bottom tier is not worst than a lot of other tier VII

  13. Bought it, like it. Good review.

  14. I’m so glad they finally did up my five year old suggestion of a ship based on the original design of the North Carolina

  15. Squishy like a French BB, guns NOT like a French BB…hard pass, thanks for the review.

  16. Aw, the match I was in is the one you showed the least footage of :c

  17. Want to know what Florida has that other places don’t? Agreeable weather, and if you were an Infantryman, you would know this! You can only be woken up by snow hitting you in the face so many times before you move here!

  18. “Wife favorite ship in the game at this point.”

    Happy wife, happy life.

  19. Sounds like they need to buff her pen

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