World of Warships – USS Missouri, Graf Spee and Lack of Japanese Prem. Ships

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  1. Missouri is 800k free XP WTF 🙁 even if i play for 2 years i will not get

  2. I refuse to pay 130 dollars for a ship when I can convert what I have now
    and boom into Iowa

  3. you missed the Scharnhorst at tier 7


  5. My anwer is wach zerra channel . You tube abount Missouri battleships ….
    Is IT worth 125 US Dollars ?
    For the game play i do Belive that Fredrik S. At Tier 9 is a abount as good
    as US battleship….. Why pay 125 $ for one ship.?

  6. The point is WG stopping people from skipping a ship line… for example a
    new player today could play a week, spend $100, and get the minotaur (a
    very high skill cap ship). Making it 800k free XP is a ploy to take free XP
    away from wallet warriors I think. That’s my take on it

  7. Hmm i have 3 million xp for convertion and many have 2-3 times more so the
    problem is the gold cost to convert it and there is NO way i am going to
    spend that much for this ship.

  8. TheGuardianofAzarath

    The German Prems you were trying to think of are Emden (sister of Dresden)
    and Scharnhorst. 🙂 so they have 5 prems. I think Wargaming class the ARP
    reward ships as ‘Japanese Premium’, since they just released a reskinned
    Attago, and there is the ARP Kongo and Fuso. I just unlocked the ARP Myoko
    last night, haven’t played it yet. (first ARP ship i have, I have the Hiei
    commander though).

    As for the MIssouri, yeah, most free xp i ever had was about 100k wich i
    used to unlock the bismarck few days back, and it took me probably nearly 2
    months to get that, that’s with prem time, though a few 500xp creates
    helped. 800k? It’d probably take me half a year at least, and that’s
    without converting any xp my prem ships and elite ships stockpile.

    Honestly, I think they should make the Missouri the reward for getting rank
    1 in the next ranked season.

  9. Commander_Timber_Wulf

    Hi we’re wargaming…we’ll rape you of your money and life…GIVE US MONEY

  10. Spot on pronunciation of Graf Spee dude

  11. The Japanese have a T2 battleship lol

  12. Japs do need more prems. They’re getting a tier 6 prem DD, but the ship
    they chose had one of the least remarkable careers for a Japanese ship.

    The problem is, Japan really didn’t have a lot of battleships. They could
    theoretically use the Tosa class somewhere, but I think that would be for
    another line.

  13. Thank god i have 1.4 million free XP 🙂 Lets hope Musashi,Yamatos
    sistership enters as Premium Battleship :)

  14. wonder if the missouri will have Arkensas beta kinda accuracy :p

  15. Bring out the Isa/Hyuga as a tier 6 premium, without the BB/CV hybrid mod,
    or bring out both ships, but have one as a full battleship, and the other
    as a full CV conversion, as was intended for both ships, until the IJN ran
    out of money and resources to do the full conversions.

  16. the missouri is a worse iowa for sofar i heard its more like a haf upgraded
    north carolina

  17. Where’s Steve’s Missouri? He needs to cook dinner!

  18. 128 USD….. Think about how much this would be when this ship, for this
    price would be available in the Asian region…. That is a month wages for
    many ppl here… :-(

  19. The Japanese, Russians and the UK have prem. battle ships, low tier ones

  20. You forgot scharnhorst :(

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