World of Warships USS Johnston and how to Get her and Other Important Ships into the Game

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USS Johnston and other important ships like USS Washington are missing from World . I have a simple and relatively easy solution to get them into game though. I need your help though! Details are in the video.


  1. I would rather see that then all the paper never built ships. There were way to many famous ships for them to use ships that were never ever built. Great Idea.

    • I don’t know how you would expect to fill a tree with sister ships. In a lot of cases, there just aren’t enough historical ships to make an entire tree. The US battleship, destroyer and IJN destroyer lines are really the only ones, as long as you don’t count the Montana or Nicholas. There are no lines that have no paper ships. It just doesn’t work.

    • sgthop also, the game would be boring without all those paper ships

    • It really would. Unless you really enjoy playing rehashes of previous ships. Take, for instance the Cleveland and Fargo class cruisers. A lot of people have said that the Seattle should have never been used, and that the Fargo should be in tier 9. That would be the most obnoxious shit ever, grinding through the Cleveland, then having to grind through a ship that is identical to the Cleveland immediately after, with worse MM.

  2. I would definitely buy camos for commonwealth ships for Australia as most are British ships anyway, $$$ cost wise x1.5-2 the normal premium camo sounds fare.
    Tho I really want my Daring class, Indefatigable-class battlecruiser HMAS Australia and while I have wish list a country class CA HMAS Canberra

  3. Thinking about this a bit more, this might be the perfect type of thing to add to the new arsenal shop though. The ability to buy special camo’s to honor famous ships, just a thought.

  4. I Love this idea, i wouldn’t mind seeing camo for well known ships, especially if their’s a HMAS Sydney camo for the Leander/Perth Class Cruisers (The ship has a pretty big significance in Australian naval history)

  5. “i´m sorry this is somewhat of a clickbait title”
    yea right, somewhat. as in 100%

  6. I think this is a great idea but with a price point around $10 bucks.

  7. Short term that would be great.  Long term, they can also do a Star Campaign or a 3 month campaign like they did with a couple of Japanese DD or the ARP.

  8. I would definitely buy that. I would also buy one for the Hoel and Heerman. And the Samuel B Roberts should absolutely 100% be in the game. It would obviously have to be lower tier but I think it could be made into something unique even if it wouldn’t be an all-around great ship. It’s just too heroic of a vessel not to be in the game.

    • MotorsportsMania21

      T K No, absolutely not. Samuel B. Roberts was a destroyer escort, not a destroyer. Destroyer escorts had a very limited armament and speed. Comprising of only 2 5/38 Dual purpose guns with a designed top speed of 24 knots though she did achieve 28.7 off Samar at emergency speed. A ship that slow and undergunned would be unplayable at any tier. A better idea would be a camo for the Fletcher that resembles Roberts if we want to go that route.

    • MotorsportsMania21 Yes I know she was a destroyer escort and what her limited capabilities for. But she did such a great job in that battle that I feel she deserves a place in the game. She could be low tier like tier 3 or four and be a lot of fun.

    • MotorsportsMania21

      T K That wouldn’t be fun. She wouldn’t be able to chase down enemy destroyers, she wouldn’t be good for dealing with battleships because she would have low tier American torpedoes, and she only has two guns so even if she gets into a fight with an enemy destroyer she’ll probably lose unless it’s a Mutsuki.

    • MotorsportsMania21 Give her something unique like just taking over pens from large calibre guns. IRL she took dozens of hits that basically went straight through her. Give her few guns insane reload. Or unique torps – very few but fast and longer range… something like that.

    • MotorsportsMania21

      T K The overpens thing is already something they’re thinking about. Specifically lowering the thickness of plating on destroyers so AP shells don’t arm even if they pass through the entire length of the ship. This is accurate for destroyers because their lack of armor meant large AP shells wouldn’t arm on contact with any part of the ship.

      Two guns is bad regardless of the reload. The shell velocity on the American 5/38s is very low compared to other destroyers, this results in some wonky dispersion even at closer ranges. An entire salvo whiffing at less than 6 km is not unheard of. We’ve seen that number of shells in the air at once is far more important than accuracy as demonstrated by the French battleship Lyon.

      If you just gave her few but fast and long legged torps she just becomes a Mutsuki. Said ship didn’t get the nickname “Mutsucky” for no reason.

      The problem is that she would necessarily be a premium ship. Most players do not want a premium ship to be added to the game unless it offers something unique. The John C. Butler class of destroyer escorts has nothing unique to offer that isn’t already done better by other ships. This is why people initially made so much stink about the Massachusetts: because its initial iteration was just a straight clone of the South Dakota.

      The other issue is that destroyer escorts were meant to do just that: escort duty. The largest enemies they were ever expected to face were submarines. They were not designed for fleet combat and thus should not be in a game that is principally about fleet combat.

  9. Zoup – I proposed a similar idea on the WoW site back when Houston, TX was flooded after Hurricane Harvey. Thought if WGing could develop a special camo for the CLEVELAND based on the USS HOUSTON CL-81 (also a Cleveland class cruiser) that could be sold with proceeds going towards relief in Houston. Don’t need a new cruiser but a special camo would be nice and a great way to raise funds. With regards to the USS Johnston, yes I’d probably buy at the current perm camo rate.

    • cgbosn4, what about CA-30 USS Houston that was lost in the battle of the Sunda Strait. Entered the battle along side of HMAS Perth with one turret out of action and fought to the death finally firing star shells after running out of her main ammunition. Could be a skin for the Indianapolis.

  10. I like the idea. I’d prefer Rodney to my Nelson. Gloworm to my Gallant. Depending on what bonuses the special camo would give depends on how much I am prepared to pay. But to have the camos as campaign and marathon rewards? I am up for that. I am more than happy to buy a month of premium, have fun playing the game and grinding out a unique camo

  11. Buy? No more than $5 but then again I believe WG prices are way too expensive anyway. I like the idea though.

  12. There is one problem tho … USS Johnson was square bridge Fletcher. This mean she looked as USS Kidd not as USS Fletcher. So just using different camo won’t do. Unless of course you don’t care about historical accuracy.

    • Enes Smajic We already have the Halloween skins which change the appearance of a number of ships so it can be done.

  13. Yeah, and let me just correct you though Zoup, its not just big in the US but for the Philippines as well. The ultimate sacrifice of the USS Johnston paved the way for the liberation of the Philippine islands.

    As for developments, I agree that introducing skins for existing warships would be more economically and time viable than developing a new ship. Wargaming should really think this through seriously.

  14. not to be rude but…, Samar is pronounced sah-mahr not saa-maar

  15. I would like if they made it like this:
    You research a ship (class) and have the chance to choose between a few ships of these class, for example you research the Iowa and can take the Iowa, New Jersey or Wisconsin (as the Missouri already exists in game), or you research the Kongo and can choose between Kongo, Hiei, Kirishima or Haruna.

    Or at least you have special permanent camos for each ship which also changes the name of the ship in game, so if you put the New Jersey camo on your Iowa the name in game is shown as New Jersey and not Iowa

    • Chainging the name in the team line up would just be confusing. There are close to 300 ships in game and putting three different names on the exact same ship would just make it harder for everyone not being a naval history nerd.

    • Kongo in game is Hiei

  16. Yes and 10-15 US Dollars.

  17. I just wish wargaming would allow us to select the ship name we see from the real ships included in each class. In game, the ship name followed by the class would be shown above each ship (ex. Salt Lake City [Pensacola]). That would really personalize the game more for each player, allowing them to play their favorite ships in game.

    Whether it be a free choice, or a small credit or doubloon fee, it would be fun to have different ship names showing up. Just think of a triple Iowa division. What’s more impressive? 3 Iowas steaming toward you? Or The Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin steaming toward you?

  18. Enterprise Gaming

    I think having the option of different camo schemes for different ships of a class is definitely a good idea! Maybe have the well known ships only though for classes like the US DDs where there are up to 170 or more different colour schemes or hull numbers as options

  19. Colonel David Davenport

    I would pay for specific ship camo’s – I would pay $15 to $20 for specific camo’s for historic ships!  Great idea NoZoup!

  20. The USS Johnston (DD-557), Sammy B and her escort CV’s is a hell of a story and well worthy of WG’s attention 🙂 if that Yamamoto class BB had only pushed with her TG, the outcome of the pacific war would have been so much different ! Mind you I think Aussie ships still need a much bigger exposure in WOW’s myself 🙂 were’s my HMAS Sydney and Brisbane WG ??
    Keep up the great work Zoup 🙂

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