World of Warships – USS Minnesota – The North Star State

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Things Minnesota is famous for – The worlds’ first shopping mall, Scotch Tape, Post-It Notes. the Coen Brothers and battleships that never actually existed. Well, except for that one in 1905.

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  1. Ah USS Minnesota, the closest approximation of a circle in WoWS

  2. Oh I hate going slow in battleships, the american grind was painful. Tillman ships are hillarious though.
    Also that chat is hilariously stupid.

    • @luketfer Lets be honest a lot of tier 8’s and 9’s have the FXP to get through the torture feel to them.

      Izumo before it’s buffs.
      Ibuki (it’s just a Myoko that sees tier 10’s!) Baltimore when it was tier 9.
      Seattle (god it sucks it’s like a Neptune but nerfed to death with no smoke, torps or secondaries/AA!)
      Admiral Hipper and Roon!

    • @Ushio01 I actually enjoyed the Admiral Hipper when I was playing through it…the Roon, however, I will agree with, it’s odd turret layout makes it a very wonky ship to use if you’re not kiting…and kiting is about the only thing it’s good at.

      I would argue that the Lion should be included in that list after they raised its citadel.

      However I often find that the tier 8s are usually solid ships but the tier 9s are FXP bait since they’re usually, at best, minor upgrades to the tier 8s and at worst basically sidegrades.

    • @luketfer I just listed a few examples the Monarch and Lion would be others I would include the Iowa (my opinion it’s too long and suffers in agility compared to the NC and especially the premium Mass and Alabama) at least the Georgia has 18inch guns rather than the boring 9 16inch of so many ships.

    • @luketfer the issue i had with the colorado wasn’t the speed, it was the broken fire rate HE spamming premiums that are only good against you. I quite liked the fire power and usually didn’t have terrible games in it, though the rudder equipment was vital for survival. But the amor profile was just so bad that every t8 and t9 bb was just flat out gonna win against you because it had a similar cheek weakness as the yamato. No engagement was one you could take lightly

    • They aren’t even real tillmans though. I want my state’s name removed from the ship. We don’t deserve to be associated with such pos.

  3. Kansas and Minnesota are not Tillman designs, they are the 1923 South Dakota class and modernised South Dakota class respectively. Vermont is a modified Tillman-IV sans one turret.

    • @Ushio01 I’d take any T7 battleship over Kansas.

    • @The Hippy Griff Honestly, I can’t see there being much a Kansas could do to really hurt a Bismarck besides fling HE at it and pray the Bismarck decides to go kick something else to death. Otherwise, any non-donkey Bismarck is going to do exactly that to a Kansas. Precious little armor to protect it from the secondaries, horrible accuracy and pen, and a reload to make a grown man weep. Far too slow to think of running, and too fat to think of hiding.

    • @Ushio01 in a heart beat

    • I’d be willing to believe you with Kansas and Minnesota except for one fact. None of the 1920 SoDaks were going to be named Kansas and Minnesota; rather they would have been named South Dakota (naturally), Indiana, Montana, North Carolina, Iowa, and Massachusetts. So if these ships were 1920 SoDaks why use Kansas and Minnesota instead of, say, South Dakota (not currently in use, the only 1939 SoDaks are Mass. and ‘Bama) and Indiana?

    • @72 Virginians Like Wg hasnt butchered any non-russian ship name before. And this entire line is pure botch.

  4. Last time I was this early the us congress still refused to give the navy money

  5. The T8 and T9 ships are WW1 South Dakota designs. The T10 is one of the less powerful Tillman ship though

  6. Yeah, this is utube, but more than that, youre Jingles, destined to do Jingles.

  7. In this video:

    – Azuma was called Alaska
    – Ognevoi was called Grozovoi

  8. Actualy Jingles:
    1 The captain skill is not for kraken is for conf.
    2 He can earn medals, otherwise the skill wouldn’t have worked, this is just a replay bug that dosen’t shoe you the medals, but you can see them in chat.

  9. My man Halsey perks when scoring a Confederate, not Kraken. Which is why he’s so great on Des Memes. Very easy to take 20% HP from the various lolibotes and light cruisers early in the game. 🙂

  10. He reported that guy in chat for the gangbang comment lol

  11. …..The hell is going on in the chat?

    And anyone thinks that WOWS just started down the WOT line of development, introducing ships that were only concepts at the best of times?

    • Well South Dakota was 38.5% complete, so T8 and T9 are more real than most russian BB’s, but I know where are you comming from.

    • *looks at Russian tech tree and Russian premiums* What do you mean “just started”? How much worse could WOT possibly be that you think WoWs “just started” doing that?

    • @Tobias Reinhold Well, I havent played either in years, thank the gods. But last i checked, WoT was pulling entire tech trees on the basis of “This is what they wo9uld have made…probably”
      WOWS at least has schematics, no?

    • And to think of all the British navy classes they could impose.

