World of Warships USS Massachusetts Tier 8 Premium Battleship – The New Fan Favorite

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has managed to release a premium that players are loving. The Tier 8 Massachusetts is just plain fun. It also has the added bonus of helping players play better, despite the fact she isn’t as accurate as the Alabama or the . Could this be the start of more secondary oriented USN BBs?

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  1. I run a secondary build on all my BB’s crazy yes but fun non the less.

  2. A Cleveland was nose in trying to ram me… Secondaries just ripped her apart

  3. I played 2 days ago and someone on the opposing team with the (90th) clan tag had your name. I thought NO WAY, someone tried to copy it but I checked afterwords and was I like, shit, it was you. Whatever floats your boat I guess!

  4. David Schwertfeyer

    coping is the highest form of flattery Zuop

  5. Zoup- it’s easier to understand that popularity of this ship if you don’t compare her to the Alabama. I have both and they are DIFFERENT animals completely.The secondaries are like having an Atlanta strapped to each side because they shoot over small islands, which most other ships ( looking at you Germany) cannot do.

    And while the sigma is lower than the Alabama, it does not matter because your not ( or should not ) be trying to snipe with her, you have to get closer than you would with her “sister” so more shells will land on target. In other words, most average skill players ( like me ) find it easier to hit targets.

    I have been wracking up damage because destroyers and cruisers have simply not gotten used to the fact that her secondaries will wreck anything within 11.2 kilometers, and pestering other BB’s has become my favorite pastime with it.

    So, while Missouri will always be my number 1, this ship has slid into second place easily.

    • But put Massachusetts and Alabama together in capable hands on the same team and watch the hilarity ensue. It is a deadly combination with both ships sailing together in game with each other covering the other ships weaknesses.

    • Alex Wijnmaalen

      Benson, I totally agree. She is so much fun to play with, not because she is a gimmick ship, but because she is super solid. She is everything I like from the NC (spectacular bowtank, great AA, hard hitting shells) and I get the secundaries, awesome turning, thick torp protection, good camo and shorter hull thrown in the mix. So I have to get closer to hit something. I already played my NC in medium to close range anyways. Getting close with Big Mamie just multiplies her damage output immensely and my regular NC dmg output fairly well too. I really, absolutely love this ship.

  6. So true Id love to see more and more people play BBs more aggressively like when I say I am making a bully run 9 out of 10 times when they see a BB hard pushing in they panic.

  7. Zoup, you’re the only reviewer i listen to since you present it in a non-egotistical way. Thank you.

  8. Massachusetts is a freaking gimmick, and should have been a buff along the entire line to make US BBs more competitive

    • US BB’s are already competitive. The Monty is constantly used in ranked, and clan wars. The Mass is simply a fun ship that rewards brawlers, and allows a different playstyle.

    • Timon Abramovic

      I’ll have to agree to Theenragedone….
      The USS BBs, esepcially the Monty, are to go to for all at Clan Wars and Kind of the Sea as well…so I guess you couldn’t be more wrong there

    • My idea of a viable buff: Replace Artillery Plotting Room 1 and 2, to allow for the same flexibility as other battleships. I’d prefer to run Aiming System Modification 1 and Main Battery Modification 3 on my Tier 9-10 USN battleships.

    • Just so We are all aware the Massachusetts kind of is not just a buff since it’s an actual real ship

    • It’s much more of a addition of the real line but I do appreciate that it’s a premium ship since the real ship is not as famous as the other classics that are in the main line

  9. ahh, yes, the Giant Placebo, well said, Zoup.

  10. I’ve been having a lot of fun in my Massachusetts. Really punishes those cruisers that get to close.

    • If a Cruiser gets to 11km of a Battleship and is detected, it deserves to get rekt. The problem are the ones that aren’t stupid and are hammering you at 15km+.

