World of Warships: USS Missouri aka USS Free XP. What to do to prepare

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The USS is coming to World of Warships as the first T9 premium. The T9 premium is an Iowa class battleship that will only be able to be purchased using XP. Lots of Free XP.

World of Warships Iowa info: http://.com/en/news/common/insertundersiegereferencehere/

Armored Patrol report:


  1. No link in the description as mentioned in the video. FailFish

  2. Will the Missouri be worth it all that free xp? I heard it will have a much
    better armor than Iowa.

  3. I got a super container 50k free xp and now have 120k and i feel long away
    from it

  4. I really hope they are reasonable with the amount of time to get it. Maybe
    6 to 12 months

  5. It better be a “REAL” Premium and not a fake Premium like the ARP shits

  6. *”Like I said, guys…”*

    Yeah, you did – and when you say it for the umpteenth time, it might be a
    clue that you don’t need to say it another time and instead wrap up the
    video or segment.

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