      Personally i would make tier 11 a new generaton of battleship: the Pre-Drednaughts, and contemporary cruisers, Run up to tier 15 then introduce Wind mechanics and Ships of the Line at tier 16 (I would actually run backwards in time: so you can have ships of the line at 16 scrapping with early Ironsiders and HMS Warrior from tiers 15)

  12. Tier 10 is a Tillman offspring, the other two look more like South Dakota class ships two me, especially Kansas.

    • They are. There were follow on designs from the South Dakota right up until Washington, these seem to be them in an imagined modern form, even the tier ten has at least as much in common with them and the considerations for 18″ guns as with the Tillmans.

    • Minnesota and Kansas are the 1920s South Dakotas. They were supposed to follow the Colorados. 12 16-inch guns. Heavy armor. 23 kts speed. I don’t have a clue what Vermont is. Florida is what North Carolina would have been with the original quad 14-inch guns.

    • Because they ARE the South Dakotas. Kansas is South Dakota as designed, and Minnesota is South Dakota that’s recieved an egregious refit much like the other American “Standard type” battleships.

      Jingles really sounded quite uninformed throughout the entire… *half* of the video where he talks about the designs.

    • @Nik VanCamp The guns are not historically the 1920s South Dakota’s guns. They should be the 16/50 Mark 2/Mark 3 guns. Kansas and Minnesota use Colorado’s guns in triple turrets and a made up Mark 7 mount.

    • @John Hacker Vermont is a modified Tillman design (Tillman 1)

  13. One more thing about the Kansas, there’s a big square block of ship on each side, right at the thickest part of the ship. Apparently that’s where they’ve stuck the engine, because I’ve had mine knocked out on multiple occasions by aircraft torpedoes striking there.

    • @Almond19912 i would expect similar aa to the colorado in effectiveness (77-90 area), but they might update them so the new broken german carriers don’t absolutely annihilate them constantly. The ships are already about as historical as me ruling the senate in starwars.

    • They have. Also if you look closely at the kansas on this side you’ll see the funnel and engine are bassically exposed without armor. Its a design that wouldve never been possible.

    • @Reaper King The whole line is Wargaming forcing blueprinted ships, wrapping them in object 279e level fake sauce, adding Colorado toppings, and them putting them into an arbitrary mold oven. The only reason this man did well is people don’t quite know where to shoot the ship yet, that and the guns behaved.

    • See, the idea was that, if the engine failed, you could take off that big slab of metal on each side, unbolt the entire engine, load a new one off a barge into one side of the ship, and yeet the old engine overboard. A bit like a giant belt-fed machine gun.
      Stranger things have come out of Kansas… My uncle Wilbur, for one… He carves wooden chickens. That’s his job.

    • These ships were supposed to be a bit longer than Wargaming seems to be presenting.

      You know: Battlecruiser length.
      Apparently they decided to justify a shorter length by sticking the engine above the waterline. Interesting choice. Wouldn’t do it myself.

  14. The tillman 4 ‘s (with the 6 barrel turret) engineering crew would be on the same suicide watch as the German mechanics who would be responsible for repairing a thrown track on a p.1000 ratte

  15. *Minnesota superstructure looking like an apartment complex*

    Clevelands and Chapayevs – “I can milk you.”

  16. Watched Mr Gibbins on twitch the other day play the Minnesota. He made fun of the 40 sec reload by reading The Silmarillion to the audience between volleys. It was hilarious.

  17. a bit about the Tillman designs (according to drachinifel at least):
    he didn’t like to give the USN much money (as did the entire congress) and since they came every year with a bigger ship he just asked the design team to build the biggest (and best) ship possible. The only restriction being of course that they still can cross the panama-canal (beam restriction). The idea was that after building those ships nothing needed to be done since they already had the best ships (not realizing of course that everybody else would build just the same and even bigger ships than them).

    • From my limited research of him, I’m not sure Pitchfork Ben was the sharpest tool in the shed.

    • @E350tb To be fair, we tend to forget that the US Federal Government back then didn’t have near complete power to tax, so building a fleet that alone cost more per year than the US government used to spend on everything a few decades earlier was worrisome to many. Tillman and people like him, for all their kookiness, were making an honest attempt to give the US a powerful enough navy without bankrupting the Federal Government doing it. They weren’t wrong either, because despite the US economy booming during the 1920s, having no great war debt to service, and no great expansion of the US government to pay for, the Federal government was still bankrupting itself paying for the US Navy, and so was as desperate for the naval limitation treaties as the British.

    • @Generic Person X yep, they had to pass a Constitutional Amendment to allow the income tax before passing Prohibition, because the US government made almost all it’s tax income from excise taxes on alcohol. Really.

    • We should be glad WoWs didn’t go for true Tillman designs.

      The Graf Zepplin would be dwarfed by those massively overbuilt battlecruisers.

  18. The Horn: “Oh hey’there bud”
    The guns when firing: “OPE!”
    And the engines are just fast enough to “sneak right past ya’.”

  19. They’re just laughing in Russian, that’s why. WoT is the same. The meta has long passed by American tanks, but they don’t get buffs to stay competitive like the Russian line.

  20. Jingles: “with turning circles measured in Post Codes rather than hundreds of metres”

    Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado: 640m

    North Carolina: 760m
    Iowa: 920m
    Montana: 950m

    Jingles I have no idea what you’re on about

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