  11. wows is not the wows I grew up on. its now filled with people afraid to fight and use there ships the way works best. to many use numbers to try and shame others. you put out the best video’s in my eyes and wish more would fight this new style that has invaded wows. months now no end to it. oh well keep up the great video’s and good luck on clans. 90th rules

  12. AlphaNapalmBravo 22

    I want a USN battleship like the Massachusetts at t7 the Maryland in its 1944 configuration

  13. Massachusetts is fun but i find my team mates just sit behind me watching full health while i get burnt to a crisp.

    • Crazylegs So, you (presumably) have a strong secondary build BB which you use to close on the enemy and you expect non secondary build BBs to follow you in because? Why should they follow you, if they don’t have a strong secondary build BB (and I pretty much mean a BB with strong secondaries in addition to a secondary build)? I’ll tell you this. If I were in a strong secondary BB, I might follow you. But if I wasn’t, I absolutely would not!!! Fight your BB to its own strengths, not someone else’s, even a team mate’s.

    • Yea i wouldn`t expect anyone to just yolo in , But most of the time i`am pushing them back but the 3 ships behind me just stay back waiting for me to do enough damage so they can pick em off. Bit annoying some times. I am an average player but i know when to push an stay back.

    • I have had luck with replacing Manual control Secs with Fire prevention and lasting longer. the other thing is that fact I have gotten in several instances where my secondarys are opening up on both sides, something you CANNOT do with manual fire. Plus for moving DDs the shotgun effect instead of direct waterline aiming for the secondarys hits more!

    • I might give that a go Patrick, I have a 19 point admiral Halsey with a very close spec to that only concealment instead of Fire prevention. I use him on the Atlanta but il give it a go today.

    • Concealment Expert is a waste on a secondary build BB, as you will be permanently spotted at those close ranges. Fire prevention is a must have for that style of brawling. When you can get around to it.,make a new captain for one of the USN light cruisers which can double as your Atlanta captain.

  14. Colonel David Davenport

    Excellent video – very positive and funny!  Thanks! – BTW – I love my Massachusetts!

  15. My first Mass battle 175k dmg. 40k secondary dmg alone using my 19pt Cleveland captain. IFHE adds pen to nearly all cruisers and as long as you only take fire dmg the repair party keeps you in it amazingly well. Once AR kicks in, those 127s melt the reds nicely.

  16. Stevonnie Jenkins

    i am american and i am feeling very patriotic…… FOR CANADA! THE HAIDA IS A BEAST AND IS SO FUN HAHAHAHAHA
    you can keep your free-DUMB ships (well no offence the the ones in real life, they are awesome, as one of my relatives served on the Missouri), but i am happy with non-yankee ships in game.
    Still, defiantly an improvement from other american battleships.

  17. for fifty bucks it should come with a blow job and pudding

  18. Havent bought it yet. But last night I played a game in my Alabama alongside another player in his new Massachusetts. Both sister ships deployed together was freaking amazing and a deadly duo at that.

  19. Alex Wijnmaalen

    I always went bow first with the NC shushing away Bismarcks and Tirpitzs from capture points as the North Carolina can do some serious bow tanking. I love her so much. And you know what? Big Mamie is even better at tanking damage from the nose. Plus she got the AA threat the NC brings to the fight, she got amazing torp protection, can turn on a dime, got great camo for a BB and she hits hard when she hits. And on top of all that, the obvious two Atlantas in the room, firing mount lopping HE shells at a high rate of fire. The only thing “wrong” with her is she got a bit worse aim then her nieces and sisters. She would do a little less well on a faire at the beanie bag trowing event.

    But somehow, that doesn’t matter. Stuff dies when she gets close. I don’t even have to try as hard as in my beloved NC. Big Mamie can take a shit ton of damage, dodge torps, shoot minivans into the closest BB, while her secondaries shred the DD left of you and returning the favor to the American light cruiser camping behind the island to the right of you….all in one go. For my already close combat playstyle with the NC, Big Mamie is a dream come true. O, and a plus is that she is shorter then her t8 niece too, so she has less places to get hit on.

  20. They really need to change secondaries to be player controlled.

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