World of Warships: USS Kansas – New T8 US Battleship

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Kansas is lackluster. She feels more like a T7 ship than a T8 one. Her slow speed is her undoing.

0:00 Intro
0:21 Kansaw
0:59 Game
12:00 End Screen
13:14 Commander Skills & Upgrades
15:45 Armor
18:53 Kansas vs North Carolina vs Colorado
30:08 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 US battleship Kansas.


  1. I’m not a fortune teller but I’m pretty sure I know how this is going to go.

  2. I’m from Kansas. Please just say Kansas I beg you.

  3. Good vid as always!

  4. Arkansas weirdos always trying to ruin english.

    • @Karthik Well, you take a Native language that the French explorers barely understood (and didn’t have a written form, so no ‘correct’ spelling), and strain what they think it sounds like through French and then English and passed on over the course of 2-3 centuries and you get what you get lol. I thought it was a funny story, and heck it took me 30 seconds to find. It’s certainly a better story than the origin of my State’s name…it’s just Penn’s Woods.

    • @ザム「Zam」 Agreed…but what’s more political than being able to name the land itself?

    • It’s cool, I understand. I’m from Illinois and people not from and some actually from there pronounce it with the S at the end. Education isn’t a strong suit of the United States

    • hey is there USN Nebraska?

    • list of foreign states names? especially the french which got so much silent word

  5. the way you say kansas makes it sound like youre just saying cancer in a really skewed way

  6. Should I have split this video into two? One being about the match itself and the second being the comparison between Kansas, NC, and Colorado? Throw in the armor scheme look too.

    • I am so used to your videos being the battle with commentary, and then a quick overview of the ship and it’s setup that I didn’t notice there was 20 minutes still left to go after the fight was over. I generally just skip the end part, because I don’t play the game and don’t pretend to understand what the Captain’s Skills do etc. So maybe.

    • I live in the state and how you first pronounced it was the correct way

    • The reason for this ship are the new player they gave them a ship wich can attack far away with no danger maybe J line and had the feeling they can play this can because they hit something so no danger for this bots but u will never see them near caps so basically a player nobody want i the team so i know for the future where this ships will be

    • bro it KANSAS not KAN SAW

    • @jay Vee or make their AP performance the same and make their accuracy similar

  7. I heard “We are in the T8 American battleship the Cancel”

  8. Not sure how I feel about having 1910s-1920s designs at tier VIII-X, they don’t seem to work well with late 1940s ships.

  9. The new US Fattleship

  10. tbh when that Monarch was broadside to you you always aimed too left or too right, the shells never landed where the citadel was until after

  11. I could listen to a whole video where you just pronounce different names of states lol

  12. Soon I will take Kansas from the missions. I think that WG will buff the line in someway if the community keeps saying they are balanced bad and etc. Let’s just hope

    • I hope so, they dont seem TOO bad to me but defiantly could use some buffs here and their (no excuse for the damage repair being crap and my god that 6km accuracy PLZ BUFF 1.7 seems ok to me) Bear in mind too these things have the same shells at Colorado as well.

  13. Yes, Aerroon, the pronunciation of Kansas and Arkansas troubles me greatly.

  14. The second line american BB’s are getting the British CA treatment, a filler line with no redeeming qualities and underwhelming performance because they’re “not russian” !

    • @Neev Dhawan why because of the 12 457s, welcome to cruiser overpen city im sure.

    • @Jay Werner superheavy 457 which overmatch most CA and cl and even with overpens they still would get fucked

    • @Neev Dhawan ya might want to double check that cus i dont think they are super heavy, if they are tell me but i think they just 457 shells. Still point taken, the 30mm des monis armor really doesnt mean much these days huh.

    • Александр Шугаев

      @Jay Werner ballistics-wise Vermont shells are little bit faster than Ohio ones, and she have more penetration at longer ranges

    • As of now Vermont has Ohio shells because of the AP damage. Maybe they will change it.

  15. you should have aimed for the belt armor instead of the waterline when you are in close range – like with the monarch

  16. That’s Germ….American battleship accuracy for you.

  17. This is an amazing analysis vid more of this plz

  18. The poor qualities of the Kansas, and indeed all the new American battleships is really simple to explain. They are not Russian.

  19. Arkansas has a French pronunciation, where the “s” is left silent, while Kansas has an English pronunciation, where it isn’t, is the short reason for the discrepancy. Apparently, different people were mapping different areas back in those days.

  20. Also, on the Kansas, at close range one probably should not aim using the waterline. Rather, aim mid-ship height.